Giorgia Meloni: The Italian Traitors Who Apologized to France

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

In the following video Ms. Meloni calls out the Democratic Party [Partito Democratico (PD); social democrats; the party of former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi] for apologizing to the French government. The “offense” for which party leaders apologized was a recent meeting in France between Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio (M5S) and Yellow Vest leaders, which caused a diplomatic crisis between the two countries.

Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   As a parliamentarian of the Italian Republic, as an Italian, I feel deeply outraged, I’m disgusted by the Democratic Party’s letter to the French Government, where they humbly apologize for the Italian Government’s stance.
00:13   Apologizing for what?
00:14   Has a French party ever apologized to Italians and to Italy, when president Macron defined us as vomiting, cynical and irresponsible?
00:23   No. Nobody has ever apologized to us, for France’s predatory acts in Italian economy, throughout recent years.
00:29   Nobody has ever apologized to us for the war in Libya waged to boycott Italy’s interests and to defend France’s interests.
00:35   Nobody has ever apologized to us. Do you know why?
00:37   Because in any other country, in periods of crisis, all parties side with their own people, whether they are parties in charge or not.
00:46   In such cases either you act like a patriot, or like a traitor.
00:50   And here in Italy we have a Democratic Party made up of traitors!
00:54   We already knew and this confirms it.
00:56   I think it’s a problem if we have a political party which is ready to side against the Italian state.
01:03   I hope President Mattarella will phone the Democratic Party’s leaders to remind them they represent the Italian people, not the French.

5 thoughts on “Giorgia Meloni: The Italian Traitors Who Apologized to France

  1. Yep, under communism, our Czechoslovak fearless leaders and providers would fly to moscow and say something like: It’s just terrible back home, can you send a couple thousands of tanks and help us save the revolution*?

    *status quo

  2. Great stuff!!! Keep ’em coming! This woman has spirit! It’s as if Orianna Fallaci has returned.

    • Hi, Fred. I don’t understand what makes her scary. I don’t know a lick of Italian, which may be part of the reason why I don’t get it. She is certainly somewhat worked up here, but can you explain what creates this impression that you have?

      Maybe I’m not following Italy’s situation closely enough, either, because Ms. Meloni noted that _in periods of crisis_, all parties side, etc. Apparently she sees Italy as being in a period of crisis. Have things gotten particularly bad there? I mean, I see the news items floating through about migrant this and that, but is there something else going on?

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