Worst Case Scenario

As we’ve all noticed by now, the “case numbers”, i.e. positive results from PCR tests, are all that matter with the Wuhan Coronavirus. Whether anybody dies or even gets sick is irrelevant — cases are everything.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Berlin is expanding tests and wants to drive up case numbers

The State of Berlin is now introducing a comprehensive test obligation for sales staff in retail and catering as well as for employees in companies and public institutions if they have direct contact with customers and guests. You must now be tested for the coronavirus at least twice a week and keep the evidence for four weeks. The obligation applies not only to employees, but also to the self-employed — for example, for the Späti [convenience store/kiosk] operator or a craftsman who comes to the apartment for repairs.

The goal of this approach is clear: more tests should drive the case numbers up. The more tests there are, the more (false) positive results there are, of course. The cases can thus be easily manipulated in order to tighten the lockdown measures even further.

3 thoughts on “Worst Case Scenario

    • Wrong, they are collecting numbers that’s why they are making this useless, freaking lockdowns , they don’t CARE about you and about older people or baby’s, this is horrific global project nobody saw before..

  1. the “Liberal” authorities who are very liberal with their controls are using the virus to control the populace while the virus, in fact, is controlling them. They want all of us to be in the concentration camp that they put themselves in. Yes, misery loves company, but I don’t care to be in the company of the miserable.

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