Stasi Snitches Are in Your Refrigerator…

…and also in your garbage.

German parents now have to be worried about being turned in for crimes against the Earth — their children have ways of making them environmentally conscientious.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Now come the fruits and vegetables. —Phillip is searching for “climate sins” at home.
00:05   The refrigerator inspection is still missing from his checklist. —The cucumber is from Germany.
00:10   Is that good? —Yes. —Long distance transportation is bad for the climate,
00:15   that’s what Phillip learned. And what about the carrots? —It doesn’t say.
00:24   What? —Israel. —Israel. Not so good.
00:30   His climate check book is nearly full. In total, he has 27 assignments to accomplish.
00:35   He receives stamps for completed work in school.
00:39   Phillip and his classmates at Holzlar elementary school work three hours a week
00:43   on the topic of the environment.
00:47   If you want to go to the city, then use your bike.
00:50   Sort your garbage, sure, that’s working wonderfully.
00:54   I’m Leah. —I’m Stella. —I’m Sophia.
00:58   These three are rehearsing for their presentation about saving electricity with many tips.
01:04   For example, don’t buy electric salt and pepper dispensers. That’s really unnecessary.
01:10   And there’s another tip. We you leave the house with all the appliances on,
01:17   that uses a lot of electricity.
01:23   Just like Phillip, all his classmates are “Climate Protectors”.
01:28   A girl from our class used to shower for 30 minutes, now it is only five minutes.
01:32   I’m trying to use my scooter a bit more to come to school instead of using a car.
01:39   When I brush my teeth, I don’t use the water so long as I used too.
01:43   I’m trying to get up a little earlier so I can take the bus to school.
01:51   Their teacher Ms. Kathrin G. is proud of her students’ ideas.
01:58   The climate licence is a small check card that should be carried in a wallet.
02:03   That means, if the children are at the Rhine river and see someone littering they can stop them
02:08   and say, “Hello, I’m a climate ambassador and I ask you to clean up your garbage.”
02:16   The last group assignment for today is to plant herbs and berries in the school garden.
02:23   The air is cleaned by the plants, by their leaves.
02:31   Phillip and his classmates receive their climate licence at the end of the project.
02:38   They seem to really happy about that. Our guest is Sebastian Jenal, good evening.
02:42   Actually, you are better know in Bonn as the comic artist “Ozi”, good evening.
02:46   Good evening. —You developed this “Climate Licence” concept along with the civic foundation.
02:50   From the report, the children appeared fired up about it and very proud to take part, right?
02:54   They really have a lot of fun doing it; that’s my impression. —You were at the school today.
02:58   What did you do there? —Well, part of the project is that I work with the children in the school.
03:04   We draw the characters together, Bo and the mouse, to develop a new point of reference.
03:10   We did that this morning at the school with just saw. I drew the comic figures with 75 students.
03:17   We briefly saw it in the film we just watched. Here it is. That’s what we saw.
03:22   There’s so much to do in there. The comic figures are there. Games and riddles to solve.
03:26   How receptive are the children to all of this climate information?
03:31   Very receptive. First of all, they have fun being climate detectives investigating their world.
03:37   That is the main point of it all. It also encourages a positive exchange with parents,
03:47   to bring the topic home and perhaps create some conflict to force them to do things this way.
03:53   Children could ask their parents if it is really necessary to drive so fast on the highway.
03:56   And so on. It encourages children to bring up the topic on their own and to develop
04:00   a wealth of knowledge which makes them “little experts”. —You could see that at the refrigerator
04:05   inspection with “Where do the cucumbers come from, where do the carrots come from?”
04:09   Based on the motto, “importing fruit and vegetables from the other side of the earth isn’t
04:12   quite right.” You started this project, how did that come about? —There used to be a school
04:18   newspaper for all schools in Bonn, called “From Students For Students”. I was asked to make a
04:22   comic strip for one page. It was a story based on different climate protection topics, and so
04:28   successful that the civic foundation decided to develop the idea further, which resulted in the
04:33   concept for the climate license. —This has already been around a couple of years, which means the
04:38   very first students received their climate licenses
04:41   six or seven years ago and are probably participating in
04:44   the Fridays for Future demonstrations, right? —I sure hope so. Yes, I attend the demonstrations
04:48   and look around to see if I recognise anyone. —And did that happen? Did you see anyone?
04:53   Actually, I think it was the other way around; I was recognised. — Thank you, Sebastian Jenal,
04:57   or better said, our comic artist “Ozi”. Thank you for this information about the civic foundation
05:03   and the climate license for the elementary school students. —Thank you.

