Austrian Policeman Draws His Gun on a Jogger

After the ChiCom flu crisis began in earnest, when the lockdowns started, we saw the emergence of a police state as the standard government response. Or, in the case of most of Western Europe, the intensification of an already existing police state.

In the following video you’ll see an Austrian jogger’s encounter with cop who draws his service weapon on the unarmed citizen. The fellow’s “crime” was to go jogging in an empty park with his dog during the lockdown. The policeman evidently felt threatened by the unleashed dog. Beagles, after all, have a reputation as really, really dangerous animals…

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   You are walking with a dog without a leash. OK. Your last name?
00:04   [?] Philipp. Philipp is the last name. —Stay there.
00:08   OK. Happy to. Why do I have to identify myself?
00:15   [?] —Philipp. —With double “L”? —Philipp with one “L” and a double “P” at the end.
00:25   Is there some concern? —Date of birth? —November 22, 1981.
00:32   These gentlemen are following me on the Donauinsel with their weapons drawn,
00:35   and there’s not a soul here far and wide, because my dog, look at his size, wasn’t on a leash.
00:39   These guys with a pulled weapon. —Just remember, we are people. Police officers are people.
00:47   Yeah, right, you’re supposed to guard your weapon as a police officer
00:51   and not pull it for every s***… you were aiming at my back,
00:55   and threatened me with a weapon. I’m not so sure being a police officer is the right job for you.
00:59   Where do you live? —On the Stromstraße 36-38, 1810.
01:04   Unbelievable. —You’re registered at the Gymnastenstraße.
01:08   It is a city property that has three addresses.
01:19   A police officer [?], how old are you anyway? —That’s not even your dog?
01:25   Why didn’t you tell us, and when the police are after you?
01:30   Why should the police be after me on the Donauinsel, because there’s not one person here, why not?
01:37   Because he barked at someone once, are you kidding me? You can’t be serious.
01:49   We are going to check the dog’s chip ID data and… —Go ahead.
01:57   We’ll check the dog’s identification through the police HQ. —Can I go with the dog now, or not?
02:01   We’re going to go this way, over there.

16 thoughts on “Austrian Policeman Draws His Gun on a Jogger

    • Exactly ! They never give up Totalitarian,Ubermensch mentality..
      Austrian commie-fascists….

  1. Not like there are any illegal african rapists and drug dealers skulking about that they could arrest. Maybe they already took care of all of those so now there is plenty of time for using idle police assets to harrass joggers? Or more likely it is the knowledge they are perfectly safe from any physical violence from harrassing their own ethnic citizens? African savages after all are known to carry weapons and fight back when police try to apprehend them so better to go pick on someone who is unarmed and not likely to resist.

    • One word: unbelievable!!!, on the own people!!!, where all this criminals parasites illegal in the country, reaping, murdering Europeans, speechless totally speechless, I tough Germany is only insane under Merkel regime, but Austria!!!!??

      • Don’t be fooled by Kurz, he is only pandering to the Visegrad nations and Austrias right wing outwardly but thats only because Austria is so far down road the replacement agenda. Austria has the third highest-migrant population in Europe by percentage after Switzerland and Swede, and Austrians are waking up — the frog has to be boiled slowly to keep it from jumping out of the pot.

    • you may not be aware, but in Austria, they breed Killer-Beagles, trained to just attack the throat of uniformed people.🤣

    • Everyone knows beagles are dangerous. And that they can fly. Didn’t you see what one kept trying to do to the Red Baron?

  2. If an Austrian girl was being gang raped by a dozen African Moslem “immigrants” it would take a week for the police to show up, and they would arrest the girl for a bias crime.

  3. He’s in training for the new sprawling ghettos. The upcoming white ones that is. Insurrection? Revolution? A more patriotic framework?

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