Love in the Time of Coronavirus, Round 3

Based on media reports, America is in a state of hysteria over the Wuhan Coronavirus. I haven’t experienced any of it personally, however, perhaps because this is the remote hinterland of the Virginia Piedmont, where the hysteria has yet to penetrate. Intuition tells me the amount of hysteria over the disease is directly proportional to the population of a city or town, and I live in a completely rural area, far from even a small town.

I went to a St. Patrick’s Day Party last night. Two of the ladies who hosted it are in their eighties, and it was attended mostly by geezers, with just a couple of younger fellows in the crowd. There was no hugging this time, and less hand-shaking than usual. I shook a couple of hands when offered; I’m not worried about such things. Perhaps I should be, but I’m not.

Any elbow-bumping at the party was done ironically or in jest. But I did see some “Namaste” gestures among the guests.

There was some discussion about the Great Plague, especially the cancellation of church services and Friday’s ukase from Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam ordering the closure of public schools for two weeks. But there was plenty of normal talk, too — local politics and events, family news, the telling of jokes and old stories, etc. No sign of hysteria. The two women in their eighties — who have COPD — are aware that they’re in a high-risk group. But they don’t seem to be worrying about the coronavirus any more than I am.

After I had collected my plates and containers (I had brought finger food) and was saying my good-byes, I told them that I would let them know if I came down with the coronavirus. They said they would greatly appreciate that…

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  1. I live in Montgomery county Texas, a rural area but bordering several population centers and it’s just north of Houston – the epicenter for Wuhanvirus in Texas. Someone in my county has already been confirmed to have it. When I went to buy groceries three weeks back at my local Kroger, most of the canned foods, flour, rice, and especially water bottles and toilet paper were gone.

    • Yeah, need lots of toilet paper to wipe one’s anus after having an empty belly for a week due to blowing all one’s disposable income on toilet paper instead of food.

  2. Local and state governments are starting to take draconian measures. We are losing liberties at an accelerating pace, and I’m not confident anything lost will be recovered soon. They’re getting serious in metro areas, and there are no brakes. Help!

    • Yes, with only 37 cases in the state, all schools, restaurants with sit-down capabilities, and gyms were closed. The governor of Ohio is an idiot. He claims he is preventing deaths, but with the known incidence of the disease he is being hysterical and probably political. I am sheltering in place, but I am 77 with heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease. Teenagers and children are going to the grocery with their parents. So what good is closing schools? There is a complete lack of thinking about this problem. The backlash will be horrible when people are chagrinned at all the reaction to a minor problem. ”

  3. The Left has destroyed their credibility by downplaying the danger Islam poses to the world. You can ruin yours by downplaying the virus.

  4. After coronovirus life will not be the same again.

    What we the Greeks have to say when we are going to face coronovirous and a war with this barbarian mongols who are our neighbours?
    Thanks God we are used for so many centuries in adversities.

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