No Room for the AfD in Hamburg!

Bernd Lucke is a former leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) and was one of its founders. A few days ago Mr. Lucke was met with vigorous demonstrations when attempting to deliver a lecture at the University of Hamburg. The protesters were so noisy and persistent that he eventually had to give up on the lecture.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this RT clip, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:08   …has declared the AfD to be diverse. [Sign] No Platform for AfD Enablers
00:16   …leadership achieved that the AfD within a short time became a collection tank…
00:22   First of all, it is important to send a signal
00:25   against the form of politics that Mr. Lucke represents,
00:29   neoliberalism, and its consequence which is anti-solidarity, which would undermine the
00:38   doctrine of teaching as well as the financing the universities etc., and solidarity in Europe.
00:44   Lucke threw the snowball that started the right-wing avalanche
00:48   (Erich Kästner 1958) No Room for Political Arsonists.
00:52   What motivates me is that I am really afraid that especially teaching and education
00:58   are influenced by right-wing and neoliberal concepts.
01:04   [Signs] Grandmas against the Right
01:13   Although Mr. Lucke is no longer in the AfD,
01:16   he is largely responsible for how the AfD first opened up
01:20   to right-wing tendencies, and then he later allowed it to radicalised.
01:29   It is to be expected that he will try to influence
01:34   through his field of expertise, macroeconomics,
01:38   and we are strongly opposed to this way of influencing the students.
01:43   [Signs] Grandmas against the Right / Nazis out!
01:47   We are the generation, the post-war generation, and some of us
01:51   also had teachers who were fascists originally,
01:54   during the Third Reich, and we fought very hard against that.
01:58   And I think it is unbearable that our grandchildren’s
02:01   generation today once again has professors here who have similar thoughts and are teaching.
02:19   Mr. Lucke can be accused of some things, but one certainly
02:25   can’t say he’s a racist. I won’t make that statement,
02:33   but to go so far say that now right-wing radical tendencies will develop at the university
02:40   because Mr. Lucke returns to teach, that would be absurd.

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  1. Stupidity, brainwashed, with no borders, they don’t see in their own eyes what’s is really going on in this country???, they leaving under Merkel regime, what a stupid people…

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