How Dare You Misgender Me!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Groundbreaking verdict

Discrimination: Deutsche Bahn [Railway] convicted because they addressed a passenger as “Mr.”

Frankfurt am Main

The Higher Regional Court (OLG) in Frankfurt am Main has condemned Deutsche Bahn for discrimination. Reason: They addressed a customer who felt diverse as “Mr.” In each individual case in which no “non-binary” form of address is used, penalties of €250,000 are threatened. [Nice pocket change for fraudsters.]

The judgment of the last instance has far-reaching consequences: Effective immediately, the company may no longer use the previously customary salutations when issuing tickets, in customer service letters or in advertising and stored data. The judges did not allow a transitional period for this. This is “technically feasible as well as reasonable in terms of finances and personnel.”

Higher Regional Court: “Significant mental stress”

Another consequence: From next year, the booking system must also be changed so that Deutsche Bahn no longer only addresses its customers with “Mr.” or “Mrs.” [What about “It”?] Either it must be dropped completely, or the company must find a third form of address, which has so far been completely unclear.

A customer who calls himself René_Rain Hornstein complained. The underscore and middle name are meant to indicate his sexual diversity. In the eyes of the Higher Regional Court, the railway company ignored this “non-binary” orientation and thus discriminated against the passenger. [It’s nice to know that the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt has enough capacity to deal with such important issues due to the constantly falling crime rate.] Therefore, the group now has to pay compensation of €1000. Because, according to the judges, “the plaintiff” suffered immaterial damage. She experiences “the attribution of masculinity” as an attack on herself. And that leads to significant mental stress. [That thing doesn’t belong in a railway carriage, it belongs in a padded cell.]

For Deutsche Bahn, which sees itself “as a group for a culture of equal opportunities and appreciation,” “diversity” is a top priority, the company said. Gender-appropriate language has already been introduced in all areas of the company. And yet one does not know exactly what to do now: “There are still no universally recognized standards for addressing non-binary gender people in the German-speaking world,” said a spokeswoman for Die Welt. Even within the group of people affected, the ideas about this are currently still very different.

Afterword from the translator:

I don’t know about you, but for me this whole gender-fluid Transylvanian hogwash is heading towards a monstrous cliff, because a hell of a lot of people are getting more and more angry about the victimhood shenanigans of these pedophile predators, and when a predator gets too dangerous… the hunt is on. Remember the “Beast of Gévaudan”.

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  1. I’m surprised that the term ‘Comrade’ hasn’t been adopted. After all, this insanity is caused by communist ideology.

  2. Send him to Mecca or Teheran, in both cities to the HQ of the Religious Police.
    I bet, if he cannot accept he is male, they will.

  3. and you know why Pride Month is in June during the Summer. It’s because Pride goes before the Fall, now how Autumn is that!

  4. I dont get it how a corporation could get sued when it is a dead entity.

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