The Flagship of a Terrorist Organization

Last night I posted about Thorsten Weiß, a politician for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). Mr. Weiß has petitioned the German tax authorities to withdraw the tax-exempt status of Sea-Watch due to its proclaimed affiliation with a terrorist organization.

Thorsten Weiß made the video below to explain his case against Sea-Watch. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Yesterday pictures appeared on the internet that show the Sea-Watch 4,
00:06   a ship of the NGO smuggling organization Sea-Watch,
00:11   an organization that helps illegal migrants unlawfully
00:15   enter Europe “legally”. That ship is now sailing under
00:19   the flag of the left-wing terrorist organization Antifa.
00:22   In the past, too, there have always been references and commitments
00:27   between Sea-Watch and this extremist organization.
00:32   Against the background that Sea-Watch is a registered association,
00:36   to which the NON-PROFIT STATUS is granted.
00:40   The question now arises to what extent
00:44   an association that is clearly committed to an extremist organization
00:48   can be non-profit at all?
00:51   Legally they cannot do that, and I say NO,
00:54   Sea-Watch must not be considered non-profit.
01:00   Therefore, today I submitted the application to the responsible tax office here in Berlin,
01:05   to re-examine the non-profit status of Sea-Watch
01:08   and to revoke their status as a non-profit association.
01:14   Furthermore, I submitted an application for inspection of files
01:18   to the Berlin tax authorities.
01:22   To take a closer look at which money is flowing
01:26   from whom to where and whether our tax money is also flowing
01:30   to this organization. And, above all, HOW MUCH of it flows.
01:36   Because during 2017 Sea-Watch received, for example,
01:39   almost €2 million in donations,
01:43   during 2018 still €1.5 million.
01:46   And of course the question arises, also for us taxpayers,
01:50   to what extent do we support an organization with our money
01:54   which through its mandate
01:57   brings illegal migrants to Europe,
02:00   which disqualifies them already, but also makes no secret of the fact
02:05   that they support extremist organizations.
02:08   Associations like Sea-Watch, which openly defy law and order
02:13   and which have no problem at all supporting extremist organizations
02:18   or working together with them, need to be stopped.

7 thoughts on “The Flagship of a Terrorist Organization

  1. Stupid Germans will just pass new laws to allow open funding of such organizations since they are doing the bidding of Emperor Palpatine-Soros and his elitist partners. His lackeys have no shame and their subject population, Germans, have a demonstrated predilection for licking the boots of anyone in authority who deigns to kick them. Two times in the previous century the German populace enabled their leaders in the murdering of Western Civilization, and here they are once again blindly allowing their current master to administer the coup de grâce to a critically wounded West.

    • For the third time this this stupid and naive Germans destroying not only their country but whole Western Europe, Salvini try to stop this madness and now He is on trial for “ kidnapping people “ unbelievable to the core..

    • I’m so glad that I left that Country and Continent behind me 32 years ago.
      The lunacy of their Rulers is even worse than those here in South Africa.

      But as Sefton Delmer said in 1945 to German International Human Rights Lawyer Prof. Grimm;

      “We have won the war with atrocity propaganda.
      And now we are only really starting to do it!
      We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will increase it until nobody will take a good word from the Germans, until everything that is good about them will be destroyed, and the sympathies they had in other countries, and they will have become so confused that they no longer know what they are doing, when that is achieved, when they start to pollute their own nest, not gritting their teeth, but in a rush to please the winners, only then will the victory be complete, and it is never final.
      Reeducation needs careful tending, like an English lawn.
      Even one moment of negligence, and the weeds crop up again
      ~ those indestructible weeds of historical truth.”

      (Sefton Delmer, the Chief of the Black Propaganda War against Germany)

      Are you then surprised that this is happening?

      Also, the way I see it, this reeducation was extremely successful for the vast majority of Germans and has been redeployed against the rest of the West by Cultural Marxists, a people that are so full of Self-hate and Hate against their own.

    • Now that could work, if those ideological retardet Idiots wouldn’t immediately replace it.
      Also the German Government is flying them in in droves too.

      • You would be amazed at how easy it it is to sink a vessel like these commies use. Place a agent aboard and he can do some very interesting things that will make that ship sink very quickly with everyone aboard. Sink as many as they send, with crews aboard, done.

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