Booster For Thee, But Not For Me

Six months ago the events reported in the following video were still tinfoil-hat stuff. Those of us who surmised that ultra-wealthy people were able to escape being vaxed by some sort of flim-flammery — empty syringes, saline injections, fake certificates, etc. — were considered the wildest of conspiracy theorists. But now, like so many other conspiracy theories, this one has become fact, at least in Spain. According to the news report below, the CEO of a major pharmaceutical company was one of the wealthy celebrities who purchased a fake “vaccine” certificate to avoid his booster shot.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   He was on that list. —Because we are speaking of the CEO
00:03   of one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in this country.
00:09   We indeed know that the national police have been investigating 2,200 people
00:13   who might have paid in exchange for these fake Covid certificates.
00:16   We know there were athletes, actors, celebrities, entrepreneurs among them.
00:21   But, as you said, Maria, a name that has leaked caught our attention.
00:25   It deals with the CEO of one of the major pharmaceutical companies of Spain, Pharmamar.
00:32   It deals with José Maria Fernandez Sousa.
00:35   He is 76 years old and is a full professor of biochemistry.
00:38   He may have paid money so that the third vaccine dose was included in his Covid Certificate.
00:47   They are investigating up to 2,200 people who apparently, supposedly,
00:52   may have paid money in exchange for these fake Covid Certificates.
00:57   Thank you, Pello. —José Maria, it is so hard for me to believe,
01:01   but if this name has been leaked from that list,
01:06   it is probably because we are speaking of a professor of biology, so, well…
01:11   Yes, it is noteworthy. —It is noteworthy, Maria, especially because,
01:15   according to the information leaking from the investigation, we are speaking of someone
01:20   who apparently had already got the first two jabs.
01:24   So he has used this fraudulent means to be included in the list of vaccinated people,
01:28   only concerning the third jab. We don’t know what actually happened.
01:32   But it turns out he is on that list, together with the other names we have been discovering.
01:36   I guess there is an explanation for it. I think that, in the United States for example,
01:40   even if he had got ill, despite the two jabs, this wouldn’t have counted.
01:43   They would have asked him to get the third jab. And hence the idea of the fraud, perhaps.
01:46   Anyway, committing fraud in something like that… And besides,
01:49   it doesn’t make sense to get two jabs and not the third.
01:52   Of course, except that you know you can still get infected, and it’s not worth it.
01:55   José Maria, let’s conclude here. Thank you so much for the information.

7 thoughts on “Booster For Thee, But Not For Me

  1. What doesn’t make sense is that this CEO undoubtedly had medical technicians or contacts within the medical community who could have just faked giving him the fake vaxx but could have made the documentation legitimate without going through a risky third party. Possibly he didn’t do so because it would have tipped off those involved – who likely were true believers – that the fake vax wasn’t right and word would have eventually spread.

    I believe this person was high enough in the elite hierarchy to know taking the vaxx was a bad idea but not truly high enough where he commanded the kind of power that could access networks of doctors who were also in on the true story and had no issues collaborating to make sure his tracks were covered. Does anyone really believe that Soros or Dr Evil, or the Fink of Blackrock got jabbed?

  2. 01:49 it doesn’t make sense to get two jabs and not the third.
    01:52 Of course, except that you know you can still get infected, and it’s not worth it.

    I personally know many people who will not take the third injection, I believe that they can feel that the first two injections were not good for them. One guy, double jabbed, straight up believes in the depopulation theory, the others are well aware of the increased heart problems, every Czech knows a doctor and this rumour spreads fast. My neighbor says that she has some minor liver problem since the injection, and that that problem had been linked to the injection, so she believes she’s been damaged too. Though so far she’s perfectly healthy.

  3. My brother in Law fell ill after his third injection with a heart problem he never knew he had.

    I have not been injected and have no intention of letting those people come near me with their poison.

  4. I went to a friendly Polish doctor and got Astra Zeneca for my third dose which was against govt recommended and other doctor refused. I feel fine. AZ was a safer vaccine just the problem with some clotting which could have been due to lack of aspiration as the west had become lazy due to epi pens and medical care being easier to get.
    I wasn’t allowed to work without it. Dan Andrews decree. No one could work in health care or education without a third dose. We had no choice, unemployment.

    • Well you find someone who could have gotten you a fake certificate. It amazes me that you Aussies have become sheep and will do as ordered and like it. lol

  5. Well I had my fourth shot (second “booster”) in February, and now I’m being urged to take the fifth (pun unintended, for American readers).

    But, I’ve been on immunosuppresants since I was diagnosed with small vessel vasculitis in 2010 (don’t ask- it’s like arthritis, but much rarer and can be fatal); when I got ‘flu about eight years ago, my symptoms were so severe that the consultant at my routine outpatients’ clinic started ‘phoning around to find me a bed, and I was in isolation in hospital for a week.

    So of course I’ll “take the fifth”, but I’m 74. I wouldn’t think of suggesting that it should be mandatory, especially for younger people.

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