The Violent Fashion Critics of the Left

The following article concerns violent attacks by left-wing extremists in Germany against businesses that sell the Thor Steinar brand of clothing.

The reason that Thor Steinar upsets the Left is that its apparel is popular among neo-Nazis. The company’s logo features an amalgam of the Tiwaz rune and the Sowilo rune. If I’m not mistaken, the latter rune on its own would be illegal to display in Germany, due to its use by the SS during the Second World War. It is currently used by neo-Nazis in Ukraine, and a variant of it is featured in the logo for the notorious Azov Battalion.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Video shows brutal attack by left-wing extremists

There are scenes that leave you stunned. The left-wing extremists repeatedly hit the woman lying on the ground, beating her legs, feet and head with a baton. In the end, they sprayed the young mother’s face with pepper spray at close range. The victim writhes in pain. Then the four hooded perpetrators run out of the Erfurt clothing store.

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Despite the use of a helicopter and a squadron of dogs, the four masked perpetrators are able to escape. The scene took place last Saturday and almost repeated itself in Dresden, Magdeburg, Schwerin, Halle and Berlin. In all these cities, the fashion label “Thor Steinar” sells its clothes under changing names. And everywhere, attacks or at least suspicious incidents occur almost simultaneously.

Concerted Action

In Magdeburg, four perpetrators break into the shop and spray a foul-smelling liquid, apparently butyric acid, in the shop. “A saleswoman and her dog, who was in the shop at the time of the crime, were also soiled by paint splashes,” the police said. Here, too, the perpetrators escape, although a tracking dog picks up the trail.

In Halle, two attackers fail at a locked door and cannot enter the shop. Then they spray the entire shop window and the facade with tar paint. In Schwerin, a man manages to break into the store. Also here: butyric acid inside, tar color outside. In Berlin and Dresden, salespeople report people who are watching the shops. There have been no raids here.

The simultaneity of the actions, the large number of perpetrators involved and the brutality suggest that this is a concerted action by the left-wing extremist scene. For years, the Thor Steinar brand has been accused of being popular with right-wing extremists. The managing directors have rejected any right-wing extremist sentiment for years. The left-wing extremist scene doesn’t care. Again and again there are attacks on the shops. But the Erfurt case overshadows everything that has gone before.

“New Dimension of Violence”

The managing directors speak to Junge Freiheit of a “new dimension of violence”. Much is reminiscent of the case of Lina E., which is currently being tried in Dresden. According to the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office, she and three other perpetrators attacked a member of the right-wing scene in Leipzig in October 2018. After their victim was down they continued to attack him with punches, kicks and pepper spray. The man suffered a fractured kneecap.

As early as May 2021, charges were brought against Lina E. and her alleged accomplices for membership in a criminal organization. [Antifa a criminal organization? And the German government finances them. Not even surprised.] They are also accused of attacking several people between October 2018 and February 2020. The group to which Lina E. belonged is said to have stood on the threshold of terrorism. The procedure: highly professional. As in these cases.

No police report

It’s no secret that the left-wing extremist scene has been radicalizing under the eyes of politicians for years. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution warned only last summer: “Severe bodily harm to the victims, including death, is accepted.”

While the police departments in Magdeburg and Erfurt made the raids public in a press release and immediately launched a large-scale manhunt, one searches in vain for the attack in Schwerin in the publications of the police in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. A “fact” is only confirmed upon request from Junge Freiheit. State security took over the investigation.

Victim describes the assault

While the others get away with being frightened, you can hear how badly she, the Erfurt saleswoman, was affected by the attack: “In the beginning it was a completely normal sales conversation,” says the woman on the phone to Junge Freiheit. “That is what makes me so upset.” Then she begins to describe the brutal attack:

“Two women with blue face masks came into the store. I went up to them and asked, ‘What can I help you with?” The two were looking for cargo pants. It’s not like I don’t know where I work. That’s why I left the door open when the two girls came in. It was Saturday, so there was a lot of activity on our street. So I thought to myself, if something happens, I’ll scream and the passers-by will help me.”

