Culture-Enriching Rape at the Beach in Carrara

The news video below reports on the rape of a young woman at a beach in Tuscany, near Carrara. At the time of the report the perp had not yet been caught, but after he was arrested the media reported that he was Egyptian: “Carrara, the case of the tourist raped at the beach and a twist: The alleged guilty party, a 25-year-old Egyptian, arrested.”

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   A 24-year-old girl reported to the Carabinieri that she was raped by a man
00:05   during the night between Sunday and last Monday near a beach at the Carrara marina.
00:09   At the first aid station, where the young woman, a tourist of foreign origin, was accompanied
00:13   after asking for help from a security guard, the doctors reportedly
00:17   identified signs of violence. An investigation is in progress.
00:21   The 24-year-old was on an outing while at Carrara, where she was making a stop
00:25   before meeting friends somewhere else. Sunday evening she reportedly decided
00:30   to go to the beach then have a bagged dinner at a small square a short distance from the beach.
00:34   According to the testimony given by the girl to the Carabinieri, a man, of whom
00:38   at the moment a description cannot be furnished, nor an indication of what language he spoke,
00:42   reportedly approached her and raped her. He then reportedly left the scene.
00:47   In a state of shock, the girl reportedly wandered in the city and found a security guard
00:51   who helped her get to a hospital.

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  1. Why do italians and other civilized people put up with a pro-illegal media that refuses to report the nationality of a rapist or even the language he spoke?

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