26 thoughts on “Stasi Snitches Are in Your Refrigerator…

  1. Can we have the Stasi back? They weren’t as pervasive or as effective in their brainwashing.

  2. A legion of Torquemada tots soon to come of age
    and bedevil the world with their totalitarian masters
    intemperate inquisitions.

  3. So it is verboten to import vegetables from Israel, but no restrictions on importing two-legged rats from africa and other islamic cesspools? Seems that one cannot use “common sense” and “German” in the same sentence without “lack of” or “no”…

  4. Come on kids, wash yourself in your own spit, the elite needs their private jets to fly to their private pristine beach and if you not live a modest life, how can they enjoy theirs?

  5. Children getting to school under their own steam instead of having to be driven by the parents–good. Children not running water more than they have to–good. Children learning to do the right thing with their litter–good. Children passing judgment on their parents or bossing other people about–absolutely not!

    • Yes, the common sense and decency is good, but politicizing in the name of environmentalism and the worship of Mother Gaia is not good at all. The best example of this straight-line thinking is the review of the source of the carrots, “If they come from Israel that’s too far away and that’s bad (from Israel or too much energy in transporting them?).” What is missed is how carrots grow best, sandy soil. The Imperial Valley in California which is watered by what’s left of the Colorado River grows the biggest and best carrots in the world because the sandy soil allows the carrots to grow as bit as they want to. They probably grow carrots in MC’s neighborhood as well, except MC has to watch out for those Jihad Bunnies that are let loose to despoil his crop. BTW, 30 minutes in t he shower is excessive, but are you clean after 5 minutes? Okay, so what’s next, being told that goose-stepping in a khaki SA uniform is good exercise?

      • Five minutes is a great time in the shower. After wet, soap and rinse, what’s left? Any more time is simply daydreaming. Better to stay in bed for the difference in time, and get some real dreaming in.

    • How would you rate children being taught to approach strangers in the street and converse with them? Just the right thing to help socialize alien immigrants, no?

      • Not to socialize alien invaders so much as to ensure they have a steady supply of new virgins to rape.

      • dangerous behavior, seeing as who and what is out there that has been welcomed into Germany (Germ many with all the foreigners who are bringing their infections with them).

  6. Importing fruits and veggies from the other side of the earth is not good, eh? So…against globalization? Asking the parents to drive slower…in Germany, home of the no speed limit autobahn? That should go over well. Buying from Israel is bad? Hmm implanting a subtle bit of anti Semitism, aren’t we? From the country that brought us the Holocaust no less…
    There are some good ideas in there but somehow the concept of ‘little experts’ confronting/educating parents is just a bad idea. What does the school do with the info in the ‘license’? Getting folks accustomed to a mechanism for reporting on non compliant adults?

    • Good points, Bastet, though I understand car ownership per capita in Germany is higher than the UK, yet fewer Germans than Brits commute by car (better- more heavily subsidised- public transport?) The basic idea is worthy if you ignore the spying, and fresh fruit and vegetables (and especially flowers) should probably not be flown around the planet, from Israel or elsewhere.

