Stalag Corona

I reported last Tuesday on the COVID jail that has been set up in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, where quarantine-breakers may be forcibly detained until they no longer pose a threat of infection to society at large.

Below is a second report on the facility, this one from the weekly news magazine Stern. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   Barbed wire and a security Fence here in the youth detention center, Moltsfelde, Neumünster,
00:09   usually prevent criminal adolescents from breaking out.
00:13   On the first of February, however, also recalcitrant Corona quarantine refusers.
00:18   We have noticed in the last few months that we have, albeit a small number of people,
00:23   who do not adhere to the Corona orders that have been issued
00:26   in the districts and independent cities, and who do not want to adhere.
00:30   And here we need another possibility
00:34   to keep these people under control who are endangering themselves and others.
00:39   And for this a whole tract with six prison cells is kept free.
00:46   Yes, it is actually how you’d imagine a holding cell,
00:49   There is a simple bed with a hard mattress, a chair, a table and a bathroom,
00:54   12 square meters; cellphone and TV are allowed.
00:58   However, only Corona refusers WITHOUT strong Corona symptoms are imprisoned,
01:02   and only if they have massively violated their Corona quarantine requirements.
01:07   That means I’m out and about, and I’m caught by the authorities or the police.
01:13   These are then the preliminary stages, and then there is the “danger speech” where,
01:17   in the presence of police, it is again made clear to the person that they have to adhere to it,
01:22   and if that doesn’t work, then the district court will
01:26   make an application [for incarceration].
01:29   Sure, punishment is necessary, but isn’t prison a little too harsh?
01:32   I think it’s right, because there are so many objectors,
01:35   and the numbers are there!
01:38   I was also in quarantine once, and I don’t know if it’s so nice when you sit in THERE.
01:44   We have to get the pandemic under control, and we have no other choice.
01:48   The Corona prison should help with this and bring insight to quarantine breakers.
01:52   The alternative is quite simple:
01:55   whether you stay here in a narrow cell or, as an alternative, your own home.
01:59   It should be clear to anyone after the first night,
02:02   that your own home is the easier option.
02:06   If the person can credibly affirm,
02:09   that they will stick to the order [of quarantine] in the future,
02:12   and do not leave their own home, then it is also made possible that the person can return there.
02:17   And there it is certainly better to be in quarantine
02:21   than in the Corona prison in Neumünster.

7 thoughts on “Stalag Corona

  1. Vee haf vays ov keeping you safe, Jawohl!
    It is for der collective, comrade.
    Forward! The Great Reset Leap Forward.
    But what about muh body muh choice?

  2. To be fair, the conditions seem a bit better than a Konzentrazionslager, or even a Stalag! (Then again, the government of that time also liked to present their camps in the best possible way…. So who knows?)

    • I agree. Even our penitentiary system is considered as R&R by some cultures. And what can you do with people that knowingly put others at risk?

  3. An enterprise the Germans excel at. Maybe they will export their expertise like BMW’s and Porsche’s.

  4. Some comments here are a bit off track. Our penitentiary system is ridiculously weak by any standard and the major part of convicted evildoers is running free for lack of space or on probation. Had any of you the choice to do time in Germany or elsewhere, I would seriously advise to do it here.
    Get me right: I wish it would be tougher here.

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