Italian Neo-Nazis Partner With the Azov Battalion

Long-time readers are aware of my aversion for participating in the Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers. Bearing that in mind, I find the following video interesting only because of the reverence expressed by bien-pensants throughout the West for the brave Ukrainians fighting for democracy against the demonic Russians.

The affection of Westerners for all things Ukrainian includes a ritual denial that the Ukrainian paramilitary (and now actual military) group known as the Azov Battalion has anything to do with neo-fascism or neo-Nazism. That’s not what the Italian police found, however, after their recently-concluded investigation into a neo-fascist group that partnered with Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

Many thanks to HeHa for translating this video from, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Whites’ weapons have been found. Prop guns have been found.
00:03   A very wide range of publications, with books about white supremacism, Mussolini, Hitler.
00:09   Pictures both with the Führer and with Mussolini.
00:12   The aim of the organization was to propagandize Nazi ideologies targeting the Jewish religion,
00:19   and Holocaust denial, whose purpose was basically to conduct actions
00:23   aimed at subverting democratic rule.
00:27   Some of them have surely come into contact with members of the Azov Battalion.
00:32   A warrant against an individual living in Ukraine has been issued.
00:45   It deals with the completion of an investigation started in December 2009
00:50   into an association with purposes of terrorism, racism targeting the Jewish race and religion.
00:56   It resulted in five penal orders: four detentions
00:59   and one supervised release with mandatory checks at the police station.
01:03   The latter in Rome and the others in Campania (Avellino, Naples and Caserta).
01:07   The suspects were living absolutely normal lives.
01:12   They had founded a spiritual-religious association called the “Order of Hagal”.
01:18   Its followers were required to swear an oath, a sort of initiation ceremony, to be admitted.
01:23   It dealt with a very hierarchical, vertical organization.
01:27   The higher the hierarchical position was,
01:30   the more details about the organization’s agenda were disclosed.
01:33   That is, propagandizing Nazi ideologies targeting the Jewish religion, Holocaust denial,
01:40   whose purpose was basically to conduct actions aimed at subverting democratic rule.
01:48   It only dealt with theoretical planning that has never been followed by any active conduct,
01:54   which would suggest they were actually arranging an attack or acts of violence,
02:00   whether against civilians or some Carabinieri station.
02:05   Whites’ weapons, prop guns have been found.
02:09   A wide range of publications and books about white supremacism, Mussolini, Hitler,
02:15   pictures with both the Führer and with Mussolini.
02:18   Following the interception activities, it was found that some members
02:23   of the “Order of Hagal” have attended classes in hand-to-hand combat.
02:28   Such as Krav Maga, to be precise, a combination of fighting techniques.
02:33   And training classes in the use of both short and long weapons.
02:37   They were very well-trained, especially from a physical standpoint.
02:40   We need to point out that it was discovered
02:44   that they had come into contact with the most extremist Nazi divisions,
02:48   such as the Azov Battalion, Misanthropic Division, Centuria.
02:52   A warrant against an individual living in Ukraine has been issued.
02:55   We have been complying with about thirty searches across all of Italy today.
03:00   And something new and more interesting could surely result from computer searches.

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  1. I am curious about how the Misanthropic Division could stand to be in one another’s company?

  2. .

    Just a tiny bit on the side
    of the actual matter

    Selenski tried to lie us into the third world war
    By Rainer Rupp

    Part 1 of 3
    When on Wednesday of this week in the Western “junk media” the news was overflowing that the Russians had now also invaded Poland with missiles, in which there had also been deaths, sensible politicians and journalists would have paused for a moment. In such precarious situations, calm and sober clarification of the facts must take precedence over journalistic snapshots. Instead, however, most German “quality journalists” – as they like to call themselves – have poured gasoline on the NATO hawks’ fire with lurid breaking news.

    In fact, one got the impression that for these people the Third World War against Russia cannot begin soon enough, in order to free all the beautiful natural resources there from the “Russian subhumans”. In order not to negotiate with the Russians under any circumstances, the FDP war politician Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann put her best foot forward immediately after the missile strike in the small Polish village on the border with Ukraine became known.

    Still in the night she had tweeted i: “Not only have Russian missiles apparently hit Poland and thus NATO territory, but they have also led to deaths. This is the Russia that some here absurdly still want to negotiate with.”

    In fact, the irrational hatred of all things Russian has long since spilled over from Ukraine to Germany. The desire and declared willingness to destroy Russia and kill its people, children included, this Ukrainian fascism has arrived in Germany. However, less in the NPD but all the more in the middle of the political and media landscape, from the gutter papers like BILD to the so-called “quality media” to the literature scene, where in the meantime prizes are awarded for brown Nazi filth, for “works” that glorify violence against Russian people.

    But let’s return to the alleged Russian missile attack on Poland. Poland is a member of NATO. So the question immediately arose, does this mean that the Russian attack was also an attack on NATO? If so, a mechanism could possibly be set in motion in which NATO, or certain NATO countries, would feel compelled to attack Russia to teach it a lesson. But Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, so this could easily lead to World War III and the nuclear annihilation of hundreds of millions of people.

