Mad Vax Disease

Or maybe a more scientific name would be Vaccine Spongiform Encephalopathy.

The following report from French TV features a man whose wife came down with a prion disease — similar to Mad Cow Disease, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy — within 15 days of her second injection with Pfizer’s experimental mRNA medical treatment.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We can’t listen to everyone, but here’s one testimony which could be representative,
00:05   I think Marc Doyer [?] is on the line with us? Hello Mr. Doyer [?] —Yes, hello.
00:11   You wife is in the hospital in a critical condition following her vaccination.
00:16   I’ve invited Dr. Martin Blachier to be present here with us.
00:20   She has developed a prion illness following the second injection of the Pfizer vaccine. — Yes.
00:25   First of all, I imagine that this must be difficult for you and your wife.
00:31   It’s a catastrophe, certainly. We can only sympathize and hope the fastest recovery
00:37   possible for her. Is there a connection between the vaccination and this Prion illness?
00:45   I’m not familiar with it. —She being cared for at a special hospital,
00:54   because her case is too complicated for a traditional hospital.
01:00   Before coming forward, I’ve done quite a lot of research,
01:05   because it’s important to understand the subject and to be precise.
01:10   First of all, it’s important to know that this is a disease that occurs one case in a million.
01:14   I’ve decided to come forward, not just because of my own case, but unfortunately
01:22   my wife’s condition is hopeless and there’s no recovery. It’s a condition that’s completely rare
01:26   and there’s no treatment. Simply put, we can’t talk about coincidence anymore,
01:30   because when you develop a disease that’s one case in a million, which is also aggressive,
01:35   with less than 12 cases per year in France and if you develop the first symptoms 15 days after
01:41   the second injection of the vaccine which you aren’t familiar with, then we can’t allow ourselves
01:45   to speak of coincidence anymore. It isn’t possible. With what I’m saying,
01:49   I imagine this could happen to other people, but I hope not. It’s important to mention
01:54   that my wife’s doctor, it took him a long time, around a month and half to decide
02:01   to declare this as a suspected case [of adverse reaction], because there are many elements
02:06   of her condition which make it impossible to speak of coincidences. Our doctor
02:11   has another patient, another lady, who has similar symptoms to my wife’s, which fortunately
02:17   for her have not become worse. I’m sorry, I’m not very relaxed because
02:22   I’m in a extremely complicated situation.

7 thoughts on “Mad Vax Disease

  1. If you watch Dr John Campbell’s videos on Covid19 and vaccine side effects and discussion with Dr Pieter Gaillard, these side effects can originate from the vaccine dose going into the vein instead of the muscle and the immune system thinking it is being invaded. The video is worth watching and the blood clots with AZ are highly likely to be caused by this. Denmark and some other countries require aspiration during vaccination to ensure the needle has not gone into a blood vessel and has gone into the muscle. Not only does it cause problems in the vein like anaphylaxis the patient may not get immunity as there is no study of what happens when the vaccine is in your veins. . All new vaccines should be administered using aspiration technique for patient safety. Old vaccines had bigger particles and mostly given to children.

  2. The poor bastard.

    Meanwhile smarmy Gates, and Fauci appear on tv for their benefactors Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros et al with nary a care in the world.

    None of their puppets like Macron, Boris, Merkel, Trudeau, Biden etc give a crap either.

    And Trump seems to be done with his boasting of bringing on the poisons at “warp speed”.

    Its looking more and more like the only way to beat this crap is to locate the head of the snake.

    • It isn’t a snake; it’s a hydra.

      And like in the myth, the heads need to be crushed and set on fire to keep them from ever growing back. Everyone related to these evil slavers needs to be exterminated and their fortunes confiscated to prevent any possible heirs from continuing the evil with the ill gotten wealth.

      • The Moon,

        The reality is that myths have turned out to be fact. Facts have turned out to be myths.

        The book is real and we all need to acquaint ourselves with it if we have not already done so if we are to win.

  3. In May, 2021, I published a paper together with Dr. Greg Nigh titled “Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19.” International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research 2021; 2(1): 38-79. .

    In that paper, we had a section where we made the argument that the spike protein in the vaccine could cause prion diseases and other neurodegenerative diseases. Spike is a prion-like protein, and the vaccines cause immune cells to congregate in the spleen, producing lots of spike protein without the ability to stop. They release the spike protein into exosomes that then travel to the brain via the vagus nerve. Spike has many features of prion proteins, so it does not necessarily surprise me that it would cause a spongiform encephalopathy at such an accelerated pace. However, we were expecting it to take years before symptoms would be manifested. Our paper is Open Access. These vaccines are eventually going to be seen as a colossal mistake, forced onto a naive population that should not have trusted their government.

  4. Nice work Stephanie.

    But we also know from Bhakdi that the spike protein is carried by blood to cells everywhere. Our immune system then destroys those cells wherever they may be.

    More recently we see these spikes also accumulate in the lymph nodes denying our body the ability to protect itself. We know that the spike proteins transverse the body brain barrier.

    We also know that no one vaccinated is protected against getting the virus. They are not protected against transmitting the virus. Therefore, they are NOT VACCINES.

    Whether the virus exists or not is a completely different story.

    One thing we are sure of. The chance of anyone, ANYONE dying from the virus is less than .05%.

    The test is a fraud as we all know. So, knowing that makes my statement above meaningless.

    The test needs to be real, or all discussion downstream of the test is vacuous hyperbole.

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