A Merger of the Bundeswehr With the Police?

It seems that the German army — the Bundeswehr — will be assisting the civilian police beginning in October. Ominous…

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from WIM Zeitung:

Bundeswehr strengthens police from October 2022: “Civilian-military cooperation”

The police will be supported by the Bundeswehr from October 1, 2022. This cannot be read otherwise from the description published by the Bundeswehr: “Soldiers and civilian employees” should “collaborate on a civil-military basis”. A special command, it is announced, is “directly subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Defense and not part of an organizational area”. It is advertised as so-called “Homeland Security”. The internal deployment of the Bundeswehr was initially justified by the Infection Protection Act. Now a war outside of the EU and outside of the official NATO allies is supposed to serve as justification. By some definitions, Germany is already at war with Russia by supplying weapons of war to Ukraine.

In June , the Bundeswehr reported an exercise by German soldiers to civilian colleagues in a police station in Donaueschingen, illustrated with the photo shown here: “After the commander issued the order, the soldiers on both sides of the street move towards the police station.” However, it was said that they were only training for a foreign assignment in Mali.

Incidentally, Martial Law or the “Emergency” currently prevails in Bavaria with changing justifications. In an earlier article I quoted a message from the Ministry of the Interior in Bavaria. There is a translation of the linguistic formula of civil-military cooperation: “Civil-military cooperation is understood to mean the interaction of civilian and military forces in all conceivable areas. It is also firmly anchored in civil protection and the basis for the fact that the Bundeswehr is an important component in the Bavarian assistance system.”

Afterword from the translator:

To me this looks more and more like a complete and hostile takeover of the German state by the Globalist German Government. And most likely 99.999999% of the German population is not even armed with a pellet gun to defend themselves with. Also, I become more and more ashamed that I wore that uniform at some stage in my life, not that I had much of a choice in the matter; after all, I was drafted.

Hat tip: MissPiggy.

48 thoughts on “A Merger of the Bundeswehr With the Police?

  1. Deja vu all over again. This time shopkeepers will have to write “Deutsch” on their windows.

    • I don’t know about that my friend, writng Deutsch may be the last thing you want to put on your door. Especially given the rapidity with which they are importing third world populations whom they prefer over native Deutsch.

      • circa 1933 a shopkeeper being forced by uniformed SA to write Juden on the outside of their business was not considered a marketing +. You’re probably going to see a redux of that, but it will be ethnic Germans who’s business’ are verboten.

    • More likely they’ll have to write “Somali” or whatever brand of orc is currently most fashionable. And real ethnic Germans will have to wear yellow crosses etc., on their garments so the neo-gestapo will know who to beat.

      • Precisely. Then something will have to be done with obstructionists that stubbornly identify as German. Some pogrom with a catchy name like, I don’t know, The Final Solution; but that sounds a little overly dramatic so maybe they’ll tone it down a bit with something like the Final Replacement or the Final Reset. What it’s called is irrelevant. It’s coming, as surely as God made little green apples.

        • Don’t worry Tom, the military will not be in the mood for niceties and pleasantries with 3rd worlders or useless feminazi’s, the walls and ditches will be full.

  2. I have been reading a Swedish blogger for a long time. Previously, this blogger wrote a lot about Islam and the capture of Sweden by Muslims. He boldly pointed out what was between the lines of the tolerant press.

    But then the war began in Ukraine. And you know, for the Swedes – Ukraine is a special item. They still have not forgiven us for the defeat near Poltava. ( some reason, the Germans, despite all the wars, do not have such wild hatred – I read the German press).
    But let’s leave Ukraine aside and move on to another problem.
    So. Yesterday I was amazed to read this Swede’s blog. In the Kosovo conflict, he unconditionally took the side of the Albanians, only because they are against the Serbs, friendly to Russia.
    It was about the recognition of Kosovo. Hm. Are the Swedes themselves not enough problems from the Albanians and Bosnians? Soon the Muslims will take away Malmö and Gothenburg from them. But they unconditionally support those who set fire to the Balkans.
    After all, we all know that the conflict in the Balkans is completely man-made. When the Slavs are at war with the Muslims, the Anglo-Saxons ALWAYS take the side of the Muslims.

    • Re: “After all, we all know that the conflict in the Balkans is completely man-made. When the Slavs are at war with the Muslims, the Anglo-Saxons ALWAYS take the side of the Muslims.”

      In recent history, it must seem that way, but it has not always been thus. When the United States of America and the West were still at least nominally Christian the Mohammedans were widely understood to be an implacable and ancient enemy.

      But over the last half century or so, since the ascent of the petrodollar and the leftward radicalization of the American and western academy and political establishment, a reversal has taken place.

