The Veal Is Burnt, So You Must Die!

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from the German tabloid Bild:

Because the Veal Was Too Dark

A wild wooden slat fight in front of Döner snackbar ensued.

by Andreas Wegener
April 5, 2020

Mülheim an der Ruhr — Due to a wild brawl in front of a kebab snack bar, the police in Mülheim had to stop a dozen or so men from smashing the skulls of the salesmen!

Witnesses phoned in the emergency call at 8:30 on Saturday evening. When the first patrol cars arrived at the snack bar, it looked as though the mass brawl would spin out of control. Several men had armed themselves with wooden slats, one threw a trash can at an opponent! The officers pulled out their truncheons and kept order. Some of the culprits ran away.

Police spokeswoman Sylvia Czapiewski said: “Three of those involved ended up in hospital with minor injuries. We obtained the personal data of several participants and began an investigation for grievous bodily harm.” The slightly injured victims are 27, 29 and 54 years old.

3 thoughts on “The Veal Is Burnt, So You Must Die!

  1. Vibrant diversity über alles! Diversity is our strength.
    Forward to the glorious golden globalist Benetton rainbow utopia where all comrades ride on horny unicorns while singing hymns of praise to technocratic ‘expert’ overlords.
    Yes we can!

  2. Döner U know? The burquas are better at allahu snackbar. But read the safety data sheet first.

  3. As paradoxal it may sound, but this event shows that THEY will never cope with Us when the going gets rough. They have too short fuses and explode at the tiniest spark. When I take revenge it is cooly organised and comes as a surprise, even 35 years later, as experienced by someone who tried to take my wife back then.

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