Be Careful Not to Insult Politicians

Gerhard Wisnewski is a German author and filmmaker. He has apparently annoyed the Powers That Be by making (or facilitating) less than positive statements about them.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Der Wochenblick:

System Bullies Courageous Successful Author for No Reason

Foreign Insult as a Pretext: Raid Harassment Against Top Investigative Journalist!

  • Police simply broke open the apartment door in their absence
  • Search warrant: All media to be confiscated
  • The trigger was an alleged gross insult against [Bavarian Minister-President] Markus Söder (CSU)
  • Journalist Wisnewski protests innocence: “Not my style”
  • Speaks of an “attack on freedom of the press”
  • Was it simply a case of pulling a voice critical of globalists out of circulation?

The experienced journalist Gerhard Wisnewski is the author of numerous books that often contain alternative perspectives on events in recent history such as 9/11, the RAF or the death of Jörg Haider. His yearbook series “Hidden, Covered Up, Forgotten” is a best-seller. The uncoverer has also already researched Corona and the “Great Reset” of the elites.

Now the state has abruptly searched his apartment. The excuse: a Telegram insult against Söder, which he did not even write himself. It seems that the system was only interested in silencing an unpleasant critic of the elites.

Apartment broken into: attack on freedom of the press

The author and successful journalist, who has more than four decades of profound industry experience, was amazed. When he came home to his apartment on December 2, he was initially unable to enter the domicile: the key did not fit. When he was finally able to get into the apartment, he noticed the original lock lying on the floor after having been drilled. He also discovered a red piece of paper with an official notification that an apartment had been opened.

Apparently the police marched into the apartment the day before to “clear everything up”. They were supposed to confiscate IT, telephones, USB sticks and external hard drives. They did not find anything there, but the potential effect is immeasurable: “My entire livelihood would have been destroyed,” said the courageous investigative journalist, who of course must have a huge archive of sources when he writes his investigative books. Wisnewski spoke to Wochenblick of an “absolute attack” on his existence and the freedom of the press in general.

Ominous insult to Söder as a pretext for a raid

A clandestine search of a journalist’s house in his absence: That alone sounds threatening enough. But it became particularly absurd when the accusation was made known to him — and it is out of proportion to the measure. He was shown a single screenshot with an insult against Minister-President Markus Söder (CSU). Wisnewski is surprised: “Is he such a majesty that you break open the door just because you are insulted on Telegram?” In today’s Internet, insults against politicians are known to be “part of the constant noise”.

The hammer: The alleged insult does not come from Wisnewski. The channel in which the words might have been uttered does not exist or no longer exists! Nor is the contribution is anywhere to be found. According to the journalist, the expression — a “rough insult in the hooligan style” — does not match his temperament at all: “I would never say something like that; that’s not my style.” In addition, he is already legally literate enough to know that such insults are actionable and “totally stupid”. So he is not the author: He also told the officials that.

Luck in misfortune: New book submitted the day before!

Wisnewski therefore considers this a pretext for the raid. The point is probably to clear away several GB of data in order to sift through the data in peace. Perhaps, so the calculation of investigators in such cases would be, the trick can be justified in retrospect somehow, because the initial reason for the raid pales. Ultimately, they found nothing and, accordingly, did not take anything with them. But the accusation is still outstanding — and it remains “a blatant attack on a critical journalist — completely disproportionate.”

He is particularly alarmed by the fact that the “commando” only appeared one day after the new yearbook was submitted to his publisher. With a different timing it would have been possible to significantly hinder the publication of the work. He wants to defend himself against the harassment, at least legally. Donation account: Gerhard Wisnewski, DE83 7015 0000 0098 1348 36. There the citizens can support him in his fight for justice.

Was he just too annoying to the elites?

A raid because of a wrongly-assigned insult — or is the deep state of the Söder regime behind the whole action? In any case, one thing is clear: with his journalistic way of sticking his finger in the wound and not knowing any taboos when questioning the choice of topic, he is moving on dangerous terrain. As early as the 2000s, Wisnewski advocated the thesis that many terrorist attacks were actually “false flag” operations that would ultimately help the elites to expand their power.

As a result, he was also one of the first journalists to point out the Corona ropes of the globalists as early as the spring of 2020. At that time he correctly identified, for example, the massive influence of Bill Gates on the health system surrounding the WHO and the machinations of the pharmaceutical industry. A few months ago he also discussed in detail the dystopian “Great Reset” plans of the world leaders around Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. So, in the end, was it ever about an insult, or was it rather that he was too much for the elites?

Afterword from the translator:

I wonder if we will hear sometime in the coming year that Gerhard Wisnewski died in a car accident or of Omicron or whatever misfortune or natural causes they come up with. Remember, “natural causes” in these circles are anything from a bullet to the head, to a knife in the kidneys, to a fall from a balcony, to poison. I guess we’ll see.

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  1. Im putting 50bucks on him dying or writer’s cramp.

    The only way forward is to own the publishing houses and the downstream supply chain.

    • I support the first.
      Its either heart attack, diabetus (undetected till now and then it struck like lightning – just with the one guy of the NSU case) or (right now) he dies from COVID infection – he should have taken the jab, poor guy.
      (The sentence contained irony))

  2. Since the Horst Wessel Lied is probably outlawed in Germany, what is the new fascist marching song going to be?

    • Maybe
      “Brüder, zur Freiheit zur Sonne” (Brothers, to freedom to the sun)
      re-imagined as
      “Brothers, zur Impfung, zum Boostern” (Brothers, to get jabbed to get boosted)
      I assume.

    • The commies are in charge, the nationalist sooner or later will fight to take their country back. As for the new songs? Think back to the Kaisers time for those.

  3. Disgusting corrupted politicians, who destroyed your way of life and life your children and grandchildren, they can go to hell , living on our expense, bustard’s nothing else , but I strongly believe justice will be serve , Nürnberg is waiting for all of them ..

    • What part of there is nowhere to flee to don’t you quite get or understand? The Europeans,, Ozzies, Canucks and us Americans are all in the same slow boat to massive uncivil war with a rich Balkans flavor, so the choice is, stand up and be counted when the shooting starts, or be the sheep for the slaughter?

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