We Have to Lie to Them, Otherwise They’ll Never Take the Vax

During an “hot mike” moment in Israel, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz inadvertently revealed their government’s ongoing mendacity about the “science” behind its policies concerning COVID-19 and “vaccination”.

This is something that most of us have known to be true for a long time, but still, it’s startling to hear it discussed so openly and so plainly.

Many thanks to Rachel for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked (R)
Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz (L)
I think also think that in outside restaurants you can stop using the green cards
0:05   also in swimming pools, not only in restaurants. Epidemiologically it’s correct. —Correct.
0:09   The point is, and I am telling you, our problem is with people who are unvaccinated.
0:13   We need a little bit that they… —Correct.
0:17   Otherwise, we will not be able to escape this… [health crisis]
0:22   [The Minister of Health explains to the Interior Minister
0:25   that the Green Card in some places is mandatory
0:28   only to coerce the unvaccinated to vaccinate and not for any medical reasons…]

5 thoughts on “We Have to Lie to Them, Otherwise They’ll Never Take the Vax

  1. The problem are common purpose trained future leaders, aka. blackmailed politicians controlled by big pharma lobbyists, WHO believe lies told to them by their “handlers” and then abuse their power without any proper understanding of the social contract between the governors and the governed.

  2. Although a democracy on paper, Israeli MKs (Reps) are not accounable, onr votes for the party, which has a ‘list’, a pecking order.

    Shaked is a huge dissappointment, as a member of the Yamina (Right) she and the party have tied themselves to communists and arabists who despise the Jewishness of Israel.

    Most Israelis know they are being lied to, that all this has elements of farce. The Yamina party will be punished at the next election, so Shaked and Bennett have no foundations any more, they are a house built on sand. They will only last as long as their malice filled coalition stays together – thus the Left and the Arabs have them over a barrel – Bennett has his flash in the pan as PM- then nothing, he has sold his soul for a small portion of conditional power and besmirched glory.

    • MC: Shaked and Bennett are both disappointments, but, we knew that before the new Israeli government was formed.

  3. the institutions sold out the people… you need first to destroy in order to build back “better” later. They are accelerating it because they have no real opposition… many will fall in the winter flu season, but they will claim all of them to be unvaccinated. There is no real way to stop this foolishness.

  4. Now imagine if the most adamant detractors are correct that the mRNA vaccines will cause early death; as the authoritarian and mendacious government of Israel moved from forcing the third booster to the fourth:

    Then Israeli government is doing what Islamists and Nazis could never do… wipe out the majority of the Jewish population. National suicide.

    At least the censorship out of Israel hasn’t been as total as here in the USA. i.e. studies coming out from Israel showing that claims that natural immunity (those that had WuFlu already) is inferior to the jab are a load of b.s.

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