  7. I am here beside myself because this is just too disgusting. This is exactly what the Soviet Socialists, the German National Socialists, the Communist Chinese all did. This is the proof for any society that their “educators” are nothing more then mostly nihilistic traitors to those they live amongst. Instead of teaching children what they should never do instead they teach them to do evil against their own families. Look at it. They are creating the next generation of the disciples of the Soviet Socialists, the German National Socialists and Communist Chinese.

    This just never, ever will go completely away from us. It’s a returning plague that revives itself every other generation because there’s nobody left who remembers the last cataclysm it wreaked upon the earth. And Germany still retains the laws enacted under their last dictator against Home Schooling. Now you can see why. The same people still rule over Germany as they do over most other countries.

    “Give me just one generation of youth and I’ll transform the whole world” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924)

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” – Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)

  8. When you turn appliances and computers and TVs on and off throughout the day, there are minute variations in current, voltage, and phase in your power mains. These can be read and recorded and deciphered…so children are not needed.

  9. Notice the cultural Marxist underpinning of the whole enterprise.

    Children are taught not objective facts, but the environmentalist dogma, without reasoning, which they are taught to use to confront their parents. The whole thrust is, what you learn at school is correct, giving you the duty to confront your parents. In other words, break the parent-child bonding.

    The children receive school credit for inspecting their parents home and making a checklist. It seems reasonable to infer the checklist has to be turned in as proof of the assignment. So, the school, and possibly the government, authorities now have checklists of the parents compliance with mythical environmental standards. The checklists should be useful in dealing with any parents who rock the boat of the cultural Marxist educational bureaucrats.

    There might be some who put two and two together: if imported products are bad, then locally-made products supporting the indigenous, native German suppliers are good. Completely open foreign markets are a means to dissolve local industry. The logic doesn’t quite jibe with globalism, but for anyone who notices the disparity, there are always the checklists to smooth things out.

    The whole exercise is merely a passing on of theological orthodoxy. There is no discussion or whether foreign importation is actually more expensive than domestic production. They are pushing the virtue of more plants, while fighting the emission of carbon dioxide, which is the greatest fertilizer in existence. Like US colleges, you are actually more likely to be stupider coming out than you were going in.

    • Yes. That is an element of the world religion still being taught in todays schools.

      Anyone remember the 1010 ‘No Pressure’ commercial around eight years ago? It was another display of the theo-political eco-facism being foisted on the general public in those days. It suggested that you either cut your production of the CO2 gas necessary for plant photosynthesis or someone would execute you or your children by the simple press of a red button.

      That was their actual message they presented. Everyone should look it up and watch it as a reminder of the totalitarian death cult that wants to transform every child on the planet into the “international child of the future”.

      “Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our Founding Fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It’s up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well by creating the international child of the future.” – Harvard psychiatrist Chester M. Pierce (1927-2016) at the 1973 Childhood International Education Seminar in Denver, Colorado.

  10. Only the language differs with what goes on in the U.S. Still, the Germans do have a special gift for self-destruction.

  11. Of course, make the little anti-Semites afraid of climate change while the Musilmen take-over. By the time they hit 20 they will be so confused they will convert without question, or more likely jump into ovens already being prepared for them.

    • I think that I’ve finally figured out how they’ll arrange for mass conversions. It’s a bit off-topic, but my theory is that they’ll increase the anti-male bias in family law generally, while arranging for the possibility of a separate sharia-based system. Eventually, it will become attractive for “white” men to convert to Islam in order to get away from the “regular” family law courts.

      There will have to be some iterations in between, of course, but that will be the general trend.

      • I imagine being able to beat your wife with impunity will be a big plus; also, being able to kill her for adultery either real or suspected could definitely have advantages when it comes time to upgrade to a newer model.

  12. That lying [epithet] Al Gore is responsible this. He should be hanged by the neck for perpetrating this hoax on the human race. He lives in my city and my state, Tennessee refused to vote for him when he ran for pResident.

    Sorry for my language but everytime I think of this liar it makes me angry.

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