Terror Plot Thwarted in Wiesbaden

The key phrase in the following report from Wiesbaden is “Salafist scene”. There is a large Salafist scene in Rhine-Main because there are thousands of culture-enrichers in Germany. If there weren’t a lot of migrants, there wouldn’t be a Salafist scene.

How much of a Salafist scene do you think there is in, say, Budapest?

Regardless of how well “integration” is working, or whether there is only a “tiny minority of extremists” causing the trouble, you don’t get Salafists unless you have Muslim culture-enrichers. That’s the simple statistical fact of it.

A tiny minority of zero is zero. That’s the size of the Salafist scene in Hungary.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Peter Wagner has been researching the case for us. Good evening, Peter.
00:04   What exactly were the suspects planning?
00:07   Yes, well, the security authorities in Hessen had this group in their sights for some time.
00:15   Their communications were under surveillance, and through that
00:19   it was discovered they were planning an attack.
00:22   The Salafists had already rented a large vehicle and wanted to use it for…
00:30   …wanted to …yes, I hear you. —We hear you as well. Please continue. —This is Wiesbaden.
00:35   The Salafists had rented a vehicle. They planned to use
00:40   the vehicle and firearms to commit an attack.
00:45   The goal was to kill as many “unbelievers” as possible, it is said.
00:50   “Unbelievers” is the term Islamists use to refer to all those who aren’t Muslim.
00:54   Is it possible to say how far advanced these plans for the possible attack were?
01:03   According to the information I have received, this group were in the process of attaining firearms.
01:08   These would have been used to perpetrate violence against people. This is when the police
01:12   decided to take action. The raid began this morning
01:16   at the break of dawn. Several residences across
01:19   the Rhein-Main region were searched. A total of ten suspects were taken into custody.
01:24   Multiple media data storage devices were confiscated,
01:27   along with €20,000 in cash, and other documents.
01:30   The ringleaders of the group are two brothers from Wiesbaden and a man from Offenbach.
01:36   200 police officers were involved in the raid; what happens now?
01:43   First of all, a judge will decide whether or not to issue an arrest warrant.
01:47   All the evidence will be secured and examined.
01:52   The legal process of this case is based on the suspicion of preparing
01:56   a serious act of violent subversion.
01:59   Specifically, planning a terror attack. The Salafist scene in the Rhine-Main region is large.
02:05   It has many members, very active and extremely dangerous.
02:09   This has been proven once again here today.
02:12   Peter Wagner, reporting from Hessen’s state police headquarters
02:15   in Wiesbaden. —Thank you very much.