      The so-called “Red-Green Alliance” between communism and Islam, seemingly so improbable on its face, is very real and has done serious damage to western civilization. Nowhere more profound than by causing our civilization to put down its sword and shield – our defenses against these ancient invaders.

      The petrodollar sealed the deal. When the fiscal solvency of the U.S. government and economy was tied to Middle Eastern oil, via the petrodollar regime, in the early 1970s – the hand steering American foreign policy was no longer solely an American one. The Saudi King had his hand on it also.

      How so? When the Saudi king calls the president, his calls get put through and if he is concerned about something, and tells POTUS “Jump!,” the president must ask “How high?” or risk getting the plug pulled on all of that easy money propping up the federal government and USD. Since the American government hasn’t balanced its books in years nor lived within its means, it is an ongoing concern only because of sales of U.S. Treasury Bills and similar debt instruments.

      This fact gives our creditors – whether foreign or domestic – enormous leverage over our government and its policies. Particularly, the Sunni Arabs whose oil backs the dollar as the reserve currency of international trade.

      Thus, when war broke out in the Balkans, the U.S. government was predisposed to support anything which pleased our allies in the Middle East. Such as coming to the aid of Muslims in the Balkans, rather than Christian Serbia. The fact that the Clintons were in power only made this course of action more-likely.

      There is also the long-standing “tradition” of using the Balkan nations and Turkey (formerly the Ottoman Empire) as a geopolitical club against Russia. On the basis of religion alone, you would not expect the nations of the then-Christian West (France, Britain, et al.) to take the side of Islam against another Christian nation (Imperial Russia), but that is precisely what happened in the Crimean War (1853-1856).

      Were the mandarins in London and Paris cynical-enough to use their ancient enemy – the Ottoman Empire – as a club against Imperial Russia? In a word, yes – yes, they were.

      Historian William Lind has speculated that repairing the schism between the Eastern Orthodox church and the Western branches of Christianity will be a key to defending what remains of Christian civilization as a whole.

      The Turks and other Sunni Muslims, on the other hand, are not served by such a treaty or reconciliation, and would work to drive a wedge between the two parties. Even today, the Erdogan government has become quite adept at playing East against West, as have the Arab oil kingdoms.

      • Georgia, the Brits have always played at being duplicate in their Great Games, and this is what we have as a result. The US should have backed the German and Austrian/Hungarian Empire against the Frogs and Brits in WWI, for we wouldn’t have the chaos we have today.

        • Lind would agree with your hypothesis….

          There is no compelling reason for the U.S. to have joined that conflict in the first place, save the enrichment of the internal bankers and munitions manufacturers. President Wilson, who campaigned on the promise not to involve us in Europe’s war, promptly broke that promise once in office – and took us to war anyway.

          Absent staying away and fighting on the same side as the British & French, the U.S. should at least have exerted its influence to prevent the punitive peace imposed on Germany and the Central Powers at Versailles. Wilson gave in to the demands of Clemenceau and Lloyd George in return for their support for his ‘League of Nations’ proposal, and so did nothing as the die was cast for a second world war twenty years hence.

          Wilson was a terrible president, an absolute disaster whose mishandling of foreign policy and other issues is still be dealt with today, more than a century after the fact.

      • An increasingly impressive commenter – of the ilk of “The Moon is a Harsh…”, Diana West, the limey lad whot lives in Sderot and others of the Baron’s disposition.

        T the Baron – With your too-ri-aa, fol-did-dle-di-aa,
        too-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-aa, too-ri-aa,
        fol-did-dle-di-aa, too-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-aa

        A Donegal Rebel Abroad

    • Funny thing about those pesky Serbs, they neither forgive nor forget, and one way or another they will take back kosovo which is theirs by rights. Because given the choice, most Europeans are for their own, they just won’t speak of it.

  3. Just in time for the lockdowns and mandates coming in the fall.
    GEheimeSTAatsPOlizei (Secret State Police) was already taken.
    None are safe until all are safe, comrade, und vee vill keep you safe. JA!

  4. Good article. Real good. I see what is destined for USA through your article.
    We (all people of the entire world) are all in the same boat, or very soon will be……UNLESS people everywhere, put a stop to it. That means not fighting each other, nor fighting business establishments, nor homes and folk’s personal belongings, but, rather, taking the fighting to those many individuals who are the real and true problem in our respective countries. From the top down.

    • You should be welcoming the Bundeswehr in their planning of taking over Germany and finally take over from the weak, feckless, traitorous politicians. The people voted for all of their wants, now they are going to get it good and bloody hard, the same is going to happen all over western Europe, except Britain,and who gives a damn about that bloody island who is being invaded by the 3rd world as we speak and is about to fall to the 3rd worlders, let it burn. Democracy is dead, the people just don’t know it yet.

    • Klaus thinks he has a lot of power, I cannot wait until the reality of it all hits them in the face with a brick.