    So the rash news of the alleged Russian attack on Poland was no x-rated fringe story. It was a story cut from the cloth from which World War I was born. But where did this story come from? The U.S. news agency “Associated Press” (AP) had put it into the world and – as is usual with fake news – cited as its source an “unnamed high-ranking member of the U.S. government’s intelligence circus” (The Intelligence Community).

    According to this anonymous intelligence official, Russia had launched a completely unprovoked first strike against Poland, killing two people on a farm and destroying a barn. According to the AP, this was by definition a case for invoking the infamous mutual assistance Article 5 of NATO’s charter, which is based on the principle of collective defense. And among quite a few politicians – especially President Selensky – the drool began to run, because the long-awaited all-out NATO war against Vladimir Putin seemed within reach.

    Selenski downright urged the U.S. to declare war on Russia now – in response to the Polish missile story. On television Wednesday morning, he said:

    “What we have been worried about for a long time has come to pass today. We have always said that this (Russian) terror is not limited to our national borders, but has already spread to the territory of Moldova. Today Russian missiles hit Poland. Missiles were fired on the territory of a friendly country, on NATO territory. This is a Russian missile attack on collective security, this is a very significant escalation. We must act!”

    Selenski used key words such as “attack on collective security,” meaning not only on Poland, but on the United States. It is an attack on the United States by Russia and he urged – as if Ukraine was already a leading NATO state of action can demand, “We must act.” And with that he demanded from Washington to start immediately the Third World War.

  3. Part 2

    There was a catch, however: the problem was that the AP story was completely false. AP, the unnamed American Intel officer, and Selenski had all traded on dangerous misinformation. Fortunately, this had become clear within hours of pictures of the exploded missile appearing on social media. It did not take long for Western experts, well versed in the details of Russian weapons systems, to identify the fragment of the engine of the missile exploded in the Polish barn shown in the photos. The conclusion, which has since been confirmed by all sides, is that the missile belongs to an old S300 flight and missile defense system of Soviet design as used only by the Ukrainian military, and not by the Russians.

    This S300 missile cannot be used to attack ground targets. Moreover, it does not have sufficient range to make it from the Russian front line in the Donbass far to the west to the Polish-Ukrainian border. So it could not have been a Russian military attack. In all likelihood, the S300 had been shot down to intercept a Russian missile aimed at Lviv (Lviv) and in the process it had missed its target and crashed at some point, unfortunately onto the Polish farm. Even the Polish government, which in a first reaction had called an emergency meeting under Article 4 of the NATO charter, was forced to admit even before the meeting that it was not the Russians but Ukraine that had fired the missile and killed two Polish people.

    But here’s the interesting thing, which set well-known U.S. TV host Tucker Carlson on edge on his Wednesday program (11/16). Below I have translated a key passage from his program:

    “The interesting thing about this, and this is relevant to us (Americans), is that Ukraine has not admitted this (with the S300). And that Selenski lied on TV. When you rule a country where the Free Press has been banned, as is the case in Ukraine, you may not realize that the rest of the world is not obligated to believe you. After all, you can’t throw the whole world in jail. But he (Selenski) kept telling you things that you know full well are not true.”

    At this point, Carlson superimposes a video of Selenski. A trained actor, Selenski speaks to the camera with fervor, saying, quote :
    “I have no doubt that this is not our missile. I am convinced that this was a Russian missile, based on our military reports.”

    This statement by Selenski is subsequently commented on by Tucker Carlson as follows:
    “This is not only untrue, it is a lie that could cost millions of American lives. So we have to ask ourselves, is it time to stop supporting this guy? Could the risk be too high? He is deliberately lying to get us into a war. Possibly he was not worthy of our support to begin with. Possibly he’s just one of those corrupt Eastern European strongmen in a tracksuit, getting as rich as he can thanks to American handouts.”

    The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitri Kuleba, who is held in high esteem in the German traffic light government, also saw his hour coming immediately after the impact of the S300 in Poland to draw NATO into an open war against Russia. For this purpose he already dictated to NATO what it has to do:

    “The collective response to Russian actions must be tough and principled. Immediate actions include a NATO summit with Ukraine’s participation to develop further joint actions that will force Russia to change its course of escalation by providing Ukraine with modern aircraft such as F-15s and F-16s, as well as air defense systems so that we can intercept all Russian missiles. Today, protecting Ukraine’s skies also means protecting NATO,” Kuleba wrote on Twitter late Tuesday, Nov. 15.ii

    • [ad hominem insults redacted]. I suggest you familiarize your self with the S-300 missile system and its variants. Russia most assuredly uses variants that are adapted for the ground to ground role.
      ““The S-300 air defense system is capable, if necessary, of carrying out combat launches of missiles at ground targets, receiving their coordinates from reconnaissance units of the ground forces,” reported Ria Novosti.

