The Reason Paris is Burning

A perceptive analysis of the factors igniting the Fires of France:

Macron’s blindness – does he even see his fellow citizens as necessary to his reign?? One doubts he sees much at all. You don’t win rebellious hearts by calling them “thugs”.

This seems to be a wash-rinse-repeat of French culture’s tendency toward violent solutions. The fault lines run deep, and Macron does not seem to have the testicular fortitude to face and counter this crisis.

Poor France.

8 thoughts on “The Reason Paris is Burning

  1. Heartbreaking for French citizens and for this beautiful city Paris , which is long gone , thanks to this traitors, they destroyed our precious continent..

    • If the revolution were to succeed, Paris would return. Look at how Europe rebuilt after WW II. There is tremendous resiliency in Europeans. At this point, I think some charismatic leadership would work wonders in reversing events, though probably it will be violent to succeed.

        • No, Bill is right, we have been through hell over and over again and we came out victorious every time, don’t underestimate the endurance of people from a continent that’s been under constant siege for centuries and still managed to become the most successful ones on the planet!

  2. All this is only a foretaste of what is to come. Wait till the next economic crash comes (probably 2019) to see the real fireworks.

  3. Climate taxation is a scam to pay for the muslim invasion. The average French citizen knows that his or her nation is being destroyed by the global socialist EU (as represented by Macron).

  4. Good heavens! Nigel F. just quit UKIP.
    The reason he does this he says, is the infiltration of UKIP by the UNWASHED, ordinary people, like Tommy Robinson, whom he names specifically and others like him, who make street politics and are anti-islam …
    Just one more example, if any were needed, that it is precisely that kind of arrogant attitude towards people who are rightfully angry and forcefully express themselves in non-parliamentary ways that will divide the nationalist movement.
    Don’t let that happen! I’ve said it before – stop dividing the movement!

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