Florence: A Culture-Enriching Brawl With Clubs

Those mischievous “Italian” “youths” have been up to their boisterous hijinks again, this time in Florence.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Florence: Punitive Dispatch in Downtown: Beaten Bloody with Bars

A true punitive dispatch during the evening in Florence. Four men beat a Maghrebian (North African) in one of the most central squares of the city during aperativo hour. The shouts of passersby and the arrival of the police patrols

It was once more a night of violence in Florence. In the central Ciompi Square, a violent brawl with sticks and clubs. It all happened around 9 pm, Tuesday, February 12th when four men, apparently all North Africans, fell upon another person, kicking him, jumping on top of him, hitting him with clubs, and according to what emerged, a gun is believed to have appeared.

The origin of the brawl, yet another among foreigners (brawl among foreigners in the middle of the night: four arrested, one in hospital), could be a settling of accounts. The people present immediately called the police. By the time they arrived — seven police and Carabinieri — the four attackers had already managed to disappear. A little later, however, a Guardia di Finanza patrol succeeded in stopping one of the men not far from Ciompi Square.

The victim of the beating, of Maghrebian (North African) origin, suffered various injuries to the head, but remained conscious during the rescue and treatment procedures. Investigations to identify all the participants are already in progress, supplemented with a video taken of most of the incident by a citizen.

[The link in the Italian text refers to a separate incident in another city, Brescia.]