The Great Birth Dearth

The collapse in Western birth rates is possibly the biggest story of our time.

The two reports below from Hungary and Germany say almost exactly the same thing: birth rates show a sudden and drastic drop at the beginning of this year, which is almost exactly nine months after the first surge of experimental mRNA treatments intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

First, the video from Hungary. Here’s a translated summary from MTI, the Hungarian state news agency:

Hungarian MP links the drop in fertility rates to the mass “vaccination” against Covid

MP Dóra Dúró (Mi Hazánk / Our Homeland party) drew attention to the worsening demographic indicators in her speech held in the Hungarian Parliament on the 27th July. She said that in January 2022 the birth rate fell by 20% compared to the same period last year, and the fertility rate also declined. She noted that this happened just nine months after the mass vaccination against Covid began in Hungary; and such a steep decline has not occurred for decades. She said that it was the responsibility of the state to investigate whether this brutal decline was linked to that factor.

Many thanks to László for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling. The translator notes: “I believe the value of this speech is that it was held in a national parliament, not just on a website that can be dismissed by branding it as a ‘conspiracy theory’. Especially because MP Dúró has called for official investigations, thereby cornering the state — because, I think, after such public notice the lack of investigations may easily qualify as criminal negligence in the future.”

The following report tells the same story about birth statistics in Germany. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of RT. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Consequence of vaccination? Drastic fall in the birth rate in Germany

According to official figures, the number of live births in Germany has fallen significantly since the beginning of 2022. The scientist Stefan Homburg suspects that the reason for the drop in births is the vaccination rate among middle-aged people, which increased drastically a year ago.

The number of live births in Germany has apparently decreased drastically in the first months of 2022. According to provisional figures from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), 164,614 children were born in the first quarter of the year. [Want to bet that these are of migrant stock?] In the same period of 2021, the statisticians recorded 187,543 live births. This corresponds to a decrease of more than twelve percent. In previous years, the numbers were comparatively stable.

The development that can be seen in the numbers between December 2021 and January 2022 is particularly drastic. In December 2021, the statisticians recorded 67,927 live births — over 7,000 more than in December 2020 (60,716). In January 2022, however, there were only 52,987 live births, almost 7,000 fewer than a year earlier (59,799). From December 2021 to January 2022, the number of births fell by almost 15,000.

The financial scientist Stefan Homburg, known as a critic of Corona policy, made a connection on Twitter between the “unprecedented decline in the birth rate” and the so-called Corona vaccination. Homburg wrote:

“In this RKI graphic from the last weekly report, the arrow marks the age group 18 to 59 years, which is responsible for the majority of births. From calendar week 2021/17, i.e. around nine months before the first quarter of 2022, the curve rises steeply.”

In fact, the graph shows an increase in the vaccination rate in this age group from around 3 percent in April to 60 percent in August and finally around 80 percent at the end of the year. If, as Homburg claims, this actually confirms a connection between vaccination rates and live births, their number should continue to decline in the coming months.

Stefan Homburg was Director of the Institute for Public Finance at Leibniz Universität Hannover until his early retirement in the spring of 2021. Several so-called fact checkers have repeatedly accused the scientist of “spreading false information” during the Corona crisis.

Afterword from the translator:

Reading this, I have absolutely no idea why women in the US are so miffed about the reversal of Roe vs. Wade. They just need to get the next booster and then they can carry on spreading their legs for any “bad” soy-boy without resorting to killing babies.

What type of man would want to sheathe his sword in that kind of woman is a mystery to me, but hey, when one looks what academented ideological retards coming out of the education system…

Also, I’m pretty sure that Bill Lucifer Gates and his eugenicist imps must be thrilled by all of this, since it shows that with vaccines you can reduce the world’s population.

VEXILLA REGIS PRODEUNT INFERNI (The banners of the king of Hell advance)

Video transcript:

00:05   I now give the floor to Dóra Dúró, representing Mi Hazánk. Please go ahead, Madam Representative.
00:10   Thank you for the floor, Mr. President. Honourable National Assembly,
00:13   in January this year, something happened that has not happened for decades:
00:18   The birth rate fell by 20%
00:22   compared to the same period last year.
00:25   And what is even more worrying is that fertility has also fallen —
00:29   something not seen since 2011.
00:33   Csaba G. Tóth, a researcher at the KRTK Institute of Economics, points out
00:39   that this drastic decline came just nine months after
00:44   the Covid mass-vaccinations began in Hungary.
00:49   Our Homeland Movement is the only party that opposed
00:52   the introduction of compulsory vaccination,
00:55   and we are still the only party to advocate
00:58   the policy of honestly facing the problem,
01:01   even though it is the state’s duty to investigate
01:04   whether this brutal decline is linked to that factor.

9 thoughts on “The Great Birth Dearth

  1. Been saying that – the notavax is about reducing the birth rate (further) below the replacement rate. The Tranzis warned us:

    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

    from the Georgia Guidestones.

