On Holiday With the Reaper

The following report from Germany chronicles the recent sudden deaths of people on holiday in Europe, most of them identified as “vaccinated”.

It’s important to note that these data are all anecdotal. Full statistical analyses featuring comparisons with previous years have not yet been compiled.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Medical emergencies” in spades: vacationers collapse and die suddenly and unexpectedly

In the recent past, attentive observers have come across a striking number of reports of accidents in road traffic due to sudden heart or brain death (Report24 reported). Now that the holiday season is approaching, a sad new phenomenon is emerging: holidaymakers and people who are just enjoying their free time at the lake, beach or swimming pool suddenly suffer “medical emergencies” and die. A blogger has collected a number of cases from the past few days.

Just a coincidence — or a direct result of the measures and the jab? A correct classification would undoubtedly require a comparison with statistical data from previous years (if available). Still, the number of cases seems worrying. On Tom Stahl’s Freedom Channel there is a collection of press articles about vacationers and bathers who suddenly collapsed in the last few days, which we also present to you here in the article.

The blogger makes it clear that he does not want to automatically attribute the cases collected to gene-therapy injections — but he does consider the striking accumulation of such incidents to be worrying and calls for appropriate investigations by the authorities. However, it is doubtful whether they are ready for a critical analysis… [I really shouldn’t be laughing, but I am, because that would mean that those responsible would be taking responsibility. Pigs will learn to fly before that could possibly happen.]

Sudden deaths of vacationers

Médoc: 79-year-old tourist suddenly collapses when leaving the water and dies on the beach. Report from 07/02/22

Cavi di Lavagna, province of Genoa: Mandatorily vaccinated (56) suffers medical emergency while bathing on the beach and then sinks — dead. Report from 07/02/22

Pizzo, Calabria: Pensioner, subject to mandatory vaccination, collapses under the beach shower with heart failure — dead. Report from 07/02/22

A 48-year-old man collapses in the Piacenza sports center and falls suddenly dead into the pool. Message from 07/02/22

In the seaside resort of Jesolo on the Adriatic Sea, which is popular with Germans and Austrians, a 55-year-old Romanian citizen who had been required to be vaccinated and lives in Venice has died on the beach after a sudden medical emergency. Message from 07/01/22

The vaccinated, retired infectiologist Dr. Pietro Dal Pino suffers a sudden medical emergency while bathing at Viareggio beach and cannot be resuscitated. Message from 07/01/22

An Ecuadorian-Italian man who was required to be vaccinated is visiting a beach near Rome with his family and suddenly collapses in the shallow water. According to the newspaper, the third such victim in this coastal area within a short period of time. Message from 07/01/22

Sicily: 22-year-old Tunisian dies on the beach. Police suspect a sudden medical emergency. Message from 06/30/22

Livorno: Pensioner subject to mandatory vaccination dies in a swimming pool after a sudden medical emergency. Message from 06/30/22

“Damn summer in Senigallia”: The fifth mandatorily vaccinated pensioner suddenly collapses dead on the beach within the last 17 days. Message from 06/30/22

Pesaro: Pensioner suddenly collapses dead while walking on the beach. Helicopter mission in vain. Report from 06/30/22

Sad bathing season in Bavaria: Six dead in just one week. In Bavaria, 60 to 120 people drown every year — the number of tragic accidents has increased in the past few days. Why is that???

Doctor Luigi Genova (61) from Veneto, who was required to be vaccinated, travels to Sicily with his family on vacation and is surprisingly the victim of a “sudden medical emergency”. Report from 6/29/22

Sicily: Israeli tourist dies on beach after sudden medical emergency. Message from 06/29/22

Le Castella, Calabria: 67-year-old vaccinated man is walking by the sea with his niece. Apparently due to a medical emergency collapses, falls into the water and hits the rocks — dead. Report from 06/29/22

Bathing accident at the quarry pond: The cause was probably health problems”. 6/27/22.

In the Adriatic Sea resort of Igea Marina, an elderly tourist collapsed and died while walking on the beach after a sudden cardiac arrest. Message from 6/28/22

Lido Adriano, Ravenna: Fatal cardiac arrest of a tourist from the province of Verona who was required to be vaccinated.

Caorle: Cardiac arrest on the beach of a tourist from Padua who was required to be vaccinated. Message from 06/27/22

The vaccinated teacher Gianluca Del Papa (54) from Macerata, father of two, died during an outing in a park after a “sudden medical emergency

Marinella di Sarzana, La Spezia: Dead pensioner found on the beach: “He may have suffered a medical emergency while in the water.” Message from 06/27/22

Source: Tom Stahl’s Freedom Channel

Afterword from the translator:

Something like this will not shake the stony and evil hearts of the “Saint” Faucis and Klaboosterbachs of this world. The only thing they care about is not running out of “un-holy oil” for the last extreme unction of the useless eaters.

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  1. Evil sorcery as the SPECTRE convinces the hive to go to their own demise with the depopulation concoction.
    It’s an all ages show this more for them and less for us nothing new under the sun plan.
    Who will be their rump swabs and obedience muzzled servants?

  2. Every vaxxed person could die and it will still be “unsolved.” Scum.

  3. At some point even the true believers of Saint Pfizer are going to start having doubts if these deaths keep getting reported. Doesn’t even matter if its not proven to be related to notavax. Their lonely brain cells rattling around their empty craniums will fill in the blanks of the official reports every time someone dies early and unexpectedly. The constant gnawing fear and dread isn’t sufficient punishment to make up for their effort to force others into getting notavax but it’s at least a start.

  4. They probably have latent undiagnosed pericarditis/myocarditis. perhaps everyone should take anti inflammatories as a precaution. I can recommend Black seed oil/Thymoquinone which reduces the Interleukin 6 which is a problem with Covid 19 and the spike protein.
    Can help heart.https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780128244623000068#!
    Australian research on using it to treat Covid 19 cytokine storms and prevent release of Interleukins. https://www.uts.edu.au/news/health-science/promising-new-treatment-covid-19-infection.
    Pericarditis and Myocarditis are related to the excess of Cytokines,like IL6. Interleukin 6.

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