      Before this, Russia’s Southern Military District (SMD) had also referenced the ground attack capability of S-300 in a press release about a tactical exercise in 2011 of the aerospace defense brigade (VKO) at Ashuluk training ground in the Astrakhan region.”

      There are multiple variants that have a range greater than 100km. S-300 systems have used multiple time in the ground to ground role by Russia in its ill conceived invasion of Ukraine.

      • Pssst, the S-300 does not have the range to land in Poland from the Russian lines. Your military knowledge of miltech looks like it was taken out of wiki. So not so smart of you.

  4. Part 3

    With so much dangerous insolence from Ukraine’s political leaders, Tucker Carlson was not the only American clearly distancing himself from Kiev. Representing many Republicans, Donald Trump Jr. said Wednesday that now is “the time to stop aid to Ukraine.”
    “Since it was a Ukrainian missile that hit our NATO ally Poland, can we at least stop spending billions on their weapons now?” the former U.S. president’s son wrote.

    At the same time, the now Republican-dominated U.S. House of Representatives said Thursday that it will set up an investigative committee to determine what happened to the tens of billions of dollars in money and weapons that President Biden sent to highly-corrupt Ukraine.

    An interesting reaction to the missile strike also came from the former chairman of the city council of the major Polish city of Lublin, Jaroslaw Pakula, who called on Facebook for a review of Poland’s policy toward Ukraine iii.
    “I don’t understand at all the actions of our president and government… This is a Ukrainian missile. This is a provocation on the part of Ukrainian authorities… The missile could not have been accidentally launched 100 km in the opposite direction. The aim of the provocation is to speed up arms deliveries to Ukraine, to intimidate Europe with a scary Russia, so that civil society demands from European governments to increase aid to Ukraine. Today, our President should not try to calm us down with stories like “when the missile hit, it was not so much the explosion of explosives as that of fuel” and “it was an accident”, but he should make it clear to Selenski that Poland will no longer tolerate such behavior of Ukrainian authorities! I urge you to reconsider Poland’s position on this war in the event that the red line is crossed again!”

    Apparently, below the level of government, the relationship between Poland and Ukraine is not all sunshine. Rather, there seems to be quite a bit of simmering.

    Although it was clear throughout NATO within hours that the missile strike in Poland was not a Russian attack but an accident caused by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile, from Washington to London to Berlin to Warsaw, the narrative has been that Russia is nevertheless to blame, including for the deaths of the two innocent Poles. How does that work, you may ask. Quite simply, if the Russians had not launched missiles, Ukraine would not have had to launch a defective S300.

    However, according to this logic, the USA is to blame for the death of the two Poles, because the chain of events did not just start this week. After all, if the U.S. had not orchestrated the violent coup in Ukraine in 2014 and helped the Nazis to power, there had been no oppression of eastern Ukrainians in the Donbass and therefore no Russian special operation to stop the shelling of civilians in the Donbass by Ukro-Nazis, and then the Russians would not have had to fire missiles.

    This insane logic of NATO intelligence beasts can be applied to other events as well, e.g. September 11, 2001. According to their logic, the American government itself is to blame for the terrorist attacks, because if it had not fomented and waged wars and terror all over the Middle East, no one would have thought of making terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center.

    • The US is ultimately to blame for any deaths that came from this Ukraine mess going back to Maidan. Or even going all the way back to the aftermath of the end of the USSR when it squandered a golden opportunity for rapprochement with Russia in favor of trying to forever stomp into oblivion a dangerous adversary from the Cold War and possible future rival if allowed to get it’s economic house in order.

      American government secrecy and censorship isn’t to protect Americans from subversive foreign governments but to ensure Americans never learn the truth of just how evil we act around the world and why so many foreign governments are eagerly waiting with knives drawn for when we are proved by this current conflict to be militarily and economically impotent.

      Furthermore, I consider that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself and a bunch of camel jockeys didn’t bring down the WTC either.

  5. Truly ironic that a group of neo-Nazis would choose to train in Krav Maga, a combatives-inspired Israeli distillation of traditional Japanese martial arts.

    • Nothing wrong with pragmatism.

      Uzis are excellent weapons for killing terrorists including economic ones, and I would love to own a Tavor if I had several grand laying around unused.

      Not everything Jewish is bad.

      It would be the ultimate irony if Soros and his fellow henchmen were sent to their meetings with Beelzebub by weapons designed and manufactured by their co-religionists.

    • I guess the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD are somewhat behind many of these extremist groups, just to enroll cannon fodder for their wars. They will tolerate anything in order to bring these kind of people to the front on their side.

  6. This is the best you have? How in the hell does this support your headline “Italian Neo-Nazis Partner With the Azov Battalion”?

    “00:27 Some of them have surely come into contact with members of the Azov Battalion.”

  7. Oh boy! Those bad naxi’s had a knife and a ax! OMFG! What are we to do about it!? I mean we let millions of GD muslim savages into our lands causing havoc and a few so called naxi’s are the problem? REALLY!!!!!!!

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