The Real Story Behind the Illegal Migration Industry in Italy?

In the following video Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), discusses the unsavory aspects of the process of people-smuggling into Italy.

Some of the things Ms. Meloni says may seem paranoid. However, a recent Breitbart article (hat tip Reader from Chicago) reports:

The Italian secret service has warned that people-smugglers in the Mediterranean may seek to engineer a mass drowning in order to garner Western sympathy and resume the flow of migration.

And we’ve previously reported (most recently here) on the “Nigerian cannibal mafia” in Italy, which now seems more likely to be the Nigerian organ-trafficking mafia, if Ms. Meloni’s sources are credible.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   But I don’t get the narrative of those who say the blame for the victims
00:04   goes to those who want to stop illegal immigration.
00:08   The blame for these deaths goes to those who favor illegal immigration,
00:12   and those who say to these people that we can guarantee a better life
00:16   for everybody when, among other things, it is not like that,
00:19   because, look, the first question is — naval blockade along the coast of Libya.
00:23   The second question is, it would not shock me,
00:27   …and I take responsibility for what I say, if within a few years, we discovered
00:31   that these drownings were not accidental
00:34   because these scenes serve [the interests of] the smugglers, which we have to remember.
00:40   The third question is, and I would like to say to [unintelligible] to those who have left
00:44   and say, “We…” Are we really sure that for all of those
00:47   who arrive in Italy, we are giving them a better life?
00:50   Why doesn’t anybody talk about what happened at Castel Volturno?
00:54   Why doesn’t anybody talk about the fact that at Castel Volturno,
00:57   the Nigerian mafia has, in practice, established its capital
01:02   and finally the FBI comes and tells the story
01:06   in which at Castel Volturno today there is
01:09   the world capital of the illegal transplanting of organs?
01:12   There are human beings brought into Italy, killed,
01:16   from whom organs are removed, which are sold illegally.
01:20   But for all this stuff here, there are the great supporters of reception who don’t care
01:25   because… and clearly, they serve to tell a complete story,
01:29   but then there are Nigerian girls brought to Italy with voodoo rites, forced into prostitution…

10 thoughts on “The Real Story Behind the Illegal Migration Industry in Italy?

  1. I love this gal. She’s full of spirit! And her remarks do not seem paranoid at all. They’re rather logical, in fact.

  2. I said it before, and I was called nuts by Dymphna, but the time has arrive where Italy, France, Spain, et. al, MUST send an expeditionary force to North Africa, seize a bridgehead (say in Libya) and use this bridgehead as a base to which illegal migrants/invaders will be deported. It is evident to me that the leaders of the Maghreb nations don’t want to stop this flow. They are gleefully and wittingly encouraging it because they understand that this mass migration will destroy Europe and bring it into the umma.

    • Actually, Libyan strongman Gaddafi was stopping the flow of immigrants into Europe from Libyan territory. Or, at least he was before being assassinated at the behest of Secretary of State Hillary. I would say internal subversion does far more damage than the worst possible will of the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudis, etc.

      By the way, the Israelis got all the benefits of your idea, without having to take military action. They simply got a ruler or warlord who loved money, and paid him to accept all deportees from Israel, at a price per head. They then considered all Africans who couldn’t be deported to a known country to be citizens of the warlord’s domain. Of course, Israel has little interest in following them up after being deported.

      The recent incident with Israel sending refugees to Canada, and the agreement by European countries to accept refugees from Israel, rather than allow them to be deported in this way, kind of attests to the effectiveness of Israel’s willingness to deport foreigners.

      It’s always better to use brain rather than muscle to address your problems. Save the muscle for the health club.

      • You are absolutely right about Gaddafi. By killing him and destroying his state, Western leaders did not only inflict enormous suffering on Libyans, but also caused huge problems for ordinary people in Italy and other European countries.

      • Wrong! Violence is the arbitrator where all power flows from. The only way to deal with these 3rd worlders is with an iron fist, for it is the language they respect and understand. The time of niceties, pleasantries and bribes is over. You are correct about Libya, for they kept the savages at bay and Hillary unleashed the hordes upon us by her actions of deposing Quadafi.

  3. Daniel H — “MUST send an expeditionary force to North Africa, seize a bridgehead (say in Libya) and use this bridgehead as a base to which illegal migrants/invaders will be deported.”

    I’ve wondered this myself.

    A place like the Sinai would be ideal (lots of room, low density population) but probably only possible if the Israelis and the Egyptians have another fight there and it ends up in limbo status.

    All “asylum-seekers” could be sent there while claims are being processed. The “welfare” payments required to support them would be much lower due to lower cost of living. (A current problem is some countries refuse to take them back unless they volunteer, so if rejected, the illegal aliens just refuses to go.) If an African illegal sees his future as squatting indefinitely in an Arab city like Port Suez, he would probably give up the charade and agree to be sent home to Ghana or whatever. And if not, so what? Learn Arabic buddy, and be polite cause the Egyptians aren’t as accommodating to street-rape as the Germans.

    Of course, I’d love if it would could deport or the existing immigrants to there as well, but sadly it would probably be politically unfeasible and is all just a daydream. 🙁

    • I do disagree.
      The reason:
      If a persons claim to asylum is rejected then that person is only one boat away from Europe.

      If it were up to me I would put this camp in Somalia, because then this rejected peron has to travel a long way before he is able to cross over to Europe.

  4. I’m not sure a smuggler engineered mass-drowning would have the desired effect.

    There are videos of such an incident on YT, where a rubber raft of invaders encounters a Tunisian fishing vessel. The invaders mistake the ship for an Italian craft and promptly scuttle their raft.

    I found the resulting scene rather pathetic. Didn’t really have any pangs of sympathy.

    The leftists could return to the dead toddler on the beach playbook, even though the prior incident was shown to be a leftist fabrication.

    • The scenes of drowned children and drowning refugees are designed to appeal to women, who as a group react far more emotionally to graphics than males. In a feminized culture, where females predominate in education, increasingly in mass media, and increasingly in politics, scenes like the one you saw are deadly effective. Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren are still talking about children being ripped from their mothers.

      I emphasize I’m speaking of women as a group stereotype with some truth, rather than about individual women. But, it’s the accurate stereotype that drives events now. You can be sure that a stage-managed drowning would have thorough planning for maximum effect.

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