Ecuador: Don’t Bring Out Your Dead

Residents of the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador are setting tires on fire in the streets to protest the fact that the bodies of people who died of the coronavirus are not being collected. People are sometimes left for days with corpses in their houses.

At first I wondered how the situation could have gotten so bad, considering that the death rate of the Wuhan Coronavirus is not much worse than that of the seasonal flu. Then I noticed the details: funeral homes are refusing to pick up the cadavers because they are afraid of being infected.

In other words, the situation is part of the general coronavirus hysteria.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

00:01   Good evening —Yes, good evening. The same or similar images we see in Guayaquil,
00:06   where the people are in the streets in spite of the emergency they are living in.
00:09   They continue to register images of cadavers of coronavirus victims
00:13   piled up in refrigerated trucks,
00:16   bodies however not identified; there are more dead
00:20   bodies in hospitals and without refrigeration.
00:26   This here smells of heavy loss of life.
00:30   Pure death. Unclaimed bodies. Lost bodies.
00:37   Without a Christian burial.
00:40   Without being taken care of. Like this.
00:46   This is outrageous, gentlemen.
00:51   Outrageous. —The desperation has caused some of the residents of Guayaquil
00:57   to try to call the attention of the authorities in this manner.
01:01   They want the bodies to be picked up that have been in homes for days. They are burning tires
01:05   like this to get the attention of the authorities, who reiterate
01:09   that the protective measures against Covid-19,
01:13   especially speaking of the massive isolation and the suspension of the workday,
01:17   have become complicated. The complicated issue, the issue of collecting
01:22   the cadavers. The reality is that in Guayaquil reports from families continue
01:27   in this same direction. Today the images are repeated.
01:31   For days, people have been living with the cadavers of their loved ones.
01:35   They demand proper attention and a proper burial.
01:39   It has to be remembered that the funeral companies don’t want to carry the remains for fear
01:42   of possible contagion. This is the scenario, the reality in this city in Ecuador.

Video transcript #2:

00:02   You already know watching this video. They are near my neighborhood,
00:06   burning in the streets because there is a dead person who is…
00:10   It’s already been three days and they (medical authorities )
00:14   still haven’t come to pick him up.
00:17   [Unintelligible] in Guasmo South (neighborhood) in Guayas y Quil Cooperative 2.
00:23   Right now, it is… Friday, April 3.
00:31   It is 1:51 in the afternoon.
00:35   The people can’t stand it anymore, and have called the authorities to come
00:39   take away the body, although they haven’t done so.

7 thoughts on “Ecuador: Don’t Bring Out Your Dead

  1. Have they started necklacing people yet or is that an African thing?

  2. Looks to be a continuation of the protests which began back on 10 October of 2019 over the ending of fuel subsidies and austerity measures begun by the Ecuadorean government. The protestors overran the capital and caused the government to relocate to another city. So of course there’s more to this story then is there not?

    My question then is why don’t those having dead bodies in their midst take them off themselves for burial like most communities have done for several millennia? Because in Ecuador the system is broken. Unclaimed and abandoned bodies have to be buried if for only the health of the community. I mean then go and demand for proper burial services by the government all your want. The local leaders meanwhile do nothing. This is just one sign of a failed society.

    I mean what healthy society leaves dead bodies to rot within it while protesting, demanding someone in the government for services? Are there not any real men instead of the children burning tires in the streets while dead bodies rot around them? Well then you have my sympathy, my pity and my disgust. Then this is the world you deserve I guess.

    • It is not just Ecuador. All over the world, people are becoming more dependent on governments to fix their problems. When there is a problem, instead of finding a solution themselves, people just cry “government fix this”, “government must do something about it”, “government must step up”.

      It is sad to see society being taken over by this “government as parent” mentality. This is just one example.

  3. Ecuadorians would be best served by expelling all Chinese. Look at a global WuFlu map and you will see their concentrations.

    • I agree. Expelling the Chinese would be a good idea. Too many of them tend to cause our Western freedom to collapse. See how they shamelessly demanding apology and censorship for every anti- Chinese comment.

  4. This is terrible. A rotting corpse in the house is a huge health hazard. I’d be in the streets, too–after taking time to bury my loved one myself.

  5. Hysteria is very much the wrong world.

    China was able to corral CV in Wuhan using brutal tactics available only in a totalitarian dictatorship. People were forcibly quarantined, to include official tape over doors. Break the tape seal (checked daily) and it’s off to a Q-camp, where nobody comes back. Even today, every comrade must carry a smart phone with a CCP / Covid app that shows your proximity to every other comrade and both of your Covid statuses.

    This is simply impossible in the free West, but Covid has been wrestled at least to a standstill in Italy and soon in Spain only because of the more relaxed (compared to China) Western stay-at-home quarantines, and with their first-world medical systems overrun. As it is there, over 60-65s often don’t get intubated: they get morphine. Triage in action. Thank God the USA mobilized a massive effort that has kept us ahead of the surge, even in NY and NJ. But it can only happen in a rich nation with a surplus of existing medical infrastructure.

    Guayaquil, Ecuador, (pop 3 million, “The Gateway to the Pacific Rim,” has neither the social/organizational control tools of Communist China, nor a fraction of Italy or Spain’s medical infrastructure. They do have more than a million people living packed in high-density slums with electricity and running water…just barely. The Guyaquil slums are Coronavirus in the wild, running free and unchecked.

    Why does this matter? As in Manila, we can expect to see Chinese “rescue” efforts soon. These “rescue” operations are going to be their increasing beachhead in South America. As Coronavirus spreads in the wild in South America, expect more Chinese “rescue” operations to follow.

    BTW, el presidente of Ecuador is named Lenin Moreno, a red-diaper socialist. You can bet he can’t wait for China to come in and help restructure Ecuador toward a more egalitarian (communist) model.

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