Coronavirus is Rockin’ the Projects

The following news report from Germany discusses the quarantining of two apartment buildings due to the presence of two COVID-positive families who failed to obey the social-distancing regulations.

The reporters don’t discuss ethnicity, but describe the residential area as “socially disadvantaged”. It’s hard to tell for certain from the long-range shots of the residents, but one suspects that the two apartment buildings may be significantly culturally enriched.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   It is a very unsettling Sunday in Grevenbroich, in North Rhine-Westphalia.
00:07   In two apartment buildings all the residents must be tested.
00:12   These buildings have been cordoned off, and one after another people are coming out.
00:17   BILD reporter Peter Poensgen is on location where this mass Corona test action is occurring.
00:23   Peter tells us why 400 are being tested, and how that will happen over the entire day.
00:30   There were two families, a total number of eight people who violated the quarantine rules.
00:39   They were infected with Corona, but the didn’t practice proper social distancing.
00:45   They met with neighbors and visited shopping centers in the area.
00:51   This has theoretically created a new chain of infection.
00:55   It is a very dramatic situation that affects 450 people
00:59   in a socially disadvantaged area. —So how exactly has it been organized that so many people
01:06   can be tested in one day? —The entire apartment complex was cordoned off with tape by
01:14   the health department very early this morning. No one is allowed to enter or leave. Tents have been
01:19   set up in the courtyard in front of the apartment buildings.
01:22   There 107 members of the German Red Cross,
01:25   several dozen employees from the office of public order and the health department are working.
01:30   They are moving from apartment to apartment and asking resident to come down to the courtyard
01:36   testing tents in order to take a Corona test. The results
01:40   will be available within two or three days.
01:43   For that reason the residents will not be able
01:46   to leave their apartment building for two to three days.
01:50   Both of the families that caused all this have been brought to a secure place.
01:57   I’ve heard that it is an empty hotel where they will be under supervision of the health department.
02:04   This why they will ensure that they will follow the social distancing rules
02:07   for the entirety of their confinement.
02:10   How are the other residents reacting to these measures? Are there some who reject the testing,
02:17   and others that are understanding? Above all,
02:20   how are they reacting to the two families that caused this situation?
02:23   There seem to be two versions of this story. According to the
02:27   city administration, residents are happy
02:31   that they have been warned and can be tested. This way they are able to have assurance that
02:34   their own health isn’t in danger. Just before there were several residents
02:38   and children standing on their balconies
02:41   and music could be heard. The atmosphere isn’t tense here in the apartment buildings.
02:46   However, I have had contact with residents through different channels,
02:50   who expressed that they weren’t happy
02:53   with the situation or how it developed. Some of them have pre-existing conditions and are at risk.
03:00   One of them said in such a socially disadvantaged area as these
03:04   apartment buildings, the health department
03:07   should have strictly supervised whether or not the quarantine rules
03:11   were being followed. The mayor of the city said
03:15   that it would have been completely impossible to supervise quarters
03:20   and areas differently according to their social status.
03:25   Each day infected individuals receive phone calls
03:29   from the health department and everything is under control,
03:33   more or less. During such a call last Friday it became apparent
03:37   that neither of these families were practicing proper
03:41   social distancing. This shows that the present control infrastructure works.
03:47   Thank you very much, Peter Poensgen.

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  1. a local paper here reported that those 450 inhabitants are from 40 various national backgrounds. Translation: they are 90% muslims.( ” they weren’t happy”) which they are nowhere outside of the umma.

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