The mother of one daughter has been working in the shop in downtown Erfurt on Neuwerkstrasse for five years. Small shops are lined up next to each other. Just a stone’s throw away is the State Chancellery, the official residence of Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (Left Party).

“I went over to the rack with the pants and showed to them what was available.” The video shows the saleswoman putting her hand on her pants. “At that moment my memory stops.” It is the moment when a hooded person, probably a man, puts her in a headlock and drags her to the ground. He hits her wildly. A hooded young woman tugs excitedly at her backpack, trying to get something out. “My memory starts again the moment she pulls put the baton,” says the victim over the phone.

“One woman kept hitting me on the leg”

The woman pulls extends the telescoping stick, then she starts thrashing. “I was on the ground. One woman kept hitting me on the leg. I pulled my leg back thinking, not twice in the same place, not that, they will break your bones.”

The thugs continue to beat the defenseless victim. “I yelled very loudly for help, I thought the door was open and passers-by could hear me, but no one came.” [I’m not even surprised by that, since the State comes down heavily on Good Samaritans in Germany.] According to the saleswoman, this was due to the fact that she was not watching, after the two women two more men had come into the store and locked the door from the inside. “At least one man must have been standing outside the door, some kind of lookout.”

One hooded woman hits her victim with the telescoping stick. “I just thought, stay on your stomach, don’t let them roll you over and smash your face.” The punches are like a barrage. “I didn’t feel the pain, just the contempt and brutality they showed. I didn’t perceive any sounds, didn’t hear a word, for me the room was empty, completely empty. At some point I just thought, okay, you have a child, you have to survive this.”

Pepper spray in the face

Suddenly the thugs stand up. One pulls out a can and sprays it in the victim’s face. “I only smelled chemicals, it burned my eyes and mouth, I couldn’t open my eyes straight away.”

The seriously injured woman can still alert the police. “I told them I was doused with acid.” The woman arrives at the clinic. “I had no recollection, but the doctor told me that the bruises weren’t from punches.”

“Now they’re boasting about beating up ‘the old woman’. But I say: These are not men.”

Afterword from the translator:

Well, Interior Minister Fäser, now we need to close both eyes very tightly. What must not be, cannot be, isn’t that right? The Germans said after ‘45, “This must never happen again,” and surprise, watch it happen again…

How can it be possible for people to be so indifferent at what is happening right in front of their noses, but are at the same time completely outraged about — what is told to them through third parties — what is happening elsewhere? Have virtue and morality completely vanished to be replaced with virtue-signalling and vice instead? It certainly looks like it.

The other day I had an interesting conversation with a South African medical doctor who had lived and worked for 30 years in Germany and came back a few month ago, for good, to South Africa with her family. She was saying that Europe and especially Germany are completely and insanely f***ed up and the vast majority of the people are brain-dead zombies who follow anything that comes out of the mainstream propaganda machine. She said more and didn’t mince her words at all, and I couldn’t have agreed with her more.

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  1. The impossible fact
    by Christian Morgenstern

    Palmström, something already at years,
    is hit by a road bend
    and run over by a
    and run over by a motor vehicle.

    “As was” (he speaks, getting up
    and resolutely living on)
    “possible, how this misfortune, yes -:
    that it happened at all?

    Is the state art to be accused
    with regard to motor vehicles?
    Did the police regulation
    gave free drift to the driver?

    Or was it rather forbidden
    to turn the living into the dead
    to the dead, – short and simple:
    D u r f t e here the coachman non-?”

    Wrapped in damp cloths,
    he checks the law books
    and is immediately clear:
    Carriages were not allowed to drive there!

    And he concludes:
    “Only a dream was the experience.
    Because,” he concludes razor-sharp,
    “what can’t be, can’t be.”

  2. It would be nice to use this energy for peaceful purposes. Send them to dig some “Belomorkanal”.

  3. The Left are such cowards . I would love to take them out. If not , then at least make them look so ugly that not even their mothers could love them .
    Their time will come. Its near.

  4. Antifa must be getting nervous, for the right is now spray painting those ss runes everywhere antifa hang out and squat. It is only a matter of time before this escalates where people get killed and the right take off the gloves and govt be damned.

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