Matteo Salvini: “In Italy, the Ports Are and Will Remain Closed”

The following video features remarks made by Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini during a local election campaign event in the city of Sulmona.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:46   I also do it for you because on a Sunday evening in the cold in Sulmona,
00:50   to have thousands of people tell me that we are on the right path,
00:55   and I ask you not to give in one millimeter.
00:59   The fight against the smugglers, the Mafiosi, the Camorra,
01:04   and the traffickers, can and must be undertaken.
01:07   On the other side, a group of demonstrators express their disapproval
01:11   of the political line resisting the migrant flows.
01:15   We are individual citizens, not representing anybody. We are representatives of individual citizens
01:19   who want to give a message of beauty. In fact, we have chosen marvelous phrases.
01:24   We have chosen poetry, because beauty is the new form of resistance.
01:28   I have to thank you. Those clever parliamentarians
01:32   of the opposition, who made a big mockery, went out and documented this disorder,
01:38   because one fact for the Italians to see is what is on board? Not one woman,
01:42   Not one child, sun, calm sea, telephone headsets, and bare-chested young men,
01:49   and as far as they are concerned, they can go back where they came from,
01:53   because in Italy, the ports are and will remain closed.
01:57   They are and will remain closed.
02:01   That’s how the first stage of Salvini’s new tour of Abruzzo turned out,
02:05   in the electoral campaign for the center right coalition.
02:11   Ciao Matteo! Ciao Matteo!

5 thoughts on “Matteo Salvini: “In Italy, the Ports Are and Will Remain Closed”

  1. Hurrah for their leader and the brave and confident Italians. They are among the many of us that see the truth and light, unlike the elist who pretend to lead us.

  2. It is quite strange what happened now: contrary to what seemed natural the ECHR (Eurocracy Court Human Rights) said no to disembark.

    Here in sequence (I left many other details out because that would be too long):
    1) the pirates and humans smugglers of the Sea Watch (a “Non-Governmental” Organization, but mainly funded by international governments, comprising at least the german and netherland governments, france and many other humanitarian organizations, somewhat linked in the liberal-socialist ideology), loaded in front of Lybia illegal (but paying) passengers from africa from their migrant boats. Then they started their route direct to Italy, without returning the migrant to their motherland (both Lybia (which is no more a humanitarian non-compliant dictatorship after the france/uk/us or even Tunisia) where they belong.
    2) Italy refused disembark by closing all ports.
    3) Some italian traitors made their usual show in front of the ship to gain something, in accord to the humanitarian ideology. You can also see the pirate captain from germany speaking to them in one of the video of the link:
    4) there has been also the italian prosecutors (they are not under the government), who started a prosecution back in august 2018, for another migrant boat, against the government, who returned active on the news.
    5) The NGO (Sea Watch) has got bored to wait in the middle of the sea, so they made recourse to ECHR, asking for delivering their goods the soonest possible in any Sicialian port.
    6) The ECHR said NO to Sea Watch request to disembark the migrants in Italy.

    This is what sounds strange and much different from all their ruling up to now. So it could be something else is waiting to happen. Because this court is never ruling without a political plan in mind.

    * On different grounds, in Austria they (same international institutions) are trying to attack an interior minister, just because he was criticizing the humanitarian ideology on migration welcoming:;art385,3096324

    • this battle has been lost for europe. And I do not think the ship will be confiscated and that no one of the crew will be incriminated for illegal human trafficking.

      In the picture at the following link, the people smugglers and their names (Kim Heaton-Heather, Brendan Woodhouse, Dan Bebawi, Jon Stone).

      Here the site of Sea-Watch e.V. – Zivile Seenotrettung von Flüchtenden

      This is not the first time this ship is doing human trafficking across the seaa, they have been active at least since 2015, and nobody still has stopped them.

      At this point I do not think is possible to do anything more for one country who wants to protect its border, if the traitor funders are not discovered and put underground in a way or the other. Fighting against the migrants/passengers is waste of time, and wrong target. Fighting against ideologists, is waste of time too, because people who is indoctrinated into humanitarian religions, is simply hopeless (sending them to siberia could be a solution, but I do not think that it is possible within the political framework, that is existing today in the eurocracy ruled land). The government who wants to protect its border should cut the funds, it is the most reasonable way to cut this business. But because some other countries are funding them, one should also cut the relations with these countries too. So europe should break into smaller countries with political independence, like it has been for centuries, where everybody watch its borders.

      • The UN for many years now have viewed some of the larger criminal human trafficking groups as ‘partners’.

        This has been a very well known thing in African refugee camps for decades.

        Agenda 21 encourages nations to form increasingly close ‘partnerships’ with nearly any group or corporation that are able to help the UN achieve its goals of population redistribution. Maintaining stability in the system is the main goal regardless of who helps them achieve this. The only fear of the UN is that a ‘partner’ act in a manner that brings deep public outcry for any atrocities committed.

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