Stuttgart: City of Swords

Stuttgart is no stranger to violent criminality involving swords. Long-time readers will recall the murder by sword that occurred in the city last summer, when the victim was dispatched in front of his apartment building by his culture-enriching flatmate.

The perp in this latest incident is also a culture-enricher, but probably not a Muslim, since he is described as a Serb.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

This article about the incident from Pforzheimer Zeitung (also translated by MissPiggy) doesn’t mention the sword aspect:

Fatal shots after a traffic accident in Stuttgart!

According to police, a Serb (32) was driving a silver car in the Stuttgart-Vaihingen district on Saturday morning at about 12:40am, attracting the attention of other road users due to his unsafe driving style.

The 32-year-old then turned into a roundabout against the direction of travel, grazed a building wall and crashed head-on into an advertising pillar, which was completely destroyed.

Video transcript:

00:00   Attack after car accident in Stuttgart — Man attacks with a 70cm (27 inch) blade — Shot by police!
00:03   It was witnesses who called the police.
00:06   The man fled the scene with someone else once the police arrived.
00:09   According to the police, officers spoke with the driver, but then he attacked them.
00:15   He used a sword-like object with a 70cm (27 inch) long blade.
00:24   …with a sword-like object…
00:30   The officers tried to stop the man, attacking him
00:33   with pepper spray, but it had no effect on him, police said. After that,
00:37   the perpetrator was shot. The 32-year-old had already been noticed by police because of his
00:40   unsafe manner of driving. He drove in the wrong direction around a traffic circle and then crashed
00:45   head-on into an advertising pillar. The driver died
00:49   from his gunshot wounds after arriving in the hospital.
00:52   A criminal investigation is ongoing.
01:03   A search of the 32-year-old Serb’s apartment resulted in the seizure of two gas pistols, a crossbow,
01:06   and another sword. An autopsy of the deceased is scheduled for Sunday.
01:09   Stuttgart: City of Swords
01:12   Brutal Attack in Stuttgart — Man stabbed in the street with a sword — July 31, 2019
01:15   The Blood Bath of Stuttgart
01:19   Attack after car accident in Stuttgart — Man attacks with a 70cm (27 inch) blade — Shot by police!
01:22   The Müller family is taking a trip to Stuttgart / Business suit, the “Stuttgart” design.

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  1. good riddance, congrats to the cops. Serb, Bosnian, muslims….hmm, one common denominator comes to my mind: short fuse!
    I remember the 70 ies when we played soccer on sunday mornings on a shared turf. Occasionally we played with Jougoslaves(s.o.)
    When THEY played foul ( unnecessairy and unfair)and you complained, you had them on your throat. They could not stand any criticism.

  2. Muslims should not have driver’s licenses- yeah even the Muslimas. I mean how can they see with that black bag over their head?

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