Cameraman for Sky News Gets a Lesson in Cultural Enrichment

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Brutal attack on Sky cameraman in Rome: “Dirty white man, I’ll stab you”

On the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, a 25-year-old Sky cameraman was brutally attacked in the Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere (district of Rome): “You yelled at me to shut up, dirty white man, I will stab you, I shoot you…”

“I thought I would die there on the ground,” says the attacked cameraman, “to end the same way as Willy Monteiro Duarte in Collefererro. I had four people on me who kicked and hit me with the cruelty of beasts and another six who took it out on my best friend in the same way. For no reason, just to vent their anger and blind violence.” A brawl that happened when the 25-year-old had just celebrated his birthday with his girlfriend and some friends in a local restaurant. Suddenly, while walking to his car to drive home, he was attacked and beaten up.

“Suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by about twenty young men, all between 18 and 20 years old. They looked like foreigners because of their dark complexion, but they spoke Italian very well, with a Roman tone, maybe they were the sons of immigrants,” explains the cameraman. “Well, first they approached the girls in our group and made some lewd remark, nothing but an excuse to start a brawl because when I and another friend told them to stop, they started insulting us all when we replied that they should stop, that our evening was over that we were going, that we were not interested in discussing it… they yelled at me to shut up, you filthy white man I will stick you, I will shoot you.”

When the police and the ambulance came to the scene to help the three beaten boys: Contusions, bruises on the arms and wounds to the head. One of them had a gold chain stolen, as if that weren’t enough. “In a moment,” says the 25-year-old’s girlfriend, “my fiancé was lying on the floor, surrounded by four people who kicked him in the face and chest; he was huddled and curled up like a lock of hair while these people continued to kick him ruthlessly. One of them even threatened to shoot him. I was afraid that they would kill my fiancé like they did with poor Willy last September.”


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  1. “but they spoke Italian very well, with a Roman tone,”

    Find this hard to believe

  2. Incredible but normal. I have been watching Dublin taking all its clothes off for the mixed bag muslims and other savages. Revolting to see all those hardening young ladies going the one hundred. Unconscious and clucked up they probably think it will stop like men do. Life is cruel.

  3. And this weak feckless, dumb liberal will never fight back, he will be a sheep till he gets slaughtered, I have no more empathy nor sympathy left for these sheep. There are only wolves and sheep, and the sheep always gets eaten.

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