Go Home Now. Because COVID.

Quebec has one of the strictest lockdowns in the world, possibly as bad as the one in the UK. It includes a curfew from 8pm to 5am.

The context of the following video from Montreal is not entirely clear. The action takes place at night, but I don’t know whether it was after 8pm or not. As far as I can tell, a man was out with his son to walk the dog, and was stopped by police. The officers gave him some police-type grief, knocked the phone out of his hand, and ordered him to go home or be arrested. Evidently he was violating either the curfew or some other provision of the COVID-19 lockdown regulations.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   There are the police,.
00:13   Good day.
00:17   May I help you?
00:21   I’m OK, I’m walking my kid [unclear]
00:25   He is walking his dog.
00:29   Ah no [unclear]
00:45   What are they going to do? [child’s voice]
00:53   [unclear]
00:57   [unclear] Very simply…
01:01   Go home immediately, please.
01:09   [unclear]
01:21   [unclear] If you don’t want to identify yourself… —Identify myself? [unclear]
01:25   [unclear] What is your name and your registration?
01:29   Please? [inaudible]
01:33   I need paper and pen because.
01:37   because the virus…HEY…
01:41   But I have done nothing…
01:49   [unclear]
01:53   You must be… [unclear] if you refuse
01:57   to go home, we will arrest you and detain you. Is that clear?
02:01   Yes, it’s clear. OKAY?

3 thoughts on “Go Home Now. Because COVID.

  1. “Why do good police, seem to go bad”.

    Sure I know there are some bad police, but the sheer level of this, in the UK., Victoria Australian, and California, USA, and Canada and they seem to be all working to a similiar pattern.

    That type of police attitude I would have thought would have had to be inculcated for some time.
    Was this embedded in their training?
    Were the police given an updated new order “meritless cultural inclusive” form of training from their leaders?

    Are the police just taking it out on the public, believing it is hopeless?
    Do the police feel so threatened by the public?
    Are the police feeling so frustrated, in having to follow these mindless minuatae of orders that they are supposed to enforce, and so become mindless automatons?

    It would seem that the police will not accord any one with respect, and if anything seem to go out of their way to disrespect the public.

    I even wonder if they are local police, but like a force called in from elsewhere, so they do not have to worry about coming across an uncle, or auntie, or cousin, or an old friend.

    Will there become a policy of cross province police & troops, and a type of elite police force that will not have to account to locals, or the systems shield the police.

  2. Just a point of note. There is no curfew in the UK. And today I went out for a two hour walk that had my partner and I make a visit to a doctor, a supermarket and a store like Home Depot. We didn’t see a single police car in that entire two hours (even though the route did take us past a huge police station). We did see a long queue of people seeking to go into a clothes store to buy some fashionable clothes to wear while they are queuing elsewhere.

    Yes the population are quite gripped in panic, due to the panic porn known as 24 hour news. The media act as amplifiers for the cases where the police are draconian. My neighbours have ignored lockdown since “the pandemic” started, and despite all the parties in their home I’ve not seen one visit from the police.

    What is of interest is that the highest court in the land refuses to even hear cases questioning the legality of BoJo’s diktats. How’s that for “rule of law”? Pretty much like SCOTUS refusing to hear case on election fraud.

    I’ve been saying for many years that both rule of law and democratic government are myths. The “pandemic” and the US Presidential elections have made this clearer to an increasing number of people.

    BTW here’s an interesting interview about the Antifa/BLM who led the “insurrection” where Ashli Babbit was killed. https://youtu.be/5nvqvvsqJ_s The “Democrats” have had their Reichstag fire.

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