Does Being Vaxed Increase the Risk of Traffic Accidents?

Based on data from Austria and Germany, it appears that the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus may increase the risk of “episodes of impaired consciousness” resulting in accidents caused by drivers or bicycle riders.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian weekly Der Wochenblick:

Sudden disturbances of consciousness

More and more accidents: Are vaccinated drivers a traffic risk?

Since the 1970s, the number of people killed in road accidents in Austria and Germany has fallen by almost 90%. Almost 3,000 people lost their lives on Austria’s roads in 1972, but by 2020 there were only 338. This trend has recently threatened to reverse.

Huge rise: Heavy car collisions

Serious car collisions on open roads and accidents involving several vehicles have been increasing since the second half of last year. Nine such traffic accidents were registered on German roads in one day. Fatal accidents occurred on two consecutive days in February in the north of Graz. Cyclists fall every day without external influence and are usually no longer responsive when first responders arrive. Witnesses and those involved at the scene of the accident admit that they are at a loss as to what happened.

After the person who caused the accident has been admitted to the hospital, a previously very rare explanation appears, which is also piling up on the sports fields: “medical emergency”. In most cases, heart attacks, less frequently strokes and pulmonary embolisms are diagnosed. However, not all of the episodes of impaired consciousness which led to the accidents are revealed. If there is a brain hemorrhage as a result of an impact, this can be wrongly misinterpreted as the cause of death. After all, not all traffic fatalities are autopsied. The number of unreported cases remains unclear.

Up to 100 additional road deaths due to “medical emergencies”

Extrapolations from previous figures from several countries could mean up to 100 additional traffic fatalities for Austria at the end of the year due to “medical emergencies” behind the wheel or in the saddle. The sudden episodes of impaired consciousness would then be the second most common cause of fatal traffic accidents, ahead of the approximately 30 traffic deaths caused by alcohol.

Since these accumulations have only been observed since the start of mass vaccinations against “Covid” and everywhere in Europe, a connection is obvious. Other previously unknown causes of vascular diseases (e.g. other new drugs) are not brought into play by witnesses to Corona either. The inflammation of blood vessel walls often caused by the “Covid vaccinations” has the potential to clog or burst the affected veins many months after the injection. If these are so-called end arteries without cross connections, sudden heart failure, a stroke or paralysis can occur.

In the second injection year of the vaccination experiment, vaccinated people could become a greater risk factor than drunk drivers. It therefore seems urgently necessary to work through the connection between the “Covid vaccinations” and those who caused the accidents. What is the proportion of vaccinated people who caused accidents? What is the time interval between an accident caused by a “medical emergency” and the last “Covid vaccination”? For the road safety of all of us, urgency is required!

Afterword from the translator:

This should be considered serious, but will the vaxed lose their drivers’ licences now like drunk drivers? And if they are allowed to keep driving, will vaxed people have to pay higher car insurance premiums? It would be fair, wouldn’t it?

The airline pilots will be the trickiest group if this becomes the daily norm and starts to make serious tsunami waves. But when will that be? And as usual, instead of being critical and presenting the facts, they simply mumble and rumble around and hope that the problem goes away — DEATH seems to do just that — or they’ll start blaming the unvaxed again. WHEN does someone OFFICIALLY associate vaccinations with “suddenly and unexpectedly”? WHEN? Most likely NEVER, not with the bunch of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, who are stealing our hard-earned money through taxes right now.

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  1. The following text is translated from Danish
    and taken from





    THURSDAY 21 APRIL 2022, 9.23 a.m.

    Here is my speculative view of an annual calendar for the coming years, during which the power elite will attempt to implement the New World Order, the Great Resett, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a totalitarian technocracy.

    Autumn and winter: viruses
    Spring and summer: war
    Repeat Multis Temporibus Requiratur

    We are now in spring, with war in Ukraine and corona removed from the public agenda in Denmark. Now Russia and the war are being used as an excuse to implement changes in society that the population doesn’t really want.

    Then in the autumn, the war will fade into the background, while corona will once again come to the fore, if those in power feel that narrative is still strong enough. Or we will get bird flu or some other virus from Ukraine.

    Vaccines, testing, control and surveillance will once again be put forward as solutions. Take a look at Shanghai now to see how it could be in Denmark next season too.

    Then when the corona season is over, the war in Ukraine will take over again. It is also difficult to keep the war going in the winter, just as the corona virus has a hard time in the summer. It is therefore reasonable to spread the war and virus activities over the whole calendar year.

    I expect that the war in Ukraine will increasingly become a proxy war, as we have seen examples of in history, for example in Vietnam and Korea.

    On one side – in Ukraine, we have the US and NATO, including Denmark. On the other side we have Russia and, increasingly, China. The two great military power alliances of the global elite are allowed to fight each other on reasonably neutral ground in order to benefit the profits of the military-industrial complex and to be used in the fear-based global propaganda for social change.

    The many biological weapons laboratories in Ukraine, as well as the many globally dispersed refugees from Ukraine, easily lead to a conflation of the war narrative with the biosecurity narrative.
    After all, it does not matter whether it is new coronaviruses or a new viral biological weapon that we are being made to fear and against which we must be vaccinated in order to have access to society.

    If that is not enough, I expect the elite to launch the familiar front of Islamist terrorist attacks in the West. After all, perhaps the Islamists can get their hands on some biological weapons stolen in Ukraine and start threatening to release them into the “free” world.

    Otherwise, the US & Company can always take over and hand over weapons to the Islamists, as they tend to do, when the terrorists can’t solve the problem themselves.

    Bioterrorism is a combination of conventional war and ongoing coronavirus scares, so that’s just what the propagandists need.

    Remember: it doesn’t matter if the threats are real. What matters is that they are perceived as such and that they provoke a strong emotional reaction of real fear that reduces rational thinking;
    – so that we will crave new injections and controls, which in turn reduce our fears and recreate a false sense of security and new normality.

    The annual calendar will continue cyclically
    until the newly formed world government proclaims…
    a new world peace and global biosecurity and with the people transformed into totally and digitally controlled
    slaves to the elite.

    • That’s a very good point: the vaxxed are also more likely to be wearing face diapers. I wouldn’t think hypoxia, so much as foggy glasses, itchy skin, etc., causing distractions. That’s based on my own analysis of face diapers – but I seem to have quite good lung capacity, so I may not have realized about hypoxia.

  2. The human herd is being culled. Those with particularly undesirable DNA traits are/were the targets of the mRNA injections that were done in the name of inoculating against Covid-19. We should expect to see the population of this planet reduced by 20% to 30% by the time Covid-19 and the “vaccines” have run their course. A spreadsheet study of which people groups had the most fatalities and the percentage of fatalities per each people group would be very instructive. However, I would not hold my breath for the availability of the data as the resultant spreadsheet analysis would establish racial and people group targeting as the primary function of the whole sordid affair.

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