Damage to Catalonia (Again)

Last weekend I posted about the broadcast of the Ramadan call to prayer from the cathedral in the Catalonian city of Lleida.

I asked our Catalonian correspondent Pampasnasturtium to look into the incident and see if he could learn anything more. Here’s the report he sent:

To start with, I made a cursory search, and the mohammedan call to prayer in Lleida doesn’t seem to have been covered by the Catalan mainstream media online journals.

I also checked the web pages of El Periódico and La Vanguardia (for Spanish), and El Nacional and Ara (for Catalan), for example, and no coverage, either.

It seems to only have been covered by so-called “right-wing” outlets. Here is some additional pertinent information:

1.   The political composition of the municipal coalition government in Lleida:

  • Partly ERC (‘Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya’, EU suck-ups, globalism-loving leftists) and
  • Partly JxCat (‘Junts per Catalunya’, disoriented residual right/centrists, former Christian Democrats),
  • With ‘En Comú Podemos’ (extreme left, Iran-loving, Maduro-loving communists, basically antifa) barely represented.

No surprises then that the town council authorized such jihad/dawah activities via loudspeakers.

2.   Sandra Castro is Lleida’s ‘councillor for education, cooperation, rights and feminisms’ [sic], an ‘LGTBIQ+ activist’ (as per her own description on Twitter bio), and county secretary for the Republican Left of Catalonia.

She tweeted this. Her caption reads:

Goosebumps, beautiful and very emotional, to listen to the call to Ramadan from the Baluard de la Reina (fortress walls). This year, they’ll live it in confinement, without being able to hold community prayers. To all of the Muslim community of Lleida, #RamadanMubarak @dretscivilsll @afersreligiosos

The account that re-tweets this obscenity reminds its readers of the public positions she holds (as described above), and that (as per the caption):

‘Last year she proposed to turn the pubilla* into something else because they were anachronistic and male supremacist.’

Fortunately, if I recall correctly, that project was dismissed after sparking much outrage.


*   A pubilla… in ancestral Catalan tradition was the female that would inherit the whole rural estate in the absence of a brother.

My first “Damage to Catalonia” post was in February 2019.

10 thoughts on “Damage to Catalonia (Again)

  1. All of those posts will be self-incriminating evidence when the West finally gets around to hanging the globalist and islamist traitor fifth column scum.

  2. “… because they were anachronistic and male supremacist.”

    You just can’t make this up. One gotta be either extreme leftist, activist in XYZ, or just plain stupid “dumb-as-a-doorknob” to utter this.
    Or maybe not. Maybe there is a grand plan behind these people and their apparent imbecile statements, because … can they really be so dumb?

    Time will tell.

    • A consequence of allowing morons the vote.

      I am starting to think that monarchy is preferable to the mess that democracy inevitably turns into.

      • I have been thinking about democracy – the one we have come to eventually in 2020 – in a similar vein. Monarchy with an enlightened emperor – why not. The bar for such a person (or his whole family) is set quite high, though. Not sure how the contemporary degenerated nobility (or rather remnants thereof) would be able to lead and govern – certain Carlos of Albion comes to mind …

        Oh well. Lock and load – perhaps using this way too often and may sound ominous. But it appears to emerge as a solution to many vices there are: catharsis always makes sense.

      • Are you sure that we live under democracy here in the west?
        Is it more appropriate to call it parliamentary dictatorship?
        It is our fault that we do not have really a democracy,because the stupid have a right to vote.
        The politicians during their campaign they usually promise to serve the people,that means they are our servants,but when they are elected they become our masters,and what we do? we vote for them again,because we are stupid.
        You know,stupidity governs the world,the majority are the stupid and they harm not only themselves but also the majority.

        But as for the Democracy not even in Athens lasted for long.
        Thukidides writes in his “Peloponnesian War” that …in name was Democracy but actually it was one man’s rule” i.e Pericles’ rule.

        Actually father of Democracy was Kleisthenes an aristocrat and not Pericles,both from the same aristocratic House.
        Kleisthenes in coming election in order to win his opponent Isagora and to win the people(demos)kleisthenes promised to the Athenians what today we call democracy.
        This was the birth of Democracy but it did not last for long.

        Now we have parliamentary democracy,which means that we are given something to deceive us
        and to believe that we have democracy but we have not,and some of us are satisfied with this. Aren’t we stupid or not?

        There is a book by Carlo M. Cipola “The basic Laws of Human Stupidity”,translated into English.

      • This is where Heinlein really got it right, let only those with military service be citizens with the right to vote, and it will solve a significant amount problems overnight.

  3. I can’t quite believe that the Spanish are allowing this reconquista! They had 6 centuries of Moorish rule and finally slung them out. Are they not being taught in school about those time? The Jizya, the pressure to convert? He who will not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.

  4. Where the hell is Franco when you really need him most!??? Now there was a guy who knew how to deal with communists and bloody muslims with a vengeance!

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