Macarena Olona on the Feminists’ “Pathological Hatred of Males”

Macarena Olona was the VOX party’s candidate for the regional presidency of Andalusia in yesterday’s elections in Spain. She did not win the presidency, but she made a respectable showing with 13.5% of the vote. Juan Manuel Moreno of the center-right People’s Party of Andalusia was the clear winner with 43.1%, and his party will be supported by VOX in the regional parliament.

In the following video from a pre-election debate, Ms. Olona delivers a spirited rebuttal to one of the leftist candidates.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   And the VOX party in particular is, I daresay, the political branch of male chauvinistic terrorism.
00:05   Men do not rape. Rapists do.
00:09   Men do not kill. Murderers do.
00:12   Men do not abuse. Abusers do.
00:16   And men do not belittle others. Cowards do.
00:20   As a woman, as the mother of a boy, as a daughter, as a sister,
00:25   as a politician, as a Spanish woman, and as a candidate,
00:30   running for the presidency of Andalusia, I affirm that violence is genderless.
00:36   I can assure you that we have raised the flag of equality among Spanish citizens.
00:41   Because you, with your laws, have criminalized 50% of the Spanish population: men.
00:48   We have raised the flag of equality and we are not going to lower it.
00:52   Unlike the Popular Party, we are not going to sit in the corner.
00:57   Your insults, Mrs. Rodriguez, are a badge of honor.
01:00   Because I have come here, hungry for prosperity and protection for the Andalusian people.
01:04   And I am going to take the lead to protect them.
01:07   And with their trust, in the [Andalusian presidential] Palace of San Telmo, I will revoke
01:13   all the ideological, sectarian laws that you all have passed in Madrid and in Andalusia.
01:18   Laws based on that feminism led by Irene Montero, and which you all represent.
01:24   Which is nothing but female chauvinism,
01:27   because it is based upon the mere pathological hatred of males.
01:30   Do not speak on behalf of millions of Andalusian people, men and women, especially women.
01:38   Whom I am representing today to tell you: “Do not speak on our behalf”.
01:42   Because we perceive men as complementary persons and not as enemies.
01:47   Because we do not criminalize a sector of society on the basis of their sex.
01:51   Because I don’t need any protest to be aware that I have the same rights as men.
01:57   Because I certainly defend children and families with great pride.
02:03   Don’t you dare speak on our behalf! And, by the way, you are one step away
02:08   from continuing to apply the policies that have abandoned the real victims of family violence.
02:14   That is, the number of murdered women, whose annual average is not decreasing.
02:19   But also homosexuals, grandparents, children, siblings.
02:23   Who in your eyes, do not even deserve one minute of official silence.
02:28   You have created first-class and second-class victims.
02:32   And the people needed a party like VOX,
02:36   whose heart is filled with love for Spain, in order to stand up to you.
02:40   And I promise you I will be working on it.

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  1. I wouldn’t worry about that, Islam will take care of that crazy misandry coming from European Feminists, by making that misandry justified.

    Anyhow, her name reminds me of a song: A typical pop music song which is meant to brainwash the boys into becoming stupid “woman worshippers”.

    “When I dance, they call me Macarena
    And the boys, they say que soy buena
    They all want me
    They can’t have me
    So they all come and dance beside me”

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