Knife Jihad in Grozny

The following news report describes a knife attack against police in Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic in Russia. One police officer was killed in the attack before the mujahideen were shot dead by other police.

The attackers (immigrants from Ingushetia, another Islamic republic in Russia) presumably wanted to take the policemen’s guns for further jihad.

The report is in Russian, with voice-over for the Chechen parts. Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The number of victims in the attack on police officers in Grozny could have been higher.
00:04   It all happened in the downtown of the Chechen capital.
00:09   The attackers had a clear goal — to get the officers’ firearms.
00:14   Both attackers were armed with knives. It’s not hard to guess
00:18   how they planned to use the stolen guns on a crowded street.
00:21   Both were killed during the attempt by shots fired in response.
00:28   One police officer was killed; another is in a hospital.
00:32   Doctors say his condition is stable.
00:43   Ramzan Kadyrov came to the location of the attack. He described the attackers
00:48   and shared condolences with the family of the fallen police officer.
00:51   The identities of the attackers were established. Two brothers
00:54   from Ingushetia — Hassan and Hussein — immigrated
00:57   to the Chechen republic in 2012 and worked in a bakery.
01:03   Kadyrov defined the attackers as terrorists. The head
01:06   of the Chechen Republic also talked to the police officers
01:09   who stopped the attack, and thanked them for their service.
01:15   Local authorities opened a criminal investigation into the attack.

One thought on “Knife Jihad in Grozny

  1. Such a mess. They still have a tribal society there in the North Caucasus. They live in clans or “teips”.
    Kadyrov announced a blood feud against these clans.

    The USSR even had a special service to suppress these remnants of these primitive communities. In Russia, “Blood feud murder” is also included in the Criminal Code.
    But for some reason the Kremlin is silent and in no hurry to restore order.
    The parents of the Ingush killed in Grozny do not get in touch. Kadyrov announced “blood feud”

    The parents of two twin brothers – Timurzievs, killed during the incident on Putin Avenue in Grozny, have not been in touch for the third day. Immediately after the attack on the police, the parents of Khasan and Khussein Timurzievs were detained along with their young children. The police later released the three minors, but left their father, mother and older sister at the police station. Since then, Lydia Darsigova is the mother of the victims, Akhmetkhan Timurziev and 20-year-old Zareta Timurzieva have not been in touch…..

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