7 thoughts on “WRSA Returns

  1. Good deal. Updated my text file links list. I copy paste direct so there is no search engine middleman.
    Google, Fakebook and other CCP assets have no place on my machine.
    WRSA is a force multiplier hacking away at the root while others waste time on branches.
    [Word]press is bad news, used to have a music files blog before the 2012 purge and it would be connected in netstat hours after closing blog window.
    Be careful if you use Yippy browser it changes settings to maximum ads.

  2. Hi, I’ve written a news article about your racist site on TinyNews.com

    [URL redacted]

    • Please make sure to properly reference me as one of the main racists. I would be extremely disappointed if I was only a second or third tier disliker of orcs. I really do try to make my dislike of orcs as well known as possible.

      Belgium you hail from? I worry about that since I have a fondness for Belgium chocolates and once the islamists take over in a few years then I will have to make do with chocolates from elsewhere. But that is a minor issue compared to your troubles when you have to worry about your neighbor denouncing you for not praying loudly and visably enough multiple times a day, or what to do when Mohammad and his fifteen friends take a liking to your backside every other day. If you are female then all I can say is “you have it coming”.

    • Tiny Duck is that you!? Get back to your well worn copy of Das Kapital comrade.
      It is not in your interest to take on the Baron with your puny intellect and miniscule IQ .
      Go to the safe space with your teddy bear.

    • You are not the first and you won`t be the last.

      Let me guess: Right now you think you are the king of the world because you dared to do what nobody else tried to do.


    • Hi joyful dhimmi. I hope you’re stocking up on lube for the gangbangs coming your way. You might enjoy them.

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