Matteo Salvini to be Prosecuted?

Once again, it looks like Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini may be prosecuted for refusing to let the migrant “rescue” ship Diciotti land in Sicily. Mr. Salvini’s failure to welcome the migrants is considered “kidnapping” by a tribunal in Catania.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

For more on the possible prosecution of Matteo Salvini, see this Breitbart article (hat tip Reader from Chicago).

Video transcript:

00:00   The actions of the Tribunal of Catania, sections…
00:05   Ministerial crimes, already, you have already figured out
00:09   that there is something to do that, obviously regarding me personally,
00:12   and also regarding you. Tribunal of Catania, ministerial crimes section —
00:17   I am back to being investigated again
00:21   Now I read to you… I am back to being investigated again.
00:24   According to article 605 of the penal code,
00:28   for aggravated kidnapping of persons and minors,
00:32   punishment set at three to fifteen years.
00:36   That is, the punishment set for Senator Matteo Salvini, temporarily interior minister,
00:42   three to fifteen years in jail.
00:45   As if I were a drug dealer or rapist. Why?
00:49   Because I dared, according to these three judges
00:55   of the Tribunal of Catania, to block the disembarkation, this summer,
00:59   of 167 immigrants present on board the ship “Diciotti”.
01:04   So, let’s understand each other. Let’s understand each other. If someone as a minister
01:08   applies the law,
01:11   further, applies article 52 of the Italian constitution,
01:15   which recites, as so many intellectuals, professors of the left
01:20   justly follow the constitution, completely correctly, I have sworn on the constitution,
01:25   article 52 of the Italian constitution.
01:29   The defense of the homeland is the sacred duty
01:32   of the citizen.
01:35   Especially if the citizen is also a minister.
01:38   The defense of the homeland is the sacred duty of the citizen.
01:42   The defense of the borders. The defense of the rule of law,
01:46   the defense of civil life, the defense of democracy.
01:50   For someone, no. For someone, a minister who blocks disembarkations,
01:54   isn’t defending the homeland, but should end up in jail.
01:58   Now the issue will pass to the Senate of the Republic. And therefore,
02:03   there will be senators who will say, “Yes” or “No”.
02:06   Guilty or innocent? Free or to trial?
02:10   I immediately clarify: I will not change my position one centimeter.
02:16   Ships, small ships, big ships, of smugglers, traffickers, Mafiosi,
02:21   or friends of Tizio, NGOs, Dutch, German, in Italy nobody disembarks.
02:28   Therefore, if I am charged again, my [accusers] should also remember in the months to come
02:33   that I will absolutely not change my mind because I want to save lives,
02:36   and I want to protect the borders, and I want to defend my country.

12 thoughts on “Matteo Salvini to be Prosecuted?


    Watch: Liberal Students Begin Turning Against Pelosi: ‘Compromise, Compromise, Compromise

    Blaming Salvini and Pres. Trump. Amazing. They blame the people who want to avoid civil wars and destruction.

    The evildoers appear as benevolent: so much for civilized voters.

  2. Neither article on Salvini made it clear whether the decision would be by a regular court or by a parliamentary body. It seems there would be some immunity for government officials who run afoul of laws in the pursuit of their duty.

    In a broader sense, the whole situation points to a general breakdown in the mores and assumptions of Western governments. It is well known that any complex system, with rules taken literally, is inconsistent and will break down. Western governments are permeated with people devoted to the destruction of the governments employing them, and use the rules in such a way as to destroy the system.

    This may be a reason why civilizations invariably decay and break down. They become rigid and unable to adapt to any new conditions, or to the slightest challenge.

    There is also the factor that massive influxe of low-IQ peoples, who get voting rights one way or another, moves governments towards socialism, totalitarian control, and gridlock. With two or more completely different voting blocs with totally different values and outlooks, it is impossible to form a consensus. It’s not a matter of negotiating skills. It’s a literal impossibility. Like Trump trying to get funding for a wall. It’s a complete standoff. If there’s any funding at all, the Democrats lose. If there’s no funding, Trump loses. No room for compromise.

    We may be in the situation of the late Roman empire, emperors chosen by arbitrary and sometimes ludicrous methods. unchecked power, and always in danger of assassination as arbitrary as the process bringing them to power.

    There is also another factor, which is that the native population itself is deteriorating, even without dilution by immigration. The relaxation of natural selection due to technology and welfare, allows the most unfit individuals to survive and reproduce. This has to affect finely-honed traits such as intelligence and the drive to survive and reproduce.

    • If I understand Mr. Salvini correctly, he has to be tried by the Senate, since he is a senator and has immunity against a standard court proceeding. Evidently the Senate is required to act if a tribunal brings charges against a senator.

