Dr. Giuseppe Delicati: We Will Be Liable For Deaths Caused by These Vaccines

The following video recorded by an Italian medical doctor named Giuseppe Delicati caused controversy and criticism in Italy. In it Dr. Delicati warns other physicians about their potential liability when they administer vaccines (including new ones for COVID-19) which may cause harm to patients, especially when the vaccines interact with the flu vaccine.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   My name is Giuseppe Delicati. I am an ex-medical officer in the Air Force, and now
00:05   I am a family doctor, also active in the hospital field.
00:11   So I wanted to make a request of you for the next anti-flu vaccine.
00:17   Given that Dr. Tarro, Professor [Giulio] Tarro, actually,
00:22   has revealed an interaction between the anti-flu vaccine
00:27   and Covid-19, I’ve made two requests to ASL [Azienda Sanitaria Locale]
00:31   to be able to talk about this interaction.
00:36   The director of ASL has not yet answered me,
00:40   and it is known with certainty from a Pentagon website
00:44   that the virus, the Corona virus, undergoes an activation
00:47   by the action of the anti-flu vaccination.
00:50   And it has been revealed, in fact, that of the deaths in Bergamo last year,
00:55   everyone had been vaccinated with the anti-flu vaccine and had also received
01:00   anti-pneumonococcal vaccine.
01:04   Now, given that I have sent two requests to ASL
01:08   to be able to do this disposition [unintelligible] and received no response,
01:14   I am making this video to raise awareness
01:18   with everyone given that…
01:22   this vaccine has been solicited this year, certainly with great anticipation.
01:27   Normally, the vaccination campaign begins from November 15
01:31   and goes until December 31, considering the influenza
01:35   reaches its peak in January, January or February.
01:39   So this year, it was anticipated that from
01:44   26 or 27 October the campaign for vaccinations could begin. This raised my suspicion.
01:49   And moreover, at the same time the vaccination
01:54   for Covid was also proposed. Now it is known with certainty that the
01:58   American researcher, Judy Mikovits, demonstrated
02:02   first of all, that the virus, practically speaking, never having been isolated,
02:07   let us say in this case, it is not a vaccine,
02:11   which as far is Covid is concerned, the vaccinated virus is attenuated
02:15   as with influenza, but from fragments of RNA,
02:19   which combined with our DNA, transforming itself into trans-genetic organisms
02:25   and provoking terrible auto-immune sicknesses in the vaccinated subjects.
02:29   Now, returning to the initial discussion of this interaction between
02:33   the activation of Corona virus and the flu vaccine,
02:37   I wanted to propose to you, colleagues,
02:41   the analyses of some samples of these vaccines that will arrive
02:45   which we [unintelligible] possession on the part of Dr. [Stefano] Montanari.
02:49   Considering that this researcher discovered in the anti-pneumonococcal vaccine,
02:54   for example, DNA from aborted fetuses.
03:00   If we were to find, in the next flu vaccine,
03:06   these quote “impurities”, it is clear that would make us responsible
03:10   for a crime,
03:13   for an injurious act on our patients,
03:16   and we clearly would be legally punishable.
03:19   So I wanted to clarify for everyone, let us proclaim ourselves united
03:26   and to disseminate this video to be able to
03:30   precisely, ask all [unintelligible],
03:34   to examine these samples, these samples of vaccines.
03:38   Another thing that I wanted to bring up is that, unfortunately,
03:43   this… this, let us call it this… pseudo-pandemic Corona…
03:49   Covid, because the numbers are not there to call it a pandemic
03:53   compared to the Spanish flu which caused 50 million deaths,
03:57   compared to the Asian flu, which caused 2 million,
04:00   this pandemic — we call it a pandemic — piloted, planned pandemic,
04:05   has caused less than 400,000 deaths in the…
04:09   and what makes you think more, what makes you mad is that
04:13   many… practically, consider as infected
04:19   those subjects who are simply given swabs that test positive.
04:24   Now, over 80% of swabs are swabs that are giving false positives
04:30   and in 15% of cases, results that are false negative.
04:34   Therefore, it is clear that the swab “campaign” should hold off
04:40   just a bit, and hold off just to provide evidence within the population,
04:46   the presence of traces of RNA, for which
04:50   establishment of historical data cannot be determined with certainty, while it would be
04:54   more important to do a blood test for
04:58   the detection of IgG-IgM anti-bodies
05:02   to have a better diagnosis, and especially to be more datable.
05:08   We will be in contact again, because this will only be the first
05:12   of a series of videos that I will continue to make.
05:15   Good day, colleagues.