Axes and Pitchforks on the Streets of Bochum

Once again, there is no mention of cultural enrichment in the following report from Die Welt. All we know is that the alleged perpetrators were from “southeastern Europe”. To me that says “Bosnians or Albanians”, but, hey — I’m an Islamophobe.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation:

Homicide Investigation

Mass brawl in front of a supermarket in Bochum, Germany — Several fugitives were arrested at a rest stop.

With axes, pitchforks and baseball bats: Up to 30 people were involved in a brawl in a supermarket car park — three people are in hospital. A homicide squad is investigating.

A violent scene took place on a supermarket parking lot in Bochum: Several people attacked each other — there was at least one seriously injured person. Police arrested 13 people after the brawl.

A police spokesman said on Sunday that a homicide squad had been set up. During the fight, 20 to 30 people attacked each other with objects.

A police spokesman said on Monday that six cars had been seized, some of them severely damaged, in which “striking tools” such as baseball bats and pitchforks had been found.

“Probably no accidental clash”

According to the first investigative reports, the 20 to 30 men from southeastern Europe involved belonged to two groups that had probably agreed to take part in the brawl. “It probably wasn’t an accidental encounter.”

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    No, not Bosnian or Albanian, the Bochum police report above talks of “two rival Romanian groupings”, i.e. Gypsy.

    One of the few non-Wokeness comments on the Wikipedia Talk page on “anti-ziganism” reads, with in my view laudable irony:

    “It would seem that every conceivable interaction between a designated Victim group and the majority is a form of oppression, inclusive of both assimilation and self-segregation.”

    • “Romanians” have been the biggest migrant group to Germany Post-2016 so that doesn’t surprise me

      • Were did you read it?I dont think so…
        Also real Romanians came,but i can say i never heard that they made trouble.Even i never meet a real Romanian but saw a lot of Gyp.

        Also 700000 germans from Romania came to germany.When they gone they selled their homes for little money to Gypsis.Some time later all was destroyed…also Gyp. dont like homes were somebody died(they burn the Bed etc. of the deads!And even a German court allowed it for them in Germany-when it is forbidden for all other Non Gyp.!)so when somebody died they gone to the next house…

  2. Merely for info, as Bulibascha and Ian Malcolm seem to be at cross-purposes:

    Bulibascha’s”Germans from Romania” (probably: Rumäniendeutsche) is a reference to ethnic Germans whose ancestors migrated to what is now Romania centuries ago and maintained separate identity and folkways and settlement areas. They have been migrating “back” to Germany for some years now.

    Gypsy/Romanian: the history of how gypsies (Zigeuner, a word that now in Germany is equivalent to using the word “negro” in the USA; the PC term is “Sinti und Roma”) are recorded in German population and police statistics is long and conflicted.

    Bulibascha is describing ethnicities and not passports and may not have seen the quote marks around “Romanian “used by Ian Malcolm , Ian Malcolm seems to be quoting German official data based on passports.

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