Pope Francis Expresses Support for Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to the Italian parliament recently by video link. As part of his remarks, he recounted a supportive phone conversation he had just had with Pope Francis.

Italian public opinion generally favors Russia, but Prime Minister Mario Draghi expressed his effusive support for Ukraine when replying to Mr. Zelensky.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:06   A long round of applause welcomed Ukrainian President Zelensky,
00:09   who spoke before both chambers of the Parliament, in joint session.
00:12   His first words were about the Pope.
00:15   Today I have spoken with His Holiness, Pope Francis,
00:19   and he told me very important words.
00:26   I understand you want peace. I understand you need to defend yourselves.
00:31   The military, civilians defend their own fatherland.
00:37   Everyone does. I replied to him: “Our people have turned into our army.”
00:46   The war needs to end as soon as possible, concluded Zelensky.
00:49   We want peace. We do know that more days of war will take away more children’s lives.
00:57   0117 is not the final number.
01:01   Why is the Russian invasion destroying our families and our citizens’ lives?
01:07   The war is ongoing. Russian missiles, aviation and artillery won’t stop killing people.
01:14   Ukrainian cities are being destroyed.
01:17   Some of them are entirely destroyed, like Mariupol.
01:20   Prime Minister Draghi replied, acknowledging that Ukrainians are heroic and resilient people,
01:29   and that Italy wants Ukraine to join the EU.
01:33   And he wants to give military aid to the Ukrainian resistance.

15 thoughts on “Pope Francis Expresses Support for Zelensky

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    In Ukraine, the “flashmob” “Marauder to the pole!” is gaining momentum. Those suspected of looting are tied to poles with tape, their pants are taken off and anyone can beat them. It is not completely clear how long the likely perpetrator is kept immobilized, but judging by the bruises on their faces, the execution could last several days.
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  2. Now why doesn’t this surprise me at all.
    While he at it, why doesn’t he call for a Crusade against the Russian Infidel?
    They’re Orthodox Christians after all and according to the Catholic Church – Schismatic.
    How that is actually possible is beyond my understanding since the Orthodox Church was there before the Catholic Church.
    I guess it’s the same old game from the Liars Incorporate throughout the ages of humanity.

  3. The insanity just keeps getting more intense.
    I suggest that at the beginning of this year hardly anyone had even heard of Mr Zelensky.
    Now, everyone’s an expert on Ukraine and they talk about this man as though he’s been around for decades and he’s a very, very VIP.
    Incidentally, are the rumours true that Mr Zelensky has at least one multimillion dollar home in the US and that he’s possibly ensconced there rather than in Ukraine?

    • Black Pigeon Speaks was talking about his 40-odd Million Dollar home and 100-odd Million Dollar in Account in one of his Livestreams about the Ukrain War.
      And since his extensive use of green-screen…… I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

  4. Interestingly, in Poland the Pope was recently criticised – for not calling the conflict a “war” and for, when describing the victims, referring first to the Russian soldiers.

  5. Both Pope Francis and Zelensky are homoglobo tyrant puppets of the NWO installed by the American CIA. Both came to power through color revolutions conducted by the CIA. The CIA deposed Pope Benedict in 2013 while the CIA deposed the elected Ukraine president in 2014 eventually installing Zelensky, who is a jewish homosexual TV actor who played the president of Ukraine in a sit com for four seasons and then in the fifth season was installed as the actual president of Ukraine.

    • You have a much higher opinion of the competence of the CIA than I do…

    • Why does the Swiss Guard not act?

      They could remove this Anti-Pope and put the real Pope back into office.

  6. “Prime Minister Mario Draghi expressed his effusive support for Ukraine”
    he was not, but being just a puppet, he had to change his mind very soon after this…

    i dont like this pope, but francis is not supporting zelensky at all, he is always calling for peace talks, while zelensky is trying every way possible to extend the conflinct and his wet dream of world war 3 is always expressed…

  7. This Islamic pope is involved with this satanic plan ( great reset) everything is going according to the plan , may He will burn in hell , it’s absolutely disgusting..

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