Psychogram for Chancellor Merkel

Germany is fast approaching the time when it won’t have Angela Merkel to kick around anymore. What will political life be like without Mutti?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op-ed from Politically Incorrect:

Psychogram for Chancellor Merkel

by Mario Berthold

Chancellor Angela Merkel, before your era comes to an end in a few days, I would like to sweeten your farewell with a short psychogram, “Angela Merkel 2015”.

Do you still know why in 2015 you did so without authority — that is, “over the heads” of the other European member states — and loudly with audacity not only in Europe, but in particular in Germany, when you opened the doors wide for personae non gratae — oops… I meant the mentally ill, of course! — from the Islamic and African “hemisphere”?

No one has yet recognized the real motives for your behavior at the time, and if they did, they did not publicly denounce them. Because if that had become public, this matter would have been tantamount to a political earthquake and you would have had to vacate your beloved Chancellery immediately. Of course you will contradict my psychogram, and you must, if you didn’t want to lose face globally even in retrospect.

Do you have any idea what I’m getting at? No? I would be happy to help you on your way of enlightenment. You just have to read on!

First, let’s look back together to January 2009, when Barack Obama became the first African American president to move into the White House. He was the 44th President of the United States from 2009 to 2017. In addition, an American president is always referred to as the most powerful man in the world.

A few months later, in December 2009, Barack Obama received — for whatever reason — the Nobel Peace Prize, which is considered the most important international peace prize. Barack Obama himself was surprised by this honor, as he writes — according to Wikipedia — in his autobiography.

And now you come into play, Ms. Merkel, because it has been claimed that you are the most powerful woman in the world. And you felt extremely upset, as a socially incompetent woman. But something was still missing in your political career, the icing on the cake, so to speak. And that was the Nobel Peace Prize, which you absolutely wanted to have, no matter the cost. After all, Obama got it, too, for virtually nothing.

The situation in the Middle East came at just the right time for you, and you then misused your humanitarian aid as an argument for the Norwegian Nobel Committee. According to its founder, it should be awarded to the person who, for example, works most or best towards the fraternization of peoples etc. Multi-colourism seems to be a prerequisite here.

In other words: You acted out of personal interests, i.e. lower motives (egoism and greed) and — of course — withheld this from the German people. And you were fully aware that your unauthorized actions occurred in violation of your oath of office.

Thank goodness you didn’t get your long-awaited icing on the cake, not even today. Glee is far from me, but I’ll make an exception for you.

After this fact it does not matter anymore that you oriented yourself with Obama’s most famous election campaign slogan “Yes, we can” and changed it — extremely creatively — to “We can do it” [Wir schaffen das].

Live long and be ashamed!

9 thoughts on “Psychogram for Chancellor Merkel

  1. Unfortunately, all evidence points to the German electing someone as bad, or worse, than Merkel.

    • I fear you are right.
      In my bleak moments I hope for a mass extinction event, a zombie apocalypse or just the Rapture.

      Would be preferable to what is now going on.

    • Yes they are electing someone worse, so be it, the quicker they run Germany finally into the ground the quicker the military and the nationalist can take over and right the ship of state.

  2. Well, the 2015 migrant crisis contributed to Brexit and likely will contribute to the eventual downfall of the EU.

  3. I am not sure what to make of such articles.

    Merkel is part of the global cabal. Nothing is NOT planned.

    They don’t make many mistakes.

    To think the immigration issues are organic is to believe in the tooth fairy.

    Articles like this only serve as salad dressing.

    Its appalling to think that there are humans that cant see deeper than the superficial.

    I suppose articles like this allow you to understand why Germany is such a basket case. If the population thinks like this and not see the ooordination between events, then just shut up and take your poison shot. If you are fortunate you may live long enough to take your 6th shot.

  4. Merkel is an evil globalist. Whether she consciously “planned” the destruction of Western Civilization is a moot point. Her very islamoleftist genetic mindset is what drives her.

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