Onan in the Driver’s Seat

What is it with Swedes and buses this week?

This latest story could give a whole new meaning to the word “busjacking”…

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

By the way — there’s no indication in this report of cultural enrichment. However, Muslim immigrants to Europe are notorious for this kind of behavior, so I wouldn’t bet against it.

Video transcript:

00:00   When I got on board I sat the at very front of the bus.
00:03   He [the driver] was nice and welcoming
00:08   It was when the bus started to move I noticed something was wrong.
00:16   I saw he was doing it with himself.
00:19   He took down his pants a little bit and I saw… umm!
00:22   He noticed that I saw him, but at the same time he was looking at me and smiling.
00:30   He kept laughing and looking at me the whole time.
00:34   He was barely looking at the road.
00:37   I was shocked, of course, and told myself, “This can’t be happening!
00:41   I don’t even want to imagine this happening.” Then I watched; it was [obviously] seen.
00:46   Therefore I started to film him for a few seconds.
00:50   He noticed that I was filming him.
00:53   It was then he started to cover himself to avoid being seen.
00:57   When I stopped filming him he just continued as before.
01:01   I got off the bus and ran home.
01:04   I called my mother and told her what happened.
01:07   Then I reported it. He doesn’t work there anymore.

2 thoughts on “Onan in the Driver’s Seat

  1. Muslim guys do it underwater in swimming pools all over Germany. Frauleins, you are swimming in Jizlim.

  2. Then I reported it. He doesn’t work there anymore.

    – One day things will be different and not in a good way. These people are a minority and yet they are treated like children. One day they will be a significant voting bloc and in a PR system they will have representatives. Then what are you going to do?

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