New Corona “Cases” Mean Two More Years of Totalitarian Rule in New Zealand

For authoritarian leaders who long to become totalitarians, the Wuhan Coronavirus provides the ideal means to that end. The ludicrously inaccurate PCR test for the presence of the virus is notorious for producing an excessive number of false positive results. Thus the would-be dictator has only to order another round of mass testing, and BINGO! A new wave of COVID appears, ready to be pushed into the news cycle, providing the opportunity for whatever additional coercive measures the pocket Hitler longs to impose.

A case in point is New Zealand, which is ruled by the prognathous Jacinda Ardern. Ms. Ardern has never made any bones about her totalitarian ambitions, and a new surge in Corona “cases” has given her government the excuse to extend the COVID state of emergency for two more years, during which time it may command the populace to do whatever it likes.

Below is a news report from New Zealand about the new decision. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video:

14 thoughts on “New Corona “Cases” Mean Two More Years of Totalitarian Rule in New Zealand

  1. Almost like a nightmare New Zealand version of Groundhog Day; the horse faced nag emerges from her lair, sees her shadow, and New Zealand is plunged into six more years of lockdowns.

    • Sure you can, remember, they gave up their guns, can a People be anymore stupid than that?

      • The stupid ones did.

        If I was a horse-faced PM I wouldn’t bet my neck on all or even most of them being turned in.

          • If it had been a niqab or a burka I’d be all for her wearing it full-time. Would’ve been hilarious if a viral campaign could have been started to send her thousands of burkas so the rest of the world no longer has to look at her.

  2. Ardern is a communist. Although somewhat dimwitted this never seems to prevent UN appointments, so with luck she should be gone by Xmas 23.

  3. New Zealand used to be heaven on earth, people who wanted to live free moved their in droves at one time years ago. Deserts, tropics, forests, mountains, seaside ecosystems, all on one landmass. All still there, but they inherited a monster in terms of governments.
    One hopes the people of NZ wake one day and rise. But one may hope that of all the world’s people. I don’t have much faith in that happening.

  4. Today some interesting facts, evidence of what is in play in NZ was further revealed today.
    The Official Information Act bears fruit about the Ardern’s interaction with Klaus Schwab, Al Gore for Climate Change, etc…
    ….. What is abundantly clear is that there exists, in Schwab’s own words, a previous partnership between Jacinda Ardern and the World Economic Forum, and that Schwab wants to deepen that.
    That Jacinda Ardern’s government is “strongly supportive” and/or “highly supportive” of the World Economic Forum.
    What is also clear is that Schwab is impressed with Ardern’s various increasingly totalitarian moves, from gun confiscation, to vaccine mandates, medical segregation and her push towards an apartheid state where 15 per cent of the population hold veto controls over every aspect of governance in New Zealand, and that is all part and parcel of the “partnership” between Ardern and the World Economic Forum.
    This no longer a conspiracy theory, contrary to what Grant Robertson says.
    It is a fact, supported by documents. ….

    Dis-Mis-Mal-Information departments will be spinning as the small lie was opened up, from the Prime Minister’s current chief of staff, the sly Raj Nahna
    Was he the one who also taught the government caucus how to avoid the OIA requests?

    Also to bear in mind now that WEF is deep in the UN, and so to the WHO which plans on a global pandemic treaty to control countries and bring further medical tyrannies to the people.

    How Winston Peters signed New Zealand up to the Global Migration Pact.
    That become constrained by Covid, and even NZ citizens found it to be a very costly effort to return to NZ, and all others had to be vaxxed.
    Not quite, as the Ukrainian refugees were granted exemptions in not being vaxxed to arrive in NZ. How, Who WHO arranged that?
    However many citizens of New Zealand will be ignorant of WEF & Klaus Schwab.
    Nor will the mainstream media help educate the general public about WEF and what it’s agenda is.

    Who from the mainstream media is going to ask Ardern or Robertson any such question about WEF connections out in public? so nothing to tell.

    Which Party is aligned to picking up and continue the run with the WEF-UN-WHO ‘baton’?

    Will WEF-UN-WHO want a better manager to more smoothly cement in their agenda?

    These government agencies will give great guidance to incoming Prime Minister. 🙁
    The Intelligence systems of Rebecca Kitteridge’s New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS or SIS):
    Kate Hannah with the DisInformation Project:
    Joanna Kidman & Paul Spoonley for the the National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism.
    The subsidized mainstream media seem to work hand in hand with the above intelligence agencies.

    The Digital Banking cashless community with DATA biometric photo ID? with Environment, Social, Governance ESG controls spreading out into controlling all transactions.

    The UN Global Migration Pact, signed by Winston Peters, so more competitive workers, plus more benefit refugees industries? All in the name of increasing GDP.

    The evolving UN Pandemic Treaty sign up to give great guidance to NZ’s autocratic public health system seems set to keep rolling on.
    The opposition parties fully proven fealty to Ardern’s vaxx mandates in the testing at Wellington Parliamentary Protest

    Would anarcho-terrorism-crime reduce? like an average of once a day ram raid, more shootings, but there will still be a massive lead time to build more prisons.
    So will be quickly stymied when the prison’s near full now are over flowed, that is if one can shift the judiciary to jail any one.

    The costly Net Zero Emission Legislation, to reduce sheep & cattle numbers and to plant more land into forestry carbon sinks, seems set to continue.

    The co governance of by giving full veto rights to a minority indigenous, over water, health, education being near set in stone.

    The “Hate Speech” laws being bought in a few months time, where “you will know it when you see it” — Ardern

    An amendment to the the Terrorism ACT is being set up to be passed in Parliament, so that when the Prime Minister believes some one has or is involved with a terror act, then they have the power to designate that person or group as terrorists.
    I am very sure the 3 government “intelligence” agencies will be able to use all their resources to back the PM’s beliefs, and be publicly backed by the subsidized/paid mainstream media.

    I know many people are not happy, but still there are a lot of compliant ken&karens, and many beneficiaries, dependent on the governments, that is other peoples taxes.

    A few new outside parties, that would add some real ginger, but divided does not make it easy to become elected.
    Then one old small Party of Winston Peters is arising again, that writes good speeches, and can send off journalists, and too often sits as “king maker” to whom he supports, seems to sell out for baubles and glossy power but never delivers.

  5. It would have been better for NZ to have been visited by a space ship full of those Aliens like in the movie, plus a couple of Queens. Paraphrasing Sigourney Weaver, at least you don’t see them raping each other over for a percentage. I have never been able to understand men and women’s lust for complete control over others.

  6. Dear COVID 19 or however you are called,
    why do you harm people who dont deserve it?
    Why dont you go to Mr Schwab or Mrs Ahern.
    They both vilify you. So, why dont you give them a healthy dose of your particles and invite them to the great land of beyond.
    Have a little revenge for this vilification.

    P.S. And if you do so, please give them an extra dose from us unjabbed with love.

    • There was/is no such thing as Covid 19! It’s a rebrand of the cold/flu. The new name was needed to push the injections.

  7. One of Klas Schwab’s Young Global Leaders class of early 2000’s?

    Along with Gavin, Butt Judge, Black Face Trudeau, Angel “Stasi” Merkel etc etc etc
    A Global Revolution that has been going on since 1917…………..

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