  5. That syphilitic-thinking socialist septic tank of a country deserves everything bad that ever happens to it. And yes, I have been there and speak the language. When the culmination of failed political and economic policies blows up in their faces, I can only think of one word: Schadenfreude.

    • Dont forget:
      We may be the first, but in time all the other countries will suffer the same fate.

      • Russian novelist and political dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn once said, quite correctly in my view, that the line between good and evil runs through every human heart. You are right that Germany is acting as the proverbial canary in the coal mine with regarding to enfolding totalitarianism across the developed world and the West. The uninformed may mock Germany and Germans and make tasteless jokes, but there is nothing that protects anyone anywhere in those places from suffering the same fate. Like rust, tyrants never sleep. Eternal vigilance is the only protection against it… the founders of the U.S. were certainly correct about that.

        • But that is exactly how we got here today my friend Georgia, the feckless, dumbed down, fat and happy public allowed the marxist takeover without so much as a whimper and we wonder why we get Franco’s, Mussolini’s,Hitlers and Pinochet’s as a result of the public being this stupid? Really? Democracy is dead, the dumb people just don’t know it yet, but they soon will as the militaries take over from these WEF, Marxist, insane greens and Soros types. Now you will see the age of the return of Kings and Supreme leaders and Juntas. You can thank the public for it. We in the US only have one thing different, the people are armed to the teeth and ready for a fight, then it will be a crapshoot on who and what take over, will it be a Republic, or something much different? Wait until winter comes and people start starving and cannot heat their homes or flats, then the fun really begins.

          • @ G

            Re: “But that is exactly how we got here today my friend Georgia, the feckless, dumbed down, fat and happy public allowed the marxist takeover without so much as a whimper…”

            It is tempting to dismiss the people as a mass of uninformed unintelligent sheep, but the reality is that they are victims of the predatory over-class as much as anyone else. The bitter truth is that they have been under attack, psychologically-speaking, for a good solid half-century or so, at the hands of the very people who were entrusted to protect them.

            Rudyard Kipling was so right, wasn’t he, when he penned “The Gods of the Copybook Headings”?

            Phrased differently, reality is that which – when you ignore it – still does not go away. One may get away with ignoring reality for a time, but sooner or later the consequences of ignoring reality catch up to you, and those cannot be ignored. As Kipling said, the Gods of the Copybook headings always return…

        • Frankly speaking, I actually am looking forward to the return of the Kaiser, he actually is a very smart man, so we shall see what he does with it.

  6. Repeat of the same old thing, just this time, no Fuhrer. When it’s all said and done and wrecked again, they’ll have another generation that does the “German look”, over their shoulder before they speak.

  7. All the time this is what it was leading to. To get the army involved against civilians because all of what the commies at the top did. Create a crysis.

    • You are right about what this is leading to, but you got the ending wrong, so here, I’ll help you out, the marxist at the top, namely these feckless traitorous politicians, who the dumb, spoiled population voted for, their own demise and will be ruled, only it won’t be these current politicians, it will be the militaries and the WEF gaia worshippers will all perish along with their 3rd world pets. In the end, it will be the military who decides, not these politicians, they really have no idea what is coming, but I really want to see the look in the faces when the hammer falls.

  8. South Africas history will repeat itself in Europe. Just , the ethnic mix will vary .

    “Dad, what did we use at night to be able to read before we had candles ?”
    “Daughter, we used to have something called electricity.”

    • No it won’t, because the European militaries won’t allow the 3rd world takeover of their countries, for the military are ardent nationalists, first and foremost. The ethnic mix will be European and the ethnic cleansing of all 3 rd world types will be Biblical, as in old testament.

    • These people running things are not naxi’s, no matter how much you wish it so, they are communists, so glad I could help out.

      • @ G

        One of the greatest and most-pernicious historical lies of the 20th century is that communism and fascism are polar opposites. This great untruth was created and then propounded by communist propagandists – especially the East Germans – during the Cold War, when it became essential for them to distance themselves from their former West German countrymen and ideological fellow believers during the Second World War.

        This myth, once it took root in the western counter-culture and anti-war movements during the 1960s – became almost holy writ and was thereafter taken as the truth in the academy since that time.

        In reality, all of the early fascists – including Benito Mussolini, the acknowledged founder of modern fascism – viewed their creation as the final and perfect refinement of socialism. Many of the early fascists, including “Il Duce” himself, had previously been committed socialists.

        “Nazi” is an acronym for the German “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei,” or “National Socialist German Worker’s Party.” Note that the word “socialism” figures in the name of their movement, and well it should have given its close relationship to that ideology.

        Rather than being distant from one another on the political spectrum, socialism/communism and fascism are near-neighbors on the far-left of the spectrum, alike in far more ways than they are dissimilar and of course both thoroughly totalitarian.