    • To RonaldB,

      There is also another factor, which is that the native population itself is deteriorating, even without dilution by immigration.

      Excellent points, sir. I feel so satisfied when I read such discerning ideas.

      This is one of the clever and correctly diagnosed diseases of the Western so-called “democracies”.

      It seems that the zombie rulers have fallen under the spell of islam and cannot think in their own interest but always in the interest of muslims.

      Insisting on open borders in USA and Europe to muslims, giving aid to them, inviting them to sit in Foreign Affairs Committee, establishing special Hot Phones for muslims to air/ unbosom their manufactured grievances, establishing Tell Mama and tell Merkel, allotting exclusive prayer rooms in schools, subway stations, airports, restaurants, offices, giving them light sentences, ignoring their crimes, trying not to find them or hiding their names and pictures, . . . etc.

      The west is terminally ill. How ironic: in 1914 the west called the Ottoman Empire The Sick Man. In 2014 the sick Man is Reversed.

  3. just to make it a bit more clear.

    The FACT: in august 2018, an italian military ship (or it was of the coast guard), named Diciotti, was denied entry to any italian port for some days (salvini, in charge at that time of interior minster, closed all the ports), because this ship was doing illegal human trafficking with almost 200 people on board.

    As a consequence, the interior minister (Salvini), was put under investigation by the italian law system and prosecutors, with the absurd accusation of “people kidnapping”.

    Now, (the law always requires time, and after the time (month) passed), the legal system want to prosecute him with a process. But, because he is a member of the Senate, in italy there is a law, who says that that to prosecute a member of the Senate, there is a confidence vote by the senators, which can allow or not the process to continue (otherwise the process can continue in another time).

    This is huge conflict between the deep state and the new populist government, because, an italian military ship (Diciotti) was given the order to go and rescure the migrants (they rescued by 2 NGO ships who load the migrants from the migrant boats in front of Lybia), most probably, (with unofficial order) by the italian president (Mattarella) (in italian constitution the president is not voted by the people when they vote for the governement, the president is part of the deep state and he is not part of the government). Also in this case only the president is also the president of the prosecutors which in italy they are organized in CSM (Magistrate Superior Council). In august there were very few NGO ship who could enter any italian ports, that is why there was the need to use an italian military ship to do the smuggling.

    Now after the Davos meeting, it is always more important for globalists to end the new populist government in italy.

    So the international institutions work close to the italian deep state. If I am not wrong, I think it is quite possible within the second semester of this year to have another government in italy. Salvini prosecution could be the final step and resolutive action of the deep state, because if salvini falls, this government falls all together. Draghi has ended his work at ECB. The president (mattarella) will form a new technical government and he could call Draghi to lead it.

    • Yes, your analysis about what most likely lies ahead is very similar to my own thinking. The Italian/EU deep state obviously has plans for disposing of Matteo Salvini.

      The problem, of course, is his immense popularity. He is the most popular Italian politician in more than a generation. If I remember correctly, some polls put him at over 60% approval.

      Now, obviously, the deep state operatives can ignore the popularity of Mr. Salvini — they don’t care; they don’t have to care, because they’re the permanent government.

      However, Italian senators DO care, at least to a certain extent. Any sitting politician who can be removed from office by voters must think very carefully about how he responds to any actions against the interior minister.

      The Lega has gained several points in the polls since the election, and the 5-Star Movement has lost several points. That means that if there is another election, Mr. Salvini will most likely be prime minister (if he is not in prison), and the composition of the government could be somewhat different. Who knows, Giorgia Meloni and the Fratelli d’Italia might get a foot in the door next time — it’s really hard to tell.

  4. This guy is a Hero !!!, that how You see how corrupt is this European Union , and all this traitors around European people .. it’s worst then communism , very frightening..

  5. How strong is the argument that his actions constitute kidnapping, according to the Italian definition of kidnapping??

    • I do not know, it seems really absurd to me, that an interior minister is charged with such an accusation. In italy kidnapping has been quite a serious crime especially in the past, and there was also a kind of crime organixation which speciality was kidnapping (anonima sequestri) whose members were from sardinia island. To classify a crime as kidnapping I suppose there should at least be a ransom request. But we are dealing in the world of absurdism with these kind of talks. Even if the process does never accomplish in anything, I mean no verdict, it could harm the government. So it is just another political weapon in the hands of the president (matyarella) of deep state. It would not be the first time in history that a prosecution is used against the government in italy.

  6. The strange thing here from an Anglo PoV is that an Italian judge can bring charges. A judge in the UK cannot bring charges, he can only adjudicate on a case brought before him, the CPS decides whether or not to prosecute. Theoretically a private citizen can institute a private prosecution but that requires resources & knowledge of the legal system.

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