  2. As for your last remark about Gates, I do think that infertility was one of the planned outcomes.

    • A couple of ys ago I saw a vid of a giantic screne on an event somewhere. The protagonist was Bill Gates. He spoke about the biggest challenge for mankind, and he named it as “overpopulation” and he let us know that this problem could be solved by vaccination programms by about 10 to 15 % of the world’s population.
      So I have no more questions to this point…

  3. I don’t know what to link the falling birthrate to, but consider the circumstances. War and warmongering on the doorsteps, energy supply uncertainty, inflation out the wazoo.

    If Germania wants to raise an army, will it be called the Great Islamic Armee as that’s all the youth there is.

  4. I really think it’s too early to say whether there’s a link, but it’s certainly odd; more commonly, when couples are forced to spend time together, birthrates tend to increase around nine months later.

    I thought your comment about Roe v Wade was a cheap shot; most women, when sex is consensual, will take precautions if they don’t want to get pregnant. Trouble is, it’s not always consensual, and birth control isn’t always reliable, and why should they be forced to bear unwanted and unplanned babies?

    I know this risks opening a huge can of worms, and I’m well aware that much of the current polarisation of politics, especially in the US, is due to the intolerance of the Left, but in this instance, I really don’t understand why people of a more conservative view feel entitled to impose their beliefs on others, especially as polls show that the majority of Americans disagree with them. If abortion is a sin, God will judge the perpetrators, but in a nation whose constitution bravely tried to establish a state not ruled by any faith- which followers of “Gates” should especially understand and appreciate- the ruling is deeply disappointing.

    • There was a post today on the site Vox Populi which linked to a discussion on Market Ticker regarding this dearth of births.

      While correlation does not imply causation and it’s impossible to prove that a percentage of women who would have conceivably (pun intended) been expected to have become pregnant failed to do so due to notavax, the fact remains that their indeed is a dearth of births. Interestingly, this dearth isn’t from nine months after the start of lockdowns but nine months after the start of mass notavax campaigns. So their is circumstantial evidence but no conclusive proof nor will their likely to be any because if this is ever conclusively proven that as many as one in five notavax test receptacles have been made sterile by said notavax, the resulting consequences would be explosive, quite likely in the literal sense for those who forced or otherwise coerced the mass administration of notavax.

      As to your relatively simplistic characterization of conservative opposition to abortion, I’ll forgive your lack of understanding of the nuance since you are a foreigner. Even among conservatives who are opposed to abortion there is a great deal of diversity with regards to motive. Most people I know who are opposed to it hold this view based upon moral grounds whether religiously motivated or not. Some, like myself, am opposed to it but not terribly so; certainly not enough to try to pass laws forbidding others from doing so. I see it as an evil thing since it most certainly is taking a life but necessary, since it likely saves the citizen far more money and suffering in the long run to allow those who by the very act of aborting their unborn child have demonstrated their decided unfitness to be mothers from becoming one due to being forced to carry an unwanted and likely to be neglected/abused potential life to term. As a libertarian I don’t believe states should be telling someone what they can or cannot do with their own body, or force someone to be a parent who doesn’t want to be one for whatever reason. So you could characterize my opposition as a moral but not religious based opposition; analogous to the killing of opposing soldiers in war. It’s still killing, and therefore bad, but done to prevent worse.

      Since the vast majority of women who abort their children happen to be brown or black and if white, liberal, I think the best way to truly end the practice would be for conservatives to promote unfettered abortion as a demographic and political measure for the purpose of reducing future minority and liberal voting power. The irony isn’t lost on me that were it not for over 40 years of abortions in the USA, there would likely be a much stronger left in power if the country hadn’t been outright converted to communism by now, legally through the ballot box.

  5. Mark H. I think that you might want to look a little deeper into the nature of a constitutional republic. The United “States” of America was established as such. The constitution set forth the supposedly limited powers that the federal government has and everything else is reserved to the state or the people. There is no constitutional authority to “legalize” abortion. It is a “states rights” issue. Any state can decide how they wish to deal with this issue. Just sayin

  6. Thanks, “Moon” and Stan. I’ve learned some stuff I didn’t know, which is always good.

    Stan, as I understand it, it’s a little more complicated than this. A worthy desire to incorporate checks and balances means that while the House of Representatives is theoretically elected by popular mandate, the Senate has two members per state, irrespective of demographics, out of a desire to avoid the “smaller” states’ being bullied, so to speak, by the more populous ones.

    Problem seems to be, in this instance, that the more sparsely populated ones are more likely to be conservative, as rural areas often are, so the tail is wagging the dog, meaning that the current administration cannot legislate to mitigate the effect of the Supreme Court’s recent decision, despite the wishes of the majority of voters, a situation which the Founding Fathers perhaps could not have been expected to anticipate.

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