The Mosque That Won’t Go Away

A year and a half ago we reported on a “clandestine” mosque in Milan. But it wasn’t really clandestine; everyone in the neighborhood knew it was there, down in the basement under a condominium. In the previous video we featured, Matteo Salvini even paid the mosque a visit.

As I understand it, the mosque has been in operation since at least 2016. And now here we are in 2019: Matteo Salvini is the interior minister, and the mosque is still there. It’s illegal, and local politicians promised to close it down, yet it remains. Perhaps the mayor and city councilors didn’t want their houses firebombed by angry “youths”, and decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   We are going to the illegal mosque on Via Cavalcanti, in Milan.
00:10   It’s an illegal place of worship located in the warehouse of a condominium.
00:16   They use that stairway down there, as you can see.
00:23   As you can imagine, about 300 people come and go every time.
00:32   Here we have the condo boiler rooms.
00:36   And the mosque is right there.
00:39   And that’s the level of safety we have here. People who protested about this
00:45   were threatened, and these threats were reported.
00:52   People of any kind can have access to this private area.
00:57   Some of them come with big suitcases from the railway station nearby.
01:02   So we… You don’t feel safe, I assume?
01:06   Not safe at all. I wonder: how can safety — both for the condo residents
01:11   and the illegal mosque visitors — be guaranteed in a place like this?
01:17   A warehouse registered as C2, with no emergency exits, eight meters below the street level.
01:21   The city hall of Milan wants to regularize mosques, but in the meantime
01:25   the illegal ones — which cause safety problems — remain open.
01:29   Councilor Majorino came here twice and assured us that
01:34   the situation is unsustainable, especially from a safety standpoint.
01:39   He said he would do anything to fix the problem.
01:44   We haven’t seen anything yet. During the electoral campaign, mayor Beppe Sala,
01:48   as a candidate, promised that he would close the mosque after being elected.
01:53   Years have passed. The mosque is still there.
01:59   If it were up to Italians, the mosque would already be closed.
02:02   But it turns out the left wing tolerates illegality.

2 thoughts on “The Mosque That Won’t Go Away

  1. Sounds kind of like a hornet’s nest to me; one knows where it is and to not go near at risk of getting stung, but if it becomes too much of a nuisance it could fairly easily be gassed to eliminate it.

  2. Just another example of identity-politics immigration: easy to let them in, hard to manage them, impossible to get rid of them.

    Is there a special feature of Muslims, say like having no respect for the laws of their host country? I don’t know, but the problem is general. Preaching to the choir, but countries must begin from a premise of valuing their own security and integrity above all else. Better to have a nationalist dictator than a globalist Prime Minister. It’s hard to say these words, but generally, nationalist dictators in the West have morphed into representative government, sometimes too representative, such as Spain.

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