Impeachment Meets Sennacherib

We are currently in the midst of the most insane political season that I can remember. It’s not just the USA, but the impeachment circus is the Greatest Show on Earth at this point, so that’s what JLH has spotlighted in his latest pastiche.

Impeachment Meets Sennacherib

by JLH, with apologies to the shade of Lord Byron

The Democrats came down like lemmings in heat,
And the might of their anger would brook no retreat;
And the glare of their fury was like fire in the brush,
And the heat of their hate turned their minds into mush.

Like ants in an anthill when summer is warm,
Like termites mindlessly forming a swarm;
Like hyenas circling what they think is half dead.
They carelessly created their own end instead.

For the Spirit of Truth and the obvious facts
Blew through the lies and inventions so fast,
That the troika of traitors who’d chosen this task
Stood forth in the klieg lights, unaware and unmasked.

The Fatman, the Pipe Cleaner, Cruella Deville,
Who wished no one good and everyone ill,
Intoned and squeaked and flew ‘round on a broom,
Mindlessly causing their own allies’ doom.

And the iceberg of treason to sink the ship of state
Passed through Hurricane Donald to a well-deserved fate.
Its melting portends a political tsunami
To wash away the corrupt, the banal and the commie.

6 thoughts on “Impeachment Meets Sennacherib

  1. And let’s not forget the fervent prayer,
    To God Almighty our nation to spare
    the terrible consequences these folks intend
    while our hard-earned tax dollars they gleefully spend.

  2. Beautiful ! Reading this highest point and historical pinnacle of real Poetry for future generations and History of Humanity , make me spell fine Georgian,Shiraz red wine all over my Sunday white shirt !! I will frame this shirt and hung on the wall as a testimony of your Poetic skills..and as a testimony defeated Evil Nancy demonic abominations and her minions..
    To whom and what address shall i send a bill for the cost of framing ?

  3. I believe Bernie will be the Democrat nominee.

    If so, the maybe important to know that Faiz Shakir, a Muslim, is his campaign manager.

    In Iowa, Abshir Omar, was his political coordiantor.

    …and of course Nation Of Islam lover Linda Sarsour, AOC, Omar and Tlaib are crazy about Bernie.

    Anything anyone can dig up here concerning Bernie’s ties to Islam at GoV might be helpful as we approach November.

  4. Epic poem. This kabuki theater of the absurd is just another feature and not a bug of Clown World.
    Even the true believers are unhappy with San Fran Nan. I have some family members who are hardcore democrats that would vote for Bozo the Clown if he had a D after his name.
    They say that they hate Schiff and Pelosi now. It is probably because the not so dynamic duo failed because they are fully onboard with the Trump-Putin 2020 stickers and other hogwash.

  5. [Baron Bodissey] pointed out that democracy could only function in a relatively homogenous society of equivalent individuals. He described a district dedicated to democracy where the citizenry consisted of two hundred wolves and nine hundred squirrels. When zoning ordinances and public health laws were put into effect, the wolves were obliged to live in trees and eat nuts. (Araminta Station, Chapter 5)

  6. Now that London is secured the sacks of cash are moving into the countryside. Castles and country houses for sale for the right tonnage of cash deposited outside anywhere it might be discoverable. I imagine there will be all kinds of private security forces abounding to make sure the natives don’t get to see too much.

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