Something is Rotten in Rhode Island

Dr. James McDonald is the Medical Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health. The following video shows a portion of Dr. McDonald’s testimony in Rhode Island Superior Court on October 19, 2021, as part of Richard Southwell et al v. Daniel McKee et al — PC-2021-05915 (a.k.a. “Mandatory Masking on Trial”).

By his own admission Dr. McDonald knew that no children died of COVID in Rhode Island, and that an undetermined number of deaths attributed to the Wuhan Coronavirus — possibly many thousands of them — were caused by something else. Nevertheless, his department went ahead with its absurd and abusive mask mandate for schoolchildren.

The audio quality in the video leaves something to be desired, and the fact that everybody is wearing masks makes it doubly difficult to understand what people are saying. Fortunately for us, MissPiggy used her dogged determination (and much better hearing than mine) to create a transcript of the footage. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling and uploading this video:

Video transcript:

00:00   Doctor, during direct examinations, at the beginning of this hearing,
00:06   you were asked about pediatric deaths because of Covid [???]. Do you recall that?
00:13   Yes. —In your testimony, on the first day of hearing, was that there were three
00:18   pediatric Covid deaths. Strike that. Your testimony on the first day of hearing was
00:25   that there were three pediatric deaths in Rhode Island because of Covid.
00:32   Do you recall that testimony? —Objection! That is an inaccurate summary.
00:36   The doctor clarified that it was based on the CDC standard of Covid death. —He changed it.
00:40   He changed. I’m asking the first day he testified, you used the words, “because of Covid”, right?
00:46   Who here remembers? I don’t remember saying the Covid. I, I, my position has always been
00:53   that it was associated with or attributed to the CDC definition. —So the CDC’s definition
00:58   could preclude deaths not because of Covid? —The CDC’s definition
01:04   has been the same throughout the pandemic. It’s any death with a positive Covid test.
01:08   We’ve been using the same definition for the whole thing. —Any death with a positive Covid test?
01:13   Any death with a positive Covid test, yes. —So a 16-year-old who gets shot in the head,
01:19   is rushed to the hospital, is tested positive to Covid and then dies of a gunshot wound
01:24   to the head, that’s a Covid death? —It meets the definition of the CDC.
01:33   So, I think in here, it states pretty plainly,
01:36   they indicate there are over 600,000 deaths in the this country so far.
01:40   How many of those deaths were people who didn’t die because of Covid?
01:44   I don’t have that information. —Doesn’t it make you curious at all, doctor?
01:50   You know we’re going by the CDC’s definition. Of course I’m curious.
01:54   Y’know, from what I can make out from other information I see, a number of people
01:57   being in different hospitals, in ICUs & in [?]. It’s my opinion that Covid
02:02   is a major public health risk for this country and this state.
02:07   But it’s also your testimony that that number, 600,000 deaths or more,
02:12   is unverifiable because it could include thousands of deaths not caused because of Covid.
02:19   Sir, you’re speculating. I believe the current number is over 700,000 people who have died,
02:23   that are attributed to Covid. As long as were using the same consistent process, it’s a therapy,
02:30   I mean, at this point in the pandemic, it doesn’t make sense to change the definitions now.
02:35   Now, now you just used another word doctor. “Attributed to”. Is “attributed to”, “because of”?
02:40   Or is “attributed to”, you just happened to have a positive test, but you died of something else?
02:45   Like I said, we using the same definition the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention uses.
02:49   Does the Centers for Disease Control use the phrase “attributed to”? —No, they don’t.
02:53   OK, so when you used that, you misspoke, just now. —Yes, I did.
02:58   Again, we’re trying to be very precise with our language here, doctor. —Yes, I understand. —OK?
03:03   You can die with Covid or because of Covid? —That’s right. —OK. And it’s your testimony
03:09   that Covid death will be recorded even if you died with Covid but because of something else. —Yes.
03:17   And in fact, the three children who died in Rhode Island, did not die because Covid deaths, right?
03:23   They died with Covid. —Right. In fact, your spokesman, is it Joseph Wendelken?
03:28   Is he the spokesman for the department of health? —Yes, he’s the public information officer.
03:32   In fact, he, on numerous occasions has had to correct the public perception out there,
03:40   that these three deaths were because of Covid, right? —I’ve done the same thing myself.
03:44   In fact, Dr. Wendelken,
03:53   Mr. Wendelken, sent an email to a radio personality by the name of Matt Allen,
03:59   back in May, saying, “We have had three Covid-19 associated pediatric deaths in Rhode Island.
04:07   In one instance, a child had a very significant underlying medical issue.
04:12   The child was Covid-19 positive, but it is not believed
04:15   that Covid-19contributed to the child’s passing.”
04:18   Would you agree with that statement? —Yes. —A second fatality was similar in a child
04:23   who was Covid-19 positive, but it was not believed that Covid-19
04:26   played a role in that child’s passing, either.
04:29   You agree with that statement? —Yes. —In the third instance, the cause of death
04:34   was considered undetermined. Do agree with that statement? —Yes.
04:40   So, you wouldn’t want to try to be misleading this court
04:44   or the public that three children died because of Covid.
04:47   I don’t want to mislead the court ever.
04:50   So, if in the transcript it says, you used the words, “because of”,
04:53   that was just a grave mistake on your part, right?
04:56   I never intended it. If I said that, I misspoke.

5 thoughts on “Something is Rotten in Rhode Island

  1. These people are such preposterous turds.

    I want them jabbed with a full two liter syringe so that we can say unequivocally that they died of the vaccine

  2. Very good video, thank you.

    It shows how deeply doctors and politicans are in the scam. Thus they cannot suddenly come forward and say “I have lied to you and helped the enemy destroy you”. They also know too much; so at his point it is like the mafia: once you are in, you cannot get out alive or without huge personal losses. But now the whole world has become mafia — therefore we cannot get out till it gets REALLY nasty for everyone. We are in a graveyard spiral.

  3. This is an excellent video and transcript that needs to be spread near and far, particularly in my Blue Gulag state of NY.

    The Mask Nazis are in full control and it breaks my heart to see all the kids getting off the school bus fully masked up to their eyeballs and not ripping them off as soon as they can.

    Make no mistake- these face diapers are going to be here forever in the Commie states. At this point I can’t even imagine a general order coming from the Empress of Albany that would allow the children to breathe freely.

    And the school boards are the ones enforcing the order, with their Gestapo cops.

    I attended a school board meeting recently and had to put on a muzzle to get past the armed deputy stationed at the door. This is no big deal anymore. We have had armed deputies in our peaceful little schools for decades! They call the “school resource officers.” How do you like that for New Speak?

    Anyway, as soon as I sat down, I took off the mask and waited for my turn to speak. As I was the only person in the room with a bare face, the board and super were very uneasy just looking at me.

    Finally, the superintendent who has no business running the meeting of the BoE, announced that he was shutting down the meeting until there was “compliance.” He then motioned to the armed sheriff and both of them came over to me and threatened to arrest me if I didn’t muzzle up. I said I have an exemption. They didn’t care.

    So, I put the muzzle back on, went up to the podium to speak, took it off, said my very angry piece and walked out. As I passed the little storm trooper, I looked him in the face and said “F**k Joe Biden, and you too.” He started to follow me but thought better and went back to his post.

    This is what it is like living in the Blue gulags. You would be amaze at how many people ACCEPT THIS TYRANNY.

    • That [epithet] would have cheerfully stomped you if thought he could get away with it. I applaud your defiance!

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