8 thoughts on “Young Folks at Home

  1. I think is wrong.
    Home is there where you belong and they love to have you in.
    I do get your message…anyway.
    I grew up in a communist country.
    I was formed as a mature man in a communist country.
    Life was hard…but even so…everybody, inclusive communist elites agreed that “where is one of a kind, there is less power…where are few of the same kind, their power grows.”
    That was a patriotic communism. We learned to defend what is ours and fight against foreign aggression.
    Defend your family, your land, your country, your friends.
    Fight against those who want the heads of your family or your friends.
    West Europe, 30 years later. We are no longer permitted to say what is ours. We are not even permitted to defend ourselves, our families, our friends.

    • And honestly speaking…in the west…we don’t even want to claim what is ours. We don’t want to defend our families or friends. How can you dream to win a war, when you surrender before the war starts ?

    • Stefan,

      Some historians I’m reading now suggest there is a critical variable in how large the region of governance it. For example, Jefferson thought the ideal size for a self-governing republic was roughly 30,000 – 100, 000 people. Any larger, and it becomes less a representative republic, with power residing in either an imperial ruler or a large, unaccountable bureaucracy.

      Even a small communist country can agree on protecting the community. The super-large mega-states, the EU, the US get entangled in an oligarchy of either bureaucracy or judicial or both, absolutely not taking into account the wishes of the people.

  2. I’ll paraphrase something said by the father of a jerk I once knew:

    We brought you into this New World … and we can take you out of it.

  3. Now , be prepare to Africa, leaders “ traitors “ have beautiful surprise for Europe, Merkel, Mass , Macron , “rescue” “ Refugees “ from Libya , soon all this Africans will be near you city or towns all over Germany, France and some different countries, This countries a over , they start importing whole Africa, under “ rescue “ operations, unbelievable how people are blind to see what’s really going on , this continent will be totally destroyed in next 10 years , ..

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