Money From Spain Intended for Syrian Orphans Diverted to Support Al Qaeda

My previous post was about a mosque in Strasbourg run by an “Islamist” organization. The following story from Spain concerns the treasurer and president of a mainstream Muslim umbrella group in Spain, the Islamic Commission of Spain (Comisión Islámica de España), who allegedly channeled funds to an Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following article (also translated by Gary Fouse) provides more details about Mohamad Ayman Adlbi and his organization’s funding of terrorism:

Provisional custody for the treasurer of the Islamic Commission of Spain for financing terrorism

March 25, 2021

The judge of the National Court, Joaquin Gasea, has ordered provisional custody for the treasurer of the General Islamic Commission for allegedly belonging to a terrorist organization and financing terrorism by diverting humanitarian aid destined for orphaned children in Syria.

This was decided on Thursday by the magistrate after taking a statement from him in the framework of the operation by the National Police in which he was detained with two other persons who remain in provisional liberty, among whom is Mohamad Ayman Adlbi, president of the Islamic Commission of Spain, judicial sources reported Thursday.

In the opinion by the judge, there are indications that the treasurer of the Commission could be collaborating with an NGO that is reportedly facilitating economic aid to jihadist factions that are affiliated with or have served the interests of Al Qaeda.

According to the National Police, the operation has so far resulted in two arrests in Madrid and another in Santa Cruz de Tenerife [in the Canary Islands] for alleged participation in a crime of terrorist financing using as cover the collection of donations of humanitarian aid for orphaned Syrian children.

The arrestees are accused of making use of the resources of a cultural association, collecting solidarity donations, and directing a portion to areas occupied by Al Qaeda militias, with the aim of supporting its fighters.

They allegedly channeled quantities of money from Spain, given in good faith by sympathizers of an Islamic cultural center, to an NGO active in a conflict zone in Syria.

A portion of the collection was destined to support the expenses of a school center for orphaned children located in a conflict zone, and whose activities centered on the training of future jihadists.

The education given there centered on the most radical teaching of Sharia and training the children in armed combat, motivating them to continue the terrorist activity of their fathers who had been killed in combat.

This investigation stems from other proceedings opened in the Central Court of Instruction, number 6 of the National Court in 2019.

The inquiries point to the alleged participation of a group of persons who coordinated for several years to organize and transfer money from Spain to jihadist factions affiliated with or who served the interests of Al Qaeda.

For this work of collection, a fraudulent entity was created in order to obtain sums of money from dozens of people residing in different parts of Spain, the majority of whom did not know with clarity who the final beneficiaries were of the money they contributed in this charity campaign organized by those investigated.

From the investigation, it is shown that the treasurer of the Commission and the other two arrestees used their position of influence in the management of the Islamic Center Abu Bakr Mosque, located on Anastasio Herrero Street in Madrid.

The treasurer allegedly utilized resources of various Muslim religious associations interconnected with each other and located in that Islamic center to collect donations under the appearance of humanitarian aid to orphans.

Money that was later sent in an opaque form from an NGO called Al Bashear Humanitarian Organization to Al Basdyer Insdani Yardim Dernegine, according to the results of the investigations.

Those investigated allegedly put into place a system of collecting money at the national level that used as a cover humanitarian aid to the orphans of Syria, all this through the previously mentioned NGO, connected to the jihadist terrorist organization, Yeish al Islam, which came to operate as a branch of Al Qaeda in Syria.

Participating in the operation were provincial investigation brigades from Madrid, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Zaragoza, and Ceuta — at the national level— and the police agency Europol at the international level.

During the operation, which took place last Tuesday, four entries/searches were carried out in which numerous documents, money, effects and technical devices were seized, which are being analyzed by the investigators.

The judge has ordered secrecy for the proceedings, and the investigation remains open, so new proceedings are not ruled out.

Video transcript:

00:00   Spanish police have detained the highest representative in the country, Mohamad Ayman Adlbi,
00:05   in an operation against a terrorist financing plot by jihadist cells. The General Commissariat
00:10   of Information suspected that Ayman, president of the Islamic Commission of Spain,
00:14   could be connected to the plot. The president was placed on provisional liberty this Wednesday
00:18   after being questioned. The operation, according to national media, remains open,
00:22   and involves two other persons who were also detained.

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