Superficial Wounds?

The following video from France shows the mayor of Nice attempting to minimize the severe wounds suffered by Geneviève Legay last Saturday during the Yellow Vest demonstration. Ms. Legay sustained multiple skull fractures when the police charged the demonstrators. The mayor’s story (and presumably that of President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron) is that the poor woman accidentally fell down, and she really shouldn’t have been there, anyway.

Here’s what President Macron said about what happened:

French President Emmanuel Macron has told a newspaper he hopes a 73-year old yellow vest protester who suffered serious head injuries after being charged by police in Nice, gains “wisdom” over the incident.

Anti-globalization activist Genevieve Legay remains in hospital Monday after police advanced aggressively on people defying a protest ban Saturday.

An Associated Press reporter saw Legay, who was waving a rainbow flag marked “Peace,” fall to the pavement, blood spilling from her head.

In an interview published in Nice Matin Monday, Macron suggested Legay didn’t behave “responsibly,” saying that “fragile” people shouldn’t attend “places that are defined as prohibited.”

He added: “I wish her a speedy recovery, and perhaps a form of wisdom.”

Wisdom?? What an arrogant twerp of a gigolo!

Mr. Macron is evidently not keeping the example of King Louis XVI in mind. Although he reportedly does a helicopter standing by, just in case…

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The situation needs some clarification. It’s our journalistic duty not to take everything
00:04   at face value. Let’s listen to this interview with Christian Estrosi [mayor of Nice].
00:08   It’s early afternoon, he’s leaving the police station [unintelligible]
00:12   He is supposed to have information, and here’s what he’s giving us about the situation
00:16   with Geneviève Legay, that lady who was… pushed in Garibaldi Square.
00:20   Let’s listen: —Is there news about the woman who was wounded this morning?
00:24   Yes, I know, it’s a shame, since
00:28   I know that it isn’t in a clash with the police; she stumbled
00:32   and of course every person who is wounded today,
00:36   whether in these circumstances or others, it’s
00:40   always unfortunate, but I think that those are superficial wounds.
00:44   Today she’s being taken care of, and, well,
00:48   voilà, not being in a place where you shouldn’t be
00:52   is better, and this way you could avoid damage.
00:56   So for him, you heard it, Geneviève Legay fell all by herself, or almost.
01:00   I suggest watching the images recorded by our team, which was at the very heart of this charge.
01:05   You can see clearly that “the wall” of CRS [urban police] in fact
01:09   manhandles Geneviève Legay, who falls to the ground; you can see her flag on the floor
01:13   at that point. And Christian Estrosi, I’m reminding you, said that she “stumbled”.
01:17   Therefore, I think, there is a little information distortion. Geneviève Legay,
01:21   we see her right away. Look! She’s on the floor, bleeding. I had her daughter on the phone
01:26   last night, who told me about several skull fractures, of cerebral hemorrhages,
01:29   and who told us that her life was considered to be in danger until about 6pm.
01:33   And the General Prosecutor has even opened an investigation. Voilà. So therefore there’s a real
01:37   difference between the remarks by Christian Estrosi, who here was talking about, I think,
01:42   “superficial wounds”, and the reality on site; so voilà, things need to be put back into context.
01:47   It’s more or less the same thing concerning the state of emergency that we experienced yesterday,
01:50   all the blockades on the roads. Yesterday— no prefectural decree for blocking
01:54   the highway entrances, and funnily enough, after having approached the prefecture, this morning
01:58   look, it’s here: the prefect writes a decree to endorse
02:02   the closing of six highway entrances. Look, it’s this morning. But yesterday
02:06   there was nothing; once it’s the state of emergency, things have to be said on France, 3 Côte d’Azur.

4 thoughts on “Superficial Wounds?

  1. I suppose when Macron and his handlers are eventually dispatched by guillotine, it will be described by his lackeys as a superficial injury to his neck and one which doesn’t impact his effectiveness in any case.

  2. More Macroni and Cheese. Sniff! A 73 year old woman! No respect for the elderly, but we know how Europe, and the Netherlands, regard senior citizens.

  3. Very impressive show of force. It demonstrates that French police have real backbone, especially when confronting a 73 year old woman. I wonder if they demonstrate the same amount of courage when confronting muslim rioters.

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