Nice Non-Work If You Can Get It

The situation in Germany, and elsewhere in the West, has come to resemble more and more the scenario in “The Marching Morons”, a novella written in the early 1950s by C.M. Kornbluth. The increasing use of advanced technology has reduced the employment opportunities for low-skilled, less intelligent workers, whose numbers are increasing. In a high-tech society this creates a pool not just of the unemployed, but of essentially unemployable people. As pointed out by the translator of the following article, a large (but not precisely known) number of work-averse culture-enrichers may be added to the pool of citizens who subsist on what has become for all practical purposes a Universal Basic Income.

In the following report, Friedrich Merz, the leader of the CDU (the party of former Chancellor Angela Merkel), criticizes the state subsidy of hundreds of thousands of people who do not work, but are perhaps capable of doing “simple jobs”. He isn’t specific about what sort of work these not-so-bright people could do — perhaps polishing the shoes and the limousines of state functionaries such as himself.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of the Epoch Times:

Merz wants to encourage one million unemployed people to do “simple jobs”

The CDU chairman Friedrich Merz accuses the traffic light coalition of depriving the long-term unemployed of the incentive to look for a job. “With such a high demand for workers, this is completely the wrong way,” Merz told the newspapers of the Funke media group. “It is only funded, but no longer required,” he added with regard to the planned new citizens’ income.

Although many of the 2.4 million unemployed cannot be placed on the labor market, there is also a lack of strength for the “simple” jobs. “I am sure that at least one million of the 2.4 million unemployed would be suitable,” said Merz. “But the coalition is instead giving these clients incentives to remain unemployed.”

Criticism of the FDP and the ECB [European Central Bank]

The CDU chairman in particular criticized the role of the FDP in the coalition. “I am stunned by the nonchalance with which large parts of the federal government, especially the SPD, submit a new proposal for new transfer payments almost every week,” said Merz.

“And I’m surprised that the FDP is taking part in this gradual entry into the unconditional basic income.” The FDP was once a guarantor for market-economically sensible policies, including on the labor market. “But they obviously said goodbye to that.”

In connection with the high rate of inflation, Merz also criticized the role of the European Central Bank (ECB). “One of the reasons for the high inflation rate is the late reaction of the European Central Bank,” said the CDU politician. “They didn’t raise interest rates out of too much consideration for the high debts of some countries in southern Europe. Unfortunately, the southern European countries did not use the time that the ECB gave them with this very risky monetary policy.”

Afterword from the translator:

Before something is trumpeted out into the world, one should at least stick to the truth and reality. It is well-known that Mr. Merz does not take it as seriously as his political comrades. Unfortunately, in Germany there are more than the 2.4 million unemployed mentioned by Merz. You have to be a speculator to get a rough idea of the exact figure, because the government has fudged the official statistics on the number of unemployed or made them so confusing that hardly anyone can look behind them. It’s safe to assume five million or a few more, and counting. Many are excluded from the statistics.

There are a lot of immigrants who are unemployed and unwilling, who cannot be placed because they have no ambition to learn the German language or to bend their backs for the German state and its society. They do not have to reckon with sanctions, as none are imposed on them. It could indeed be racist to sanction an “immigrant” who does not speak German and does not want to learn the language, or come to that, WORK for a living. There are still enough Germans and plenty of pensioners left to be worked to death for a pittance, after all.

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  1. We must put limits on everything so that no one is offended.
    Muh feelings uber alles!

  2. I wouldn’t mind so much the funding of a dole for the unemployable due to aptitude or irredeemable laziness if it also came with a mandatory permanent sterilization.

    The creation of a perpetual underclass that is incapable and/or unwilling to adapt to the increasingly technical work needs goes hand in hand with increases in productivity requiring fewer and fewer workers. Large numbers of unemployable workers is inherently unstable and dangerous and they should be allowed to live at a subsistence level in return for giving up their ability to breed more of their kind at taxpayer expense.

    Removing marginal and unmotivated workers from the workforce and ultimately from the gene pool will in the long run shrink the numbers of such unsuitable individuals as well as improving the genetic stock since there will no longer be dysgenic incentives that allow those on the dole to breed like muslims. The advantage of allowing individuals to self-identify whether they want a subsistence life in return for not reproducing is that it’s not coercive and doesn’t require killing while removing precisely those who are least suited for living in an increasingly specialized and demanding society.

    • All western countries do it, even Australia. Only the morons get paid to have 5 children by the government, same as UK. Only the intelligent (actually stupid) people work and so after tax and expenses have no income left over to have children. The Bell Curve has been moving to the left for 50 years. This must have accelerated with mass migration from the third world and I was wondering a few days ago if we were “getting smarter” as the UK IQ must be falling. The UK is the IQ benchmark of 100. As they get dumber the rest of us get smarter if we have not damaged our gene pool too much.

      • “Family enjoying paddle in London river find a huge cache of dumped firearms – including a revolver and an UZI submachine gun.” Today’s news.

      • On spot, Sara. I like to illustrate this process by what I call the “Bill Gates” effect: would he or alikes move to our country, you would think that the average income or asset increases. Yes it does, but it puts more people towards the left on this bell curve cause they do not make more money than before.

    • Well, there‘s so much to be done in Germany – there‘s enough simple work there.
      Also, it‘s not only the 5+ mio living on subsidies and earning in the shadow economy (huge). It‘s the legions of social workers, political science, philosophy, NGOs etc. which are mostly tax funded.
      According to the NZZ, out of 83 mio. population + x mio. refugees, only 15 mio. are paying primary tax. (I admit there are children & retired in the 83 mio.) Now that the Greens are about to destroy agriculture and the auto & chemistry industries, these 15 mio. might become 12 in a few years (with a little help from Covid).

  3. C.M. Kornbluth was a great science fiction writer, who unfortunately died young due to a heart condition. I recommend you read “Not This August”.

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