        Re: “No it won’t, because the European militaries won’t allow the 3rd world takeover of their countries, for the military are ardent nationalists, first and foremost.”

        You’re rather an optimist, in my view. The globalists own NATO and they own the individual members of the European Union. Indeed, the militaries of these nations have already “allowed” the third-world takeover of their respective nations, as they stood by and did nothing while it happened over the last half-century.

        The Europeans of today have been too thoroughly conditioned to obedience to the authorities to rise up against them, even when their very own children are becoming victims of the grooming gangs of the Muslims, and assorted other atrocities are being committed against them, such as the burning of their cities and churches, and endemic rapes of their women in the cities. If those things don’t move them to action, what will?

        There have been isolated uprisings such as the Yellow Vest movement in France, and now the Dutch farmers, but only time will tell if these portend greater action, or were just outliers.

        • Precisely. That Fascism is at odds with Socialism, of any stripe, was one of the great propaganda coups of the ComIntern, along with the automatic do-over intrinsic in the idea that Socialism has never really been tried. Mussolini was an ardent internationalist while working with Lenin in Switzerland during the early war years. After returning to Italy he determined that Socialism could only be victorious by conquering one nation at a time and then uniting. When the Italian Communists rejected him Lenin, already back in Russia at that time was livid and sent a scathing letter to them for driving the smartest one in the group away. Lenin always thought highly of Mussolini and the feeling was mutual. Mussolini believed in the ultimate victory of International Communism to his dying day.

          Fascism is essential to Socialism. Socialism can not exist without it to compel obeisance in the real world. Sharia fulfills the same roll in Mohammedanism.

          As to G’s faith in the Bundeswehr: How many general’s resigned rather than order their troops to subject themselves to experimentation with a mRna “vaccine? What percentage of the rank-and-file balked? Not many I venture. That should be a major tell as to their intentions to land on the winning side. Revelations concerning the loyalties of the U.S. Joint Chiefs, MGen Milley in particular, the FBI, the DoJ, and essentially every other deeply trusted bureaucratic LE and military entity, along with the cavalier waste of lives and treasure in Afghanistan and Iraq over the last twenty years, has disabused many Americans of pollyannaish dreams of a Patton riding to the rescue. If we Men of West, to use a Tolkienesque phrase, are to prevail it is up to us, not some unrevealed savior hero, to serve our own metaphorical gun through the entire commission, to serve it unflaggingly to the end.

          ” If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
          ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

          • Tom, as far as where our US Generals stand, I wouldn’t worry about them, they are less than useless and political hacks and have been since the 80’s, bloody perfumed princess’s, the whole bloody lot of them. Obummer got rid of the few that held the line and started fast tracking the ones that will do as they are told. I would be more concerned about some of the light and full bird colonels, that is where leadership will come from.

          • Tom, one last thing, you are right about it will be up to us to figure it all out, because there ain’t no saviors here in the US any longer. Thank God we are armed to the teeth.

        • Georgia, your point of Fascism is well taken except for the difference between international socialism(communism) and national socialism(Fascism) are not quite the same, for communism is workers of the world unite nonsense and the nationalist are country first and always, everything else is secondary. Even the Russians didn’t trust the East Germans and always tried to keep an eye on them, for even the pesky russians knew the ossies could turn on them in a heartbeat, which did happen from time to time.

          I am afraid I am going to have to disagree with you where the WEF owns NATO is concerned, since I do have first hand knowledge of how things are working in Germany through many relatives in all levels of government including 2 that are Generals and quite a few in the upper ranks and retired, the Bundeswehr since even before that wench Merkal came to power knew that Germany cannot sustain the amount of 3rd world invasion it is currently taking place and at some point, push is going to come to shove. They are letting the so called elites have all the rope they need to wreck the country so when the time is right, they will execute a takeover, it will be quick and very bloody. Nothing is what it seems inside the various Militaries of Europe, on the outside they look like good little soldiers who follow their orders from their elected officials, on the inside plans have already been made to at what point does the military take over. As for the Vax, I won’t comment on that for nobody needs to know.

  9. NWO aka the Anti-Christ system is coming and they will make Hitler look like a choir boy! The Bible says it will be the worst time in history. Prepare! Believe in Jesus! Do NOT take the Mark of the Beast 666! You will go to Hell! It’s on our doorsteps.

  10. I must give the German military credit, they have lulled these marxists types into believing that the marxist run the military, unfortunately for the marxist NWO types of every stripe, they could not be more wrong and when the military pull their very own Night of the Long Knives, the look of shock and horror is going to be priceless. The sheep deserve everything they get, for they dismissed the sheepdogs and this is now the land of the wolves and nobody is going to care about the opinions of the sheep.

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