Election Fraud in Berlin

Election fraud has played a significant role in American politics for a long time. The fraud surrounding the presidential election in 2020 reached a grotesque new level, but did not differ in essence from previous traditional chicanery at the ballot box.

Now it seems that similar electoral practices are being adopted in Germany. I wouldn’t have thought that orderly, law-abiding Germans would engage in such shenanigans, but then I saw that the city reporting the questionable results was Berlin, a notoriously culturally enriched metropolis. It’s quite possible that there were no Germans involved in the perpetrating of the fraud.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of Epoch Times:

Historic record: around 2,100 objections to the 2021 federal election

Four months after the Bundestag elections, 2,100 objections to the Bundestag elections were lodged with the so-called Bundestag Election Review Committee. This is reported by the magazine Business Insider with reference to “committee circles”. The number is an historic record.

In the past, between 80 and 300 lawsuits were common. Only in 1994 was there a clear outlier with 1,450 objections. Most of the submissions against the election came from Berlin.

Four months ago, the chaos in the conduct of the federal elections in the capital caused outrage across Germany: there were numerous problems in dozens of polling stations in the capital, including unreasonable queues, missing ballot papers and the relocation of polling stations at short notice.

As a result, not only did the state returning officer Petra Michaelis resign, the federal returning officer Georg Thiel even lodged an objection with the Bundestag against the outcome of the elections in several districts.

The election committee members, nine members of the Bundestag, must now check whether there was actually an electoral error that violated the federal election law, the federal electoral code, or the constitution. Or whether the reported electoral error has an impact on the distribution of seats in the Bundestag. There should therefore be a so-called mandate-relevant electoral error.

While the then-state returning officer Michaelis denied this in a secret report to the federal returning officer Thiel, the latter sees the possibility of doing so in several Berlin constituencies in his objection to the Bundestag. That would affect tens of thousands of Berliners.

If the committee follows suit, the election could be repeated in these districts. The entire Bundestag would then have to decide with a simple majority on the basis of a corresponding recommendation from the election examination committee, writes Business Insider.

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  1. Don’t forget the UK and Ireland. Muslims and Boris Johnson type foreigners are the kinds of aliens many a Grandmother tried to warn about.

    • Boris has some Jewish and Turkish ancestry, but I’m not convinced they’re the problem (except perhaps for the chutzpah, but he likely imbibed it